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Shoe Envy at Type A Parent Conference 2011

You may have never seen one of my shoe envy posts on this blog before. I used to post  them on my Chat with Sandy blog. But since I’ve been concentrating on just this blog as my main blog, I thought I’d delight you all!

Here’s the deal.  I’m 5’10” tall… and don’t need to wear heels. I suppose I could, but I am tall enough without them. But I am envious of those gorgeous shoes that I see