Shoe Envy

Shoe Envy at Type A Parent Conference 2011

You may have never seen one of my shoe envy posts on this blog before. I used to post  them on my Chat with Sandy blog. But since I’ve been concentrating on just this blog as my main blog, I thought I’d delight you all!

Here’s the deal.  I’m 5’10” tall… and don’t need to wear heels. I suppose I could, but I am tall enough without them. But I am envious of those gorgeous shoes that I see at all these conferences.  Do I have a shoe or foot fetish… uh no! That is just gross.

It started over a year ago when I was looking and commenting to my friend about all the cool high heels ladies were wearing and saying that I was jealous. That I wished I could wear them.   I was teasing that I should take pictures of them and have a shoe envy post. She thought it was great… and so my shoe envy posts after conferences were born.


Here it goes…. which ones are your favorite ones? Where you there? Do you see your shoes?

Ok… I don’t normally name who my shoe envy shoes belong to. (Often because I don’t always know them.. I just ask if I can take a picture of their shoes if they are cool)
But I have to tell you. These are Rachel Ferrucci’s shoes.  I saw hers and said I need to get a picture. She said, “Sandy, I had someone else ask me to take a picture of my shoes here and I told them no.. that Sandy has to get them for her shoe envy post!”  Isn’t that a riot! Love it!

shoe envy

This wild rug really adds to them you think? (not)

shoe envy


shoe envy


shoe envy

But look…. duplicate shoes! Those feet belong to two different people… if you were wondering! LOL

shoe envy

Here they are!! Isn’t that kind of like having on the same dress at a function? So fun.

shoe envy

Some are just so unusual I have to get a picture.

shoe envy

But look at these.. love them

shoe envy

I was in the elevator when I saw these shoes! I wish she had left them on because they were ….wooo…really high!  She pulled them off and said.. you have to see the full shoe! I got them in Vegas! Can you tell?  lol

shoe envy


Now to top off my shoe envy.. I have to show you Ted’s Happy Socks.  Am I envious of his socks … nope. But when you see someone sitting at a table… with his blue vest on…and you can’t miss that he has striped socks on to match… you have to tell him you want a picture!  Yes, I was out with a group and Ted Rubin.. I didn’t high jack a stranger and ask him to take a picture of his socks.

ted rubins socks

But now I’ve started something new with Ted.  He shows me what socks he has on… for more Happy Sock shots.

ted rubin happy socks

You know… isn’t it the little things in life?  Someone appreciating something you are wearing or doing? I have not yet had a person say no when I have asked them if I can take a picture of their cool high heels.  It’s a compliment. Obviously I’ve noticed what they picked out to wear… and I like it.  No… I envy it…. so wish I could wear them! (The high heels… not Ted’s socks…)






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Type A Parent Conference 2011

Social Media Conference

I’ve been to this conference three times now. Think I enjoy it?

I drove to Cincinnati and picked up my friend… Debba of @girlfriendology. That made the nine hour drive go so much quicker. I think I passed her driver test! lol

sandy and debba

We also shared a room, with Kim @Craftymamaof4.  What a riot we had….

sandy kim and debbaI always enjoy Type A conference.  It is in Ashville, NC and it is a fun, funky town.

Ashville NC

Here are some of the sites.

ashville nc I thought they were neat.  You might notice a couple of these pictures on some twitter pages…  (cbgardening and cbglamour) .. yes they are mine. I just loved how this one turned out. It was the reflection in a store window. I didn’t even think the picture would turn out.

ashville nc



This was one funky statue.


Type A Parent, formally Type A Mom – my take on that…. is you don’t have to be a Mom or a Parent to attend. I don’t normally think about it so much… all the “mom blogger” talk. I’m not offended by that title, I don’t get up in arms, I just don’t really care one way or the other. I do what I do… call me what you will.  But Debba deals with it, because she doesn’t have any children. She gets classified as a mom blogger. I’m sure there are many others in the same boat.  She doesn’t make a big deal of it, but it just made me think more about it.

Ok.. onto more pictures! I have lots of them.

We had a Collective Bias dinner with several of the CB members who were there.  If you were there and didn’t realize it, we weren’t neglecting or keeping anyone from dinner. There was a discussion in the Social Fabric community, everyone in SF was invited.

Collective Bias


sandy and rachel

collective bias jessica


collective bias

collective bias

kelly and ted

collective bias


The party that I thought was the most fun at Type A conference was the Smurf party!!


They had the place decked out and looking so nice.

smurf party

All the tables had smurf on them.

smurtUbisoft sponsored this party and there was some new dance games coming out… so of course… there had to be a dance contest!

