Type A Parent Conference 2011

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Social Media Conference

I’ve been to this conference three times now. Think I enjoy it?

I drove to Cincinnati and picked up my friend… Debba of @girlfriendology. That made the nine hour drive go so much quicker. I think I passed her driver test! lol

sandy and debba

We also shared a room, with Kim @Craftymamaof4.  What a riot we had….

sandy kim and debbaI always enjoy Type A conference.  It is in Ashville, NC and it is a fun, funky town.

Ashville NC

Here are some of the sites.

ashville nc I thought they were neat.  You might notice a couple of these pictures on some twitter pages…  (cbgardening and cbglamour) .. yes they are mine. I just loved how this one turned out. It was the reflection in a store window. I didn’t even think the picture would turn out.

ashville nc



This was one funky statue.


Type A Parent, formally Type A Mom – my take on that…. is you don’t have to be a Mom or a Parent to attend. I don’t normally think about it so much… all the “mom blogger” talk. I’m not offended by that title, I don’t get up in arms, I just don’t really care one way or the other. I do what I do… call me what you will.  But Debba deals with it, because she doesn’t have any children. She gets classified as a mom blogger. I’m sure there are many others in the same boat.  She doesn’t make a big deal of it, but it just made me think more about it.

Ok.. onto more pictures! I have lots of them.

We had a Collective Bias dinner with several of the CB members who were there.  If you were there and didn’t realize it, we weren’t neglecting or keeping anyone from dinner. There was a discussion in the Social Fabric community, everyone in SF was invited.

Collective Bias


sandy and rachel

collective bias jessica


collective bias

collective bias

kelly and ted

collective bias


The party that I thought was the most fun at Type A conference was the Smurf party!!


They had the place decked out and looking so nice.

smurf party

All the tables had smurf on them.

smurtUbisoft sponsored this party and there was some new dance games coming out… so of course… there had to be a dance contest!

There were teams… that took it very seriously…

type a parent

and others that signed up when they got there. Here is the Collective Bias Team

type a

Of course I thought they should have won… but alas..

collective bias dance team

But the finals came down to just a few.. The three up front were in the dance off.. the rest were just joining in for fun.

Chris on the left ended up being blocked by the Ubisoft guy who was also joining in and dancing (at least this is my version of what happened) Because she was totally “on”.  I think we were all a bit shocked when she didn’t actually win. But it was all in fun.

We decided to go out to dinner. Kim was craving lobster mac & cheese. The place we tried to go, had a really long wait. So we ended up at this really fun little restaurant.

Collective Bias

Ted joined up with us after his workout.(My new boss)

Mayfel’s was a quirky cute little place to eat. Loved it.

They had the most awesome sweet potato fries that I’ve ever tasted!

sweet potato fries

And to top it off… there was a peanut butter frosting on this devil food cake that was to die for!

peanut butter cake

We all had a great time…. and were very full. I will be sure to stop by this place again if I go back.

More sessions…. more fun… more friends. It’s all good.

kim sandy monica

Watch tomorrow for my “Shoe Envy” post from Type A Parent Conference.






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2 Responses to “Type A Parent Conference 2011”
  1. It looks like you had so much fun! Isn’t it great to have the opportunity to Talk Blog in real life?!?!

  2. Sandy says:

    Yes!!.. One of the reasons I love going to the conferences. lol Blog Talk!

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