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The Parents Guide To Uncluttering Your Home – by Janet Morris Grimes

I was actually featured in this book!  So doing a book review on it is kind of easy.  I don’t know if it is totally an unbiased opinion though.  Actually it is, I’ll be honest. Even if I was featured, if I didn’t think the book was a good one, I wouldn’t mention it to you.

The Parents guide to uncluttering your home

Janet contacted me last year asking for some tips or ideas for her book;  The Parents Guide To Uncluttering Your Home.   She kept me updated as to the books progress.  I would love to say I’m the only Professional Organizer featured in the book…. but I’m not. There are several organizers who were also featured!

This book is packed full of info. She goes through the different areas of your home and helps with all the different aspects of organizing it.

The parents guide to uncluttering your home

I like that she uses humor to discuss some things.  Chapter 2 talks about your stuff owning you.  That can be SO true.  I worked with a client who “needed” a 5,000 sq ft home even though he lived by himself, because he wouldn’t have room for all his stuff if he lived anywhere smaller.  Honest.  I would try to tell him that he could feel so much freer in a smaller place with less “stuff”.  Believe me, oh… believe me, I helped to to clear out  a LOT of stuff over the year I worked with him.  But it did make me a bit sad how important his “things” were to him.

I like that she has a room by room guide to help you think through things that you can do to help declutter an area.  For instance she mentions the stacks of mail.  Her plan of action for that is to have a mail sorter for incoming and out going mail.   Things can be simple, but often not everyone thinks the same way and it might be a new idea for them.

uncluttering your home

She brings in the organizers for her Case Study sections of the book.  Look .. that’s me!

The Parent's Guide to Uncluttering Your Home

My section goes onto the next page. Yes.. I turned down the page where I was featured. (I know, some of you are cringing… “You page turner downer!” lol

The Parents Guide to Uncluttering Your Home

Janet Morris Grimes wrote this book. She moved from a large home down to a very small one and organization was a necessity.  (sounds familiar!)


uncluttering your home

Having some guidance to help you clear your head is important.  Reading a book about how to do it, getting different ideas from others… just make sense.  Sometimes when you are too close to something, you can’t process logically.

uncluttering your home

You can find this book on Amazon here: The Parent’s Guide to Uncluttering Your Home: How to Organize What You Need and Recycle What You Don’t (Back-To-Basics)


I was sent a copy of this book since I was one of the organizers featured.  I was not asked to do a review on my blog about it. I am doing that because I like the book…. and I wanted to brag about being in it.  lol Well, come on, it’s not every day that I get featured in someone’s book.  The pictures and opinions are my own. The link is my Amazon affiliate link.


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