There were teams… that took it very seriously…

type a parent

and others that signed up when they got there. Here is the Collective Bias Team

type a

Of course I thought they should have won… but alas..

collective bias dance team

But the finals came down to just a few.. The three up front were in the dance off.. the rest were just joining in for fun.

Chris on the left ended up being blocked by the Ubisoft guy who was also joining in and dancing (at least this is my version of what happened) Because she was totally “on”.  I think we were all a bit shocked when she didn’t actually win. But it was all in fun.

We decided to go out to dinner. Kim was craving lobster mac & cheese. The place we tried to go, had a really long wait. So we ended up at this really fun little restaurant.

Collective Bias

Ted joined up with us after his workout.(My new boss)

Mayfel’s was a quirky cute little place to eat. Loved it.

They had the most awesome sweet potato fries that I’ve ever tasted!

sweet potato fries

And to top it off… there was a peanut butter frosting on this devil food cake that was to die for!

peanut butter cake

We all had a great time…. and were very full. I will be sure to stop by this place again if I go back.

More sessions…. more fun… more friends. It’s all good.

kim sandy monica

Watch tomorrow for my “Shoe Envy” post from Type A Parent Conference.






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Kids Activties – Bowling

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Bowling is a Great Activity for Kids

There are many bowling alleys that participate in a program called Kids Bowl Free .  Bowling is an activity that kids love! Many adults too.

bowling balls

We did this last year and really enjoyed it.  You can sign your kids up online and they can get two free games of bowling everyday all summer long!  Perfect if you live within walking distance from one of the participating lanes …that’s for sure!  You can check but I know last year I was able to buy a full family membership for $24.95 (I think) and that allowed the older kids and Dave and I to also bowl.  bowling

The bowling was during the day hours, not in the evenings, and I don’t think on the weekends either.  Their shoes also are not included.

At the bowling alley we were going to, we figured out that it was less expensive for us to buy them shoes if we planned on going several times throughout the summer.


It is designed to get the kids to love bowling, and keep them out of trouble.


When my older boys were young, they were in a bowling league and dearly loved it.  It was our weekly Saturday morning activity for a couple years.

We haven’t gotten the kids into a bowling league, they have other sports they are into. But it is a fun diverse activity.

We used to have a bowling alley right in our small town. But unfortunately it closed down last year. I think there were a lot of repairs needed and it was old, but great for birthday parties and the kids could be walking to it now ..if it was still there.

I love it when the kids get a strike or a great shot… you never know what kind of reaction you may get.  I wish you could have seen Alex’s full “victory dance”



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Color Coding

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Organizing your Kids with Colors

I love colors. I have always found that using colors to help organize is a great way to help yourself visually organize. So why not use that same method to help organize your children?

Each child is assigned a specific color

Sometimes this is a simple thing to do because each of your children may have a favorite color. Sometimes it isn’t so easy. Two girls who both love pink. In that case…mom gets to make the final decision. I have 8 children. Granted 3 of them are now out of the home, but they all had separate colors. Don’t you think I was excited when as a mom of 4 boys, my new husband had 1 girl with his brode of 4! (yes…I got to use pink!)

This is a method that even very young children can use. Think how young they learn their colors. Much younger than reading.

There are many things that you can color code for organizing

1) Cubbies in the entry way or mudroom – hats, gloves, little items you pick up around the house. Throw them in their cubbies. It is their responsibiliy to clean them out every few weeks

2) Toothbrushes and bathroom cups. No more mixing them up.

3) Hooks for their lunchboxes, bookbags or coats.

4) If you can’t find the colored hooks that you need, you can do something like I did here and use the proper color stickers to make their names.

Make sure you place things at their heights so they can put their own things away.

5) laundry baskets to put their clean clothes in. Then they can put them in their drawers

6) Drinking plastic cups – so they know which cup is theirs and they do not have to get a clean one for each drink. Especially when they are home all day from school.

7) Plastic stack-able bins for their paperwork. Or mailboxes as we call them.

Be creative…think of some more ways you can use colors to organize your children.

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Organizing Mission Monday Link Party – Week 32

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Mammoth Caves

mammoth cavesPart of our vacation this summer was going to Mammoth Caves.  I had been there as a small girl and we have taken the older kids a couple of times. We saw several wild turkeys as we drove into the National park. wild turkey This is one of the entrances to the cave. mammoth cavesThe caves are so incredible. This as “Tall Man’s Agony”. mammoth caves And “Fat Man’s Misery”. mammoth caves The kids had a blast on the 2 hour tour. mammoth caves There is the light! lol mammoth caves

Should I continue my link party?

