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picnic basket

Kids don’t need a big deal picnic.  You don’t have to plan an outing that will use your gas etc.

It can be simple.  Kids love to do things that they do not normally get to do. They can make and pack their own picnic if they are old enough.  The triplets are ten years old and did the whole thing.

making lunches

They went down to the basement and got the picnic basket and blanket out too. By the way they also put everything away themselves (without me even asking them too!! I was in shock!)

picnicWe have a picnic table out back but it was more novel to eat in the grass. They scoped out a place and checked to make sure the dogs hadn’t visited there first….lol .  They spread out the blanket and had their lunch.

picnicThey will love the feeling of independence.   They were thrilled with doing the whole thing themselves.

Here is one of their lunches. Nothing fancy, but he did it himself.

picnicThey can even just use a brown paper bag or lunch box.

Tell them to invite a friend over and they can picnic with their friend.

If they are young, they will still appreciate it. I remember when my older boys were little, we had a little kids picnic kit that was all plastic. They loved having lunches out of that.

You’ll be amazed at how something so simple can be so fun for the kids.  Just to eat outside when that is unusual. If you eat a lot of meals outside at the table, then change it up.  Let them picnic on the front porch or in the grass.  If it is a rainy day, then let them have a picnic lunch in the family room on the floor, on a blanket.

It doesn’t take much to make it special.



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