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July 10, 2011 by  

Organization Tip #6

Look Up! Use Shelves

Use that wall space!  I have so often had clients feel they have no room at all to place items they plan to keep.  They say this as they have three to four nearly empty walls!

Shelves! They can be so useful. You can put baskets or cubby’s on them to store items, you can use them for bookshelf space, memorabilia that is important, kitchen small appliances you may not have room for in your cabinets – there are a zillion uses!

They do not have to be free standing.  There are many varieties you can choose from.  Even if you live in an apartment or you are renting.

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One Response to “Organization Tips”
  1. CAS says:

    I love using shelves and/or cubes. I also really like the narrow ledge-type shelves where you can prop photos. We have lots of hallways in our “soon-to-be” new home, and I want to utilize lots of that space for the ledge-type shelves.

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