I have to tell you, I’m really trying to decide if I am going to continue this link party. After 31 weeks, if I’m only getting a handful of people participating…I’m guessing it isn’t what my readers are looking for. I haven’t been able to do my featured link members due to my time restraints. I’m not sure if that is the problem or not. Might be huh? But I wasn’t getting many entries even before that. Thoughts?

Link up to my Link Party

What is happening in your life this week?   But as always you can link up any organizing or cleaning or DIY post to my link party.

Organizing Mission Monday

You can find the link for my button and also my “Proud to Be Featured Button” on my top “Buttons” Tab. 1) Link to your specific post – not your blog 2) Please Link back to my blog with my button or link (link just above underneath my button) 3) I’d love if you’d follow me on google and/or FB. The google is new and I’m trying to build it 4) Blog post related to Organizing or Cleaning or DIY or decorating 5) No sales pitches or web sites. 6) If I feature you I will use one or more of your pictures with a link back to your blog. 7) Feel free to link up more than 1 post.

Looking for other link parties? I have a whole list of them. Thumbnail via day above and keep scrolling down to find a more extensive text lists by day on my link party list. If you aren’t sure how to link up… see my link party tutorial here. It is simple. If You Are On A Reader and Want to View All the Great Link Up’s Please Click Here.

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Organizing Tips – Have a System

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Systems Keep You Organized

Your life can seem out of control when you have no systems. A system just means a routine way of doing something.

You might be told you have to organize things in a specific way, but if that way doesn’t work for you… then it is not a solution for you.

If you know what is coming up, and how to plan – then life seems more in control…. and easier.  Streamlined.

For me charts work out a system for me.  Seeing things written down make them concrete… and seeing them on paper, help me to straighten them out in my head.

What kind of system works for you?

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Work from Home

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New Jobs Can Disrupt Your Organized Life

Ted Rubin and Sandy Jenney

I recently started a new job with Collective Bias. They are a shopper Marketing Company out of Bentonville, AR. They opened a new division run by Ted Rubin called cb.Socially. (The above is a picture of Ted and I when we were at the Type A Parent conference in North Carolina)  They brought me on as the Social Marketing Manager of the new division. The cb.Socially role is to use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and other engagement applications on behave of the client. Our first client WebTrends has already established their own Twitter, FB etc.. and run those. But we are amplifying their efforts.
I have been working 10-12 hour days on my new job the last couple of weeks trying to get things up and running. Needless to say I have been neglecting this blog, I’m neglecting my house I’m in that “unorganized” feeling of starting up something new. You know how that goes? When your whole schedule changes and you don’t feel like you have time to get a grip on the new “system” of how things should flow?

I know it will come, but until then I need to extend my apologies. I will have some more posts of things I am doing and places I have been going. So it won’t necessarily be all organizing. I hope that is ok with you all. It will be a little bit more of my life.

I’ve been to a couple great places in the last month and will be heading out to CA in a couple of weeks for the Blogher 11 conference, so I’d like to share those things with you. My blog will adjust as my new roles in life adjust.

If anyone wants to submit a guest post… I’m all for it!

I’m having a blast though! Loving every minute.

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Activities For Kids – Gardening

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Plant and Maintain a Summer Garden


I can’t take any credit for the gardens that we have in our yard.  This is a Dave activity for the kids. When we moved into this house it had two raised garden beds.  Most every year that I’ve lived here, Dave has planted gardens with the help from the kids.

This year he added a third raised garden bed.  He let the triplets  pick which veggies they wanted to plant in the gardens.  They actually are good vegetable eaters, so it wasn’t a teeth pulling event!


The garden has flourished this summer.  The kids have been in charge of watering, weeding and pulling the veggies when they are ready.

This is a picture of Dave getting the first radish out.  He was showing and talking to the kids as he was getting it.


Look at the beans that are ready to pull.


We have some squash and cucumbers that are coming along too.


Gardens can be such wonderful teaching and learning experiences for kids.  Not only do they learn how to plant and take care of a garden, but they learn how valuable it is to take care of things. They realize how much food you can have for little.  It is teaching them life lessons.


When my son Tim was young he went to a daycare that was part of the school they went to – during the summers.  He had such a wonderful teacher. She did all kinds of activities with the kids, they didn’t just sit inside and paint pictures.  They had field trips near by almost everyday.  She also started off the summer by having the kids plant a garden. Each day they went out and took care of the garden and got to watch it grow throughout the summer.  What a great lesson!


