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Reorganizing My Messy Closet

Did I say I had a messy closet?  You bet ya!  My organized closet gets unorganized with the best of you.  Our room ends up being one of the last priorities (other than basement) in the organizing and cleaning order of things.  I only have so many hours in the day and at the end of it, I get lazy. I’ll toss my clothes down, I’ll put my clean hoodies and sweaters haphazardly on the shelves etc.

It is really bad and I can’t believe I’m showing you my closet in this bad of shape.  I have wanted to get it taken care of for awhile now, but with everything else I’ve had going on I just didn’t do it.

Tonight after dinner I tackled it.  I have been wanting to get nice looking matching organizing cloth cubbies for it. I’ve priced them a few times, and they are out of my budget for a closet. That has been one of my excuses for putting it off.

No more excuses, I didn’t go buy anything new to use. I didn’t have any fun, cute matching cubbies (like I want) or fancy tags to label things.  It is just down and dirty…. sorting… donating….and putting back on the shelves in some kind of order.



Below this we have a laundry hamper for our dirty clothes.


Ugh… (so embarrassing)  We added the 2nd shelf  when we first moved in. Another way to make the space go further.


We also have no linen closet, other than a very narrow small one in the kids bathroom. So when we moved in we also took the left wall and transformed it into our linen closet with several shelves.

Here are the top two shelves.  The top is my keepsake box. (right)  The red basket is my hair coloring clothes.
The beach towels are the next shelf. We only use them in summer so they are on an upper shelf.


The shelf underneath the beach towels presently is a real mess.  I have a couple pair of jeans on the left. The iron is out and my sweatshirts on are the right.

The shelf below that  has the hand towels in the blue basket on the left, wash clothes in the small red one and pillow cases in the right blue one.  Below that are the bath towels. A set of winter flannel sheets also got left on that shelf.There is one more shelf under the baskets that has the bath towels on it.

closet shelves

I have a shoe rack on the bottom. I’m not big into shoes and clothes. I would like to be, but this body is not easy to fit… so buying clothes isn’t so easy.

LOL.. what a mess! My suitcases, the toilet paper gets tossed in here once the bathrooms have all been stocked. This has been driving me crazy (as it should!)

messy closet

There is more to the closet. But I told Dave that I wouldn’t show his side.  He has less room than I do, but he did just organize his things and tossed out a couple of shirts to be donated.  I would have liked to have done it, but he wanted to do it and I said I wouldn’t touch his side.

I went through and pulled out the clothes that I did not wear this last winter.  I donated them.  A couple things were hard to donate. For the last couple of years I had debated a couple items, but I gave it one more winter… and since I didn’t wear them again – this time I got rid of them.

I moved the winter sweatshirts and sweaters to the “summer” bin.  Most of my summer clothes were already in my closet.

I borrowed my daughter’s 2nd closet rod. She wasn’t using it and is old enough she can reach clothes hanging from the regular closet rod.


I really thinned out my clothes.

clean closet

But I also added a 2nd rod.  I hung my shirts on the top and my dress pants on the bottom.  I don’t have very many pair of dress pants.  Mainly I wear jeans, but I do have dress pants. I am very heavy right now and don’t want to have very many pair of “fat” pants.

closet rod

I also hung my extra purses here.  I thinned them down to two (I did have 5 purses) plus my tote bag. There is still plenty of room for the hamper.  My big suitcase is still in the corner. My pants are not touching the ground (although it looks like they might be in the pic.)


I put my weekend suitcase up on the shelf and moved the other set of luggage to my daughter’s closet. I don’t use that set anymore and know she could get some use out of it.

I kept out a few hoodies if it gets cold, and made a place for my jeans.

closet shelf

Here is a better view.

closet after

Now onto the linen closet side of our closet.

I moved my keepsake box lengthwise out on the shelf.  It is up high enough that I don’t have to worry about hitting my head on it. It takes up less space this way.   I also put several of the good adult larger beach towels up top. I like to have towels that are large enough for me when I do need one.

The next shelf down I put the toilet paper. I also had the little clear shoe boxes. I am going to label them with a sharpie and sticker.  I have my travel accessories in them.  Left one has travel organizers for jewelry, make up etc.  The top middle box has travel sample sizes. My hairspray, toothpaste, etc. Below that there are small purses. A couple of dress purses, but a couple are small over the shoulder purses that are nice to pack in my suitcase. I don’t like to take my big purse if I’m out and about on a trip.
The far right plastic bin has my bathroom tote bags already to go. The larger one (you can’t tell in this pic.. they just look black) for longer trips and then I have a small one that goes into my carry on suitcase.  Both are packed and ready to go other than for a couple things that I use daily that need to be packed.


I moved a couple shelves around. I moved the beach towels down to where the kids could reach them. They were forever trying to pull one down and several would tumble.  This will work much better this summer.
I also sorted through the pillowcases and hand towels (had too many of both) and sorted them out. I moved the pillow cases into the small red basket and the wash clothes into the larger basket.

closet shelves

The bath towels are on the bottom shelf.  I have a load of clean towels downstairs that need to be put on this shelf. We really do have more bath towels than this for seven people.

closet shelves

I got rid of a couple pair of shoes that I don’t wear. Since I moved all the purse and travel stuff up on the other shelves, I had more room for my shoes.


My big suitcase stayed in the same place.


Hopefully next time I reorganize my closet and clean it out, I will be able to get the nice matching cubbies to put everything in.  But don’t think you have to spend money to clean and reorganize.

I spent about two hours tonight in my closet doing this. I feel SO good!  ahhh…






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3 Responses to “Closet Organized”
  1. Wow! Thanks for this look into your sometimes cluttered life, Sandy. If I hadn’t seen it, I wouldn’t have believed it. :) Loved spending time with you this weekend and hope to be able to see you again soon.

  2. Anna says:

    Wow! What a difference! I bet you are loving the transformation. :)


    P.S. You should like this up to my Weekend Warrior Link Party:

  3. Looks great! Closets can get away from us if we don’t keep them up! I have to keep on top of my daughter’s closet. Looks good and you didn’t spend any money :)

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

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