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These Are Candy’s I Remember As A Kid

Don’t childhood memories bring back sweet memories?  To walk to the candy store  (well it was really a Drug Store, but we thought of it as the candy store.) was a really special treat when I was a kid.  When we went to visit my Grandfather in South Egremont, there was a little candy store about a block away.

The main memory I have of candy from that store was rock candy and dots on a paper.  I didn’t get any of that at this store, because the rock candy was on a string, not stick. It just wasn’t the same, you know?
Here are some candies I also really  remember.

old time candy


Does anything look familiar to you?

What about Razzles?  I remember that my good friends Patty and Ann always had Razzles at their house. I also remember as a young girl sneaking a couple of them. (that is so bad!)  These are so sour though. I remember them being pink.  I tried one and it was so sour…. I thought it was terrible.  But I’m sure kids love them.


What about the wax lips?

wax lips

I remember that kids sometimes passed these out as birthday favors at school.  That and Bubs Daddy gum. Remember that? I would have gotten that if I saw it. That was like a foot long piece of bubble gum.  My brother and I loved them.  Remember they had a bunch of different kinds of lips  The smell…. remember that?

The candy cigarettes? We used to get them.  I would never buy them for my kids though.

candy cigarettes

But look… no more red tip! The ones we used to get had a small red tip on one end.

candy cigarettes

I also always loved the gold nugget gum.  I think the little bag made it more fun. Don’t you?

good nugget gum

All those little yellow pieces of gum.

rock gold gum

Once in awhile we used to get these little bottles with the juice inside. Bite off that wax tip and drink away.

wax bottles
The kids thought they were fun too!

candy wax lips



What are your best childhood “candy” memories? Do they still have that candy on the market?

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2 Responses to “Candy Shop”
  1. Susan Bryant says:

    When I was little (I’m 39 now) I used to llove those little BB Bats suckers that were like taffy or something! Then, we used to eat the Marathon candy bars that were like braided carmel covered in chocolate…would LOVE it if those were still on the market! Also, I used to love the whatchamacallit bars BEFORE they put the caramel in them! It was just the peanut buttery crunchy inside covered with chocolate! The caramel completely changed the flavor!

  2. Sandy says:

    LOL… loved the little taffy things.

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