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July 20, 2011 by  

Plant and Maintain a Summer Garden


I can’t take any credit for the gardens that we have in our yard.  This is a Dave activity for the kids. When we moved into this house it had two raised garden beds.  Most every year that I’ve lived here, Dave has planted gardens with the help from the kids.

This year he added a third raised garden bed.  He let the triplets  pick which veggies they wanted to plant in the gardens.  They actually are good vegetable eaters, so it wasn’t a teeth pulling event!


The garden has flourished this summer.  The kids have been in charge of watering, weeding and pulling the veggies when they are ready.

This is a picture of Dave getting the first radish out.  He was showing and talking to the kids as he was getting it.


Look at the beans that are ready to pull.


We have some squash and cucumbers that are coming along too.


Gardens can be such wonderful teaching and learning experiences for kids.  Not only do they learn how to plant and take care of a garden, but they learn how valuable it is to take care of things. They realize how much food you can have for little.  It is teaching them life lessons.


When my son Tim was young he went to a daycare that was part of the school they went to – during the summers.  He had such a wonderful teacher. She did all kinds of activities with the kids, they didn’t just sit inside and paint pictures.  They had field trips near by almost everyday.  She also started off the summer by having the kids plant a garden. Each day they went out and took care of the garden and got to watch it grow throughout the summer.  What a great lesson!


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