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Now They Cause Cancer Too?

I’ve heard that rumor for years, that cell phone can cause brain tumors; but they have always said it wasn’t true.. or there was no data to prove it.

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They are changing their tune.  Evidently the from the article I read on Mercola.com and video I saw by Dr. Mercola who is saying this:

In June of this year, 2011; a committee consisting of scientist from 14 different countries who were working for the World Health Organization have concluded that exposure to cell phone radiation is a possible carcinogen.  They have put it into the 2B category which is the same group they put DDT, gasoline exhaust and laundry chemicals. (per Dr. Mercola’s video)

I am also reading on several different sites that using bluetooth or most earphones actually is worse. The wire actually acts as an antenna and brings the radiation closer to your brain than anything else we’ve seen.

The other big thing they are saying is that we really have to be concerned for our kids. They are at the greatest risk because they are starting usage so much younger than we ever did.  They also have thinner skulls which don’t have as much protection as ours from the radiation.

Oh… and even keeping our cell phones on our person isn’t good. They still emit radiation if they are on.

So…. looks like I don’t have just skin cancer to worry about, now I have brain and butt cancer (I often put my phone in my back pocket if I’m not carrying my purse)  to worry about too!!

I’m waiting to hear that they are going to determine the same problem with my laptop too. It gets so warm on my legs…. so there is thigh and probably girly cancer added onto the list.

Geeze…. maybe I should just give up now!

So.. what are we supposed to do?

1) Decrease cell phone use and try to keep it off unless we need it. (yeah sure… lol)
2) Keep it away from our body. In a purse or near by table.
3) Get a protected headset. There is tubing (like a stethoscope) that emits sound waves that are supposed to decrease the exposure by like 98%.
4) Limit our kids cell phone use.  I guess the texting isn’t so bad huh? Better than talking
5) Look for a cell phone case that protects from radiation?

I did a look and found this one.
Pong Products – – Sounds good until you see that the radiation bounces off of your phone and goes out towards the person next to you.  So now we have to worry about 2nd hand cell phone radiation? OMG! LOL
So I kept looking and found this article on Youserblog-Nothing Else blog that was published in December 2009 saying that they thought it was very coincidental that this cell phone case came out claiming to protect you against radiation around the same time there was concern over cell phone causing cancer.  This was back in 2009!  But they go on to say in the article that from what they can find, that Pongs claims are true.  Also that the radiation that bounces away from that cell phone case dissipate and are not harmful to others around them.

So… what am I going to do?  I’m going to order one. (I got the neon green one) Ugh  I’m also going to look for the safer airtube earphones for my phone.

I put on the link for the pong cell phone case. I just want you to know I am not any kind of affiliate for them at all. I don’t want you to think I’m trying to sell something.


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3 Responses to “Cell Phones”
  1. Roberta says:

    Hey Sandy…I love Dr. Mercola for all of his advice and after living overseas and seeing cell phones outlawed for kids in Europe and Japan…it really makes you wonder about our government and their concern for our safety over the profits for their campaigns. My kids were not allowed cell phones until they were 18 and were not allowed to drive with them at all. But now they are out on their own and I can’t control that…but they are aware of the issues and did choose blue tooths…and now with the androids they just put them on speaker phone and set them on their dash holders. It all goes back to that adage…just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there…you don’t have to see it to believe it ;)

  2. Kathy Murphy says:

    Hi Sandy!

    My husband is convinced that cell phones cause cancer. He now uses the speaker phone feature all the time! That drives me nut when we are in the car.

  3. Sandy says:

    Tell him to look into the ear phones that have the rubber tubing.

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