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How To Organize Photos

How Do You Organize Your Digital Pictures?

Digitally Organizing Photos

Just as in real life, digitally we need to be organized.  You may wonder why, since there isn’t any physical clutter associated with our computer or laptop.  But we can still have “clutter” on our computers.  Photographs can be a big culprit.  Do you load your pictures onto your computer and forget them?  Can you find them when you need them, or do you just have to scan, scan, scan until you see it?   There are some simple ways to make browsing and sharing your photos easy.

5 Ways to Organize Your Photos Digitally

Step 1: Up Load

Load your pictures onto your computer.  There are many applications you can use  on your computer (ie: iphoto, picasa, photoshop)  but pick one and try to stick to it.  Do not use several different ones on your computer and have your pictures in several different locations.

Step 2: Sort

Just as in real life, we need to “sort” our things, and in this case pictures.  You do not need to keep ALL the pictures you take.  With digital cameras we tend to take a lot more pictures than we used to.  It is alright to delete a picture!  If you have 15 pictures of the same subject. Pick the best one, or maybe 2 and delete the rest.  Remember, these pictures can be copied, shared and saved – so you can break away from the “running out of syndrome”.  You don’t ever have to run out of copies of a digital picture.   Keep your best ones and delete the blurry ones, or ones where you cut off the top of someone’s head.

Step 3: Label

Label your pictures.  Try to do this as soon as you upload them onto your computer.  You have the best memory of the event soon after it happens. Add dates, people’s names, events and thoughts.

Here are some other labeling methods

Face recognition: You can label a photo via faces with some computers. (this is from iphoto on Mac)  If there are people in the photo you label a square that is around their face with their name. Your computer photo software then remembers this face and recognizes it in subsequent photos so labeling becomes easier.  The person who views the photo later can place their cursor over the picture and the persons name appears.  Here is a picture of what a Face folder may look like in your computer.

iphoto uses Faces to label.

Step 4: Separate

Separating your photos into folders enables you to find them quick and easily.  If you just have all your pictures loaded but not separated in any way, you can be searching forever for a particular photo.

Here is an example of folders from a PC.  But I have all the folders labeled and dated for fast and easy referencing.

PC folder method

This is iphotos folder method.  I used to have a PC and loved how I organized it.

I like having the picture on the front of the folder along with labeling below. As you use the scroll bar to scroll down the pictures you also get the letter of the category you are on. I have mine in alphabetical order.  But it can be more difficult to access these pictures when you are wanting to use a picture for a blog post or to put on Facebook. The text labeling do not show up on that screen.

You can separate your photos into broad events:

Holidays, sports, Vacations

Or you can separate them into more specific events (this is my preferred method)

Christmas 2009, Thanksgiving 2008, Youth Football 2006, San Antonio Vacation 2010

You can separate your folders by dates, events, alphabetically or by place.  That is up to you. But which ever method you chose, be sure you can find your pictures fast and easy.

Step 5: Share and Store

Sharing your photos is what taking pictures is all about. There are so many avenues to sharing with social media today; Facebook, Flicker, Kodak Gallery, E-mail, being able to find your pictures easily  makes sharing them a breeze.

The m-series Kodak cameras even have a Share feature on them. You can mark how you want your photos shared, (Facebook, Kodak Gallery, email) and when you connect your camera to your computer they are automatically sent.

Store – Back up those photos! Be sure to not store your photos on your camera, get them off your camera and onto your computer to use them. But be sure to back them up with flashdrives, external hard drives or an off-site back up company so that you do not have to worry if your computer crashes or is stolen.

Digitally organizing your photos is not hard.  It does take a little extra time when you initially load your pictures onto your computer. But that time will be made up ten-fold when you want to find a picture later.  As with any organizing project, maintenance is required. (But well worth it!)

I originally  wrote this post for Kodak last year.

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Organizing Mission Monday Link Party – Week 31

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Visit from a Deer

organizing mission monday

We don’t routinely have deers walking around our neighborhood.  The seven years I have lived here, I have seen two.  This is the 2nd one.

deerI was taking the pictures through my window, so they aren’t that good.

deerI was so excited to see her.  It was very early in the morning. I was on my way to Utah that morning for my early flight and saw her. Dave was actually outside in the car waiting for me and I thought for sure he would have seen her. But he was busy looking at something in the car and missed her.

deerI decided to try and step outside to get a better picture.  As quiet as I tried to be…

deerAnd this is what happened.

deerDo you have any animals that come into your yard that you enjoy seeing?

Link up to my Link Party

I would love to see what you are working on this week. But as always you can link up any organizing or cleaning or DIY post to my link party.

Organizing Mission Monday

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Looking for other link parties? I have a whole list of them. Thumbnail via day above and keep scrolling down to find a more extensive text lists by day on my link party list.

If you aren’t sure how to link up… see my link party tutorial here. It is simple.

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Organization Tips

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Organizational Tip #7

Place your extra roll of trash bags at the bottom of your clean trash can.  When you empty your trash can it makes it very simple to replace the trash bag.

You will have to orient everyone in the family that empties the trash can when you do this. I learned from experience.  When Dave and I got married and his family moved into the house I owned, his oldest son emptied the trash cans a few times – by dumping the whole thing upside down (bag and all) into the outside trash can.  He had no idea I stored an entire roll of clean trash bags at the bottom, so didn’t realize he was throwing them away.

I think it happened twice before he realized (when he could not find any trash bags to replace the ones in the can).



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Magellan GPS Review

July 14, 2011 by  
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Magellan eXplorist 310 North American


My husband and kids love to go exploring outdoors.  It might just be at our farm this trip, but Dave loves the woods and hiking around.

We had seen a GPS unit (not sure if it was this one we saw or not) on TV months ago. Dave was talking about how nice that would be to have. When I got to review this Magellan GPS I was thrilled because I knew how much Dave was going to like it.

There are several different Magellan eXplorist GPS units that range from about $149 – $550.00.  This is the eXplorist 310 North American that costs $199.00

It is a unit that is hand held and battery powered.  You can take it right with you on hikes or trail rides. It is rugged and has a place that it can slip right onto a clip or belt, or would easily fit in a fanny pack, backpack or clipped on your belt.

You can put in locations or find your location. It gives you the coordinance, elevation etc.. of where you are.

magellan 3The maps are easy to read and geared for outdoors.

magellan 310

There is an anti glare screen.  In the really bright sunlight it can still be a little difficult to see – you can see by looking at this picture of my step son when he was using it. He was blocking the sun to see it better.

magellan 310

I think it is fun because as you walk around with it… it tracks your progress. I know you do the same thing with a car GPS… but it still surprised me to see it picked up my steps.

magellan 310The kids used it when they were hiking around the farm. It is easiest enough for them to use (once you set it up)

Dave is excited to use it when we go hiking in Indiana in a few weeks and also said it will be a great addition when we go on our Canada fishing trip next year.


This Magellan eXplorist 310 North American was given to me for review. This does not influence my review. The pictures and opinions are my own.

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Activities for Kids – Sprinklers!

July 13, 2011 by  
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Bring On The Sprinklers!

Are the kids bored?  Tell them to get their swimsuits on and get out the sprinkler! It can be that simple.


We do not turn on the sprinkler much in our town because water tends to be pretty expensive.  But we also do not have a pool membership. (The kids do with their mom, so they aren’t deprived)

I surprised them the other afternoon and asked them if they wanted to play in the sprinkler. You know what they said?  “Do we even have a sprinkler?”

Wow.. I didn’t realize it had been that long since I had the sprinkler out.  I used to water my lawn routinely before I moved to this town.

sprinklerYou can kill two birds (or more) with one stone!  Your water gets a drink, and/or your garden (if you have the water on high enough).

You can also make a dog who likes the hose, very happy. Sadie loves to play in the hose and get drinks from it.  Gizzy hates the hose. When the sprinkler came out… she ran the other way and wanted to go into the house.


The kids can get so goofy when you bring out a sprinkler.


They were doing somersaults through it…. jumping in it… tackling each other in it.


The kids had a great time.  I didn’t have to spend any money (well, at least until I pay the water bill that is) and they had a fun experience that they will of course want to repeat.  I did put a time limit on it, but they turned off the hose themselves before my time limit was up.

I think Sadie had even a better time!

sprinkler I ended up with three very happy children, a couple wet swim suites (they decided to sit outside to dry off without towels too!) and a dog that was happy and worn out too.




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Jewelry Organizing

July 12, 2011 by  
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Do You Still have a Jewelry Box?

jewelry boxesI do!!  Actually I have two of them.  I call it the double stack!  Why do I have two?  Because one was my mine and one was my mothers. When she passed away I kept it.I do not have a lot of “mom” memorabilia, but I do enjoy having this on my dresser.

Because I didn’t want to take up my dresser space with having both of them separate, and I do not get in them very often, it just made sense to stack them.  Does it look good… no, and that is part of the reason I wanted to take care of it.

What a mess huh?

jewelry box

Here is my other jewelry box, the one that used to be Mom’s.
jewerly box

Step One:  Sort

The hard part is going through and deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. You decide jewelry just like any other item you have to sort through.  Ask yourself these questions:

1) Do you love it?
2) Have you worn it in the last year?
3) Is it broken or un-usable in some way?
4) Is it valuable or costume jewelry?


Sort into piles:

1) Keep (You wear it frequently, or at least once a year)
2) Sell, ebay or give to family – Jewelry that you don’t want, but is valuable
3) Donate – things you don’t like, wear
4) Trash, recycle – broken, not worth fixing or selling for gold etc.

Once you have sorted out what you will actually wear (I bet there is MUCH less than you thought) you need to put it back into the jewelry box (or whatever means you have to organize your jewelry)

jewelry boxI decided to give this jewelry box (which was mine) to my step daughter.  I didn’t need two and even though I like how this one is laid out a bit better than Mom’s, it wasn’t a big deal.  I wanted to continue enjoying seeing my Mom’s jewelry box on my dresser.

I put back in the items that I knew I would wear. This is really just my nicer jewelry.


I keep most of my costume wearable jewelry in the bathroom on my twirly hook and other Belles Dangle jewelry shelf.

twirly hanger

This is the Belle’s Dangle shelf.

belle dangles jewelry

I now have just one jewelry box on my dresser that is sorted through. I am going to sell a couple things on ebay (hopefully), I gave a few appropriate things to my step daughter and I will donate the rest that is in good shape.

It looks better, feels better and I have a very happy step daughter.

jewelry boxWhen was the last time you went through your jewelry?








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Organizing Mission Monday Link Party – Week 30

July 11, 2011 by  
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Traveling – Enjoying Park City Utah

organizing mission monday

I was lucky enough to go to Park City Utah for the Evo Conference.  This was the second year I went and loved it just as much (if not more) this year than next. It is such a beautiful place!

park city utah

We stayed at The Canyon’s Resort again, which is more than just nice!

The CanyonsI will let you know that I did get a full time job! (Not in UT though) I found out a couple of weeks ago and I am more than excited.  I am the Social Marketing Manager for cbSocially, which is a new division of Collective Bias.

I am going to be very busy – so I would love if any of you were interested in doing guest posts! Just let me know if you are interested.  (No advertising)

We did zip lining, and a little roller coaster down the mountain along with an alpine slide. So much fun!

zip lining

Have you gone on any vacations this summer? Where?

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Organization Tips

July 10, 2011 by  
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Organization Tip #6

Look Up! Use Shelves

Use that wall space!  I have so often had clients feel they have no room at all to place items they plan to keep.  They say this as they have three to four nearly empty walls!

Shelves! They can be so useful. You can put baskets or cubby’s on them to store items, you can use them for bookshelf space, memorabilia that is important, kitchen small appliances you may not have room for in your cabinets – there are a zillion uses!

They do not have to be free standing.  There are many varieties you can choose from.  Even if you live in an apartment or you are renting.

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Lincoln MKT

Review of the Lincoln MKT Cross-Over

Lincoln MKTOur family had fun getting to review the Lincoln MKT crossover vehicle. We went on our family vacation around Ohio and to Kentucky.

lincoln MKTI can’t even tell you how many times I heard the kids say, “This is the nicest car I’ve ever been in!”

We first went down to Hocking Hills in Ohio and went on the zipline.

ziplineThen we drove further south and went to Mammoth Caves in KY.

mammoth cavesThe kids loved the sunroof. We didn’t have it opened all the time, but they enjoyed it when we did. We did learn that you do not open it too soon after it has stopped raining! (Yes, we got some drips down on us! lol)

lincoln mktThe car was very comfortable.  It was leather and looked very nice inside.

lincoln mkt

I think it would be perfect for a family of four.  The only real complaint I had was the amount of storage space for packing.  There was no roof rack, so we weren’t able to use our car top carrier.  We put one of the seats down in the back to provide enough space (and we used every bit of it). So the child who had the back seat was a little crowded. But the kids rotated seats.
lincoln mkt

Loved several things:

The dual heat/air controls
The heated and cooling seats!
The Navigation system
The backing up video (loved that and really miss it… such a great safety feature)
The little frig/freezer
The sunroof
The looks of the car (I thought it was sharp)
The little hidden space behind the front console
The steering wheel controls for radio and cruise
The satellite radio
The auto back hatch lift and button just inside the back to close it.

One of the things the kids all wanted to do was to hit the button to make the middle seats go up automatically.  That was a really nice feature

lincoln mkt

After Mammoth Caves we came back into Ohio and went on a three day Roar and Explore package which consisted of staying at Drury Inn and Suites for two nights.

Drury Inn and Suites We also got to enjoy a day at the Columbus Zoo, a day at the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) and  would have had a day at Zoombezi Bay if it hadn’t rained.

We had a great time and really enjoyed the Lincoln MKT.

I think overall it might be a little too small for us.  There are seven of us who are home now. Although it is rare anymore for us all to go together in one car, we still want to have the ability to.

It was awesome for our trip with just the triplets.  If we had a luggage rack on top… it would be perfect (oh…and maybe the DVD  players… )then it would be really perfect!


The Ford Fleet out of MI asked if I would like to review this car.  We had the car to use for about a week, without cost.  We purchased the gasoline ourselves. The pictures, video and thoughts are my own.

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Book Review

July 7, 2011 by  
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The Parents Guide To Uncluttering Your Home – by Janet Morris Grimes

I was actually featured in this book!  So doing a book review on it is kind of easy.  I don’t know if it is totally an unbiased opinion though.  Actually it is, I’ll be honest. Even if I was featured, if I didn’t think the book was a good one, I wouldn’t mention it to you.

The Parents guide to uncluttering your home

Janet contacted me last year asking for some tips or ideas for her book;  The Parents Guide To Uncluttering Your Home.   She kept me updated as to the books progress.  I would love to say I’m the only Professional Organizer featured in the book…. but I’m not. There are several organizers who were also featured!

This book is packed full of info. She goes through the different areas of your home and helps with all the different aspects of organizing it.

The parents guide to uncluttering your home

I like that she uses humor to discuss some things.  Chapter 2 talks about your stuff owning you.  That can be SO true.  I worked with a client who “needed” a 5,000 sq ft home even though he lived by himself, because he wouldn’t have room for all his stuff if he lived anywhere smaller.  Honest.  I would try to tell him that he could feel so much freer in a smaller place with less “stuff”.  Believe me, oh… believe me, I helped to to clear out  a LOT of stuff over the year I worked with him.  But it did make me a bit sad how important his “things” were to him.

I like that she has a room by room guide to help you think through things that you can do to help declutter an area.  For instance she mentions the stacks of mail.  Her plan of action for that is to have a mail sorter for incoming and out going mail.   Things can be simple, but often not everyone thinks the same way and it might be a new idea for them.

uncluttering your home

She brings in the organizers for her Case Study sections of the book.  Look .. that’s me!

The Parent's Guide to Uncluttering Your Home

My section goes onto the next page. Yes.. I turned down the page where I was featured. (I know, some of you are cringing… “You page turner downer!” lol

The Parents Guide to Uncluttering Your Home

Janet Morris Grimes wrote this book. She moved from a large home down to a very small one and organization was a necessity.  (sounds familiar!)


uncluttering your home

Having some guidance to help you clear your head is important.  Reading a book about how to do it, getting different ideas from others… just make sense.  Sometimes when you are too close to something, you can’t process logically.

uncluttering your home

You can find this book on Amazon here: The Parent’s Guide to Uncluttering Your Home: How to Organize What You Need and Recycle What You Don’t (Back-To-Basics)


I was sent a copy of this book since I was one of the organizers featured.  I was not asked to do a review on my blog about it. I am doing that because I like the book…. and I wanted to brag about being in it.  lol Well, come on, it’s not every day that I get featured in someone’s book.  The pictures and opinions are my own. The link is my Amazon affiliate link.


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Activities for Kids – Lemonade Stand

July 6, 2011 by  
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Lemonade Stand

The triplets had a lemonade and Kool-aid stand a couple of years ago.  They were so excited.  They made a list of what they would need (with some assistance).  They made their products. Dad helped them to understand what the supplies they used cost.  E made the sign (and we of course didn’t have the heart to tell her something was spelled wrong.) They got it all outside (with lots of assistance) and sat for a long time…. drinking most of the profits.

lemonade stand

But they did make a little money and had fun and learned some lessons.  They had the cash register outside and when there were no “customers” we worked on how to make change.

lemonade standThis is a low cost activity the kids can do. They don’t forget it either. The kids have often referred back to their lemonade stand.  My guess is that one of them will have it on the list of things they want to do this weekend.  Labor Day weekend is the time to do a lemonade stand in our town. There are a couple of huge weekends that you have garage sales.  The biggest is Labor Day weekend. The reason is because there is an event every year in our town called Swappers.  Swappers day is basically a massive flea market.

You wouldn’t believe the garage sales in this town. There had to have been  hundreds. Last year was unbelievable. The weather was perfect and everyone was out.  It is just such a fun weekend.  All that to say that if they want to have a lemonade stand that is successful they should have it then. But I don’t think they would mind at all. The experience for them is the setting it up, the anticipation and of course.. drinking the lemonade.



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Dresser Drawers

July 5, 2011 by  
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How Organized Are YOUR Dresser Drawers?

Here is my dresser…. before.  A mess isn’t it?  I have two jewelry boxes.  One is my Mom’s, one is mine (I have organized and that will be coming up soon).

The pillow – is the bodice of my wedding dress.  (Yes, I had my wedding dress taken apart. Hmmm.. another blog post opp. isn’t it?)
The candles and flowers are from my wedding.  (Dave and I were married 4 1/2 years ago).
The stuffed bear is from Dave from Valentine’s day. I love stuffed animals. The little elephant I got at the Murphy’s trip in January.
The pillow on the right behind the bear is a needlepoint pillow my grandmother made.
I have a weight and a ruler on there too.. no meaning.. just more clutter.

The actual dresser is from my Aunt from when I was first married (first marriage back in 1983). I’d love a matching new bedroom suite, but I’ve never had the extra money to spend on one. So a remake of these might be coming up at some point in the near future.  I want to redecorate my bedroom soon.




I have never micro organized my dresser drawers.  I have always sorted my clothes into specific drawers, I fold my shirts and clothes and pair socks, but I have never taken the effort to organize my undies, t-shirts and socks.

Before pictures


I’m going to be brave and show you my messy dresser drawers…. are you ready?  (ugh.. embarrassing!)  See…. for the few of those who think I’m perfectly organized everywhere in my house… you will see… I’m certainly not.


dresser drawers

T-shirts that I wear under a lot of clothes

dresser drawers

Kind of a mess of a drawer. I have my PJ’s, lounging outfit (winter) and a swim suit in here.

dresser drawer

Work out clothes. (They haven’t been used in awhile.. ugh)

dresser drawer

dresser drawer

I decided to give it a go!  I found a couple different drawer organizers.  I bought a couple sets from Ikea. I made the cardinal mistake of not measuring my drawers BEFORE I bought them.  I bought two packages of the Skubb organizers them at $9.99 each. skubb drawer organizer

Once I got home I realized they did not fit in my top three drawers.  The top drawers were too shallow for them.  But I knew I’d be able to use them in some of the other drawers.

I did measure them before I went to Old Time Pottery. I found these drawer organizers there.  These were $3.99 each.

drawer organizers

I knew they were going to be shallow enough to work.  You are able to add the dividers in if you want them.

drawer organizer

I put all the dividers in.

drawer organizerI then went through and sorted everything in my drawers.

I asked myself these questions:

1) Do I wear it?
2) Do I like it?
3) Does it fit?  (The killer since I’ve gained weight)
4) Are there any holes or can I not wear it because it need repaired?
5) Is it seasonal?

Then I had to decide if I was going to:

1) Keep
2) Donate
3) Store the out of season clothes is it fits, is in good shape & you like it.
3) Pitch

After pictures

Undies drawer now!  I love this. I got rid a bunch of undies that I never wore.  Yes.. I did that too. Pick a pair up and realize they are ones you don’t like. So why didn’t I throw them out right then? I don’t know.  I’d just throw them back in and get another pair.  So, I got rid of all those I didn’t like. 

Bras on the left (my others are being washed) and undies on the right.

underwear drawer

Look at my socks drawer. (I never showed a before pic because I forgot to get a before pic)

socks drawer organized

My T-shirts

dresser drawer

My real Tee-shirts.  This is a top drawer and I didn’t have any organizers that fit it.

drawers 28

Second Tee-shirt drawer using the Ikea organizers

Third Tee-shirt drawer

dresser drawer

Here are my other drawers – PJ’s


Workout clothes
dresser drawers

Hose, slips etc..


I have to tell you, this is the first time I have ever organized my drawers so extensively. I love it!!  To go in and not have to pick through to see what I want!  Awesome.

I also cleared off some of the stuff on top of my dresser.  One of my jewelry boxes is gone (I’ll be posting on that later).  Until I redecorate this room with new colors and refinishes (of this dresser)… it will look like this. But one of these days it will look awesome!

dresser drawersOh yeah!!  Doin’ the happy dance with my organized drawers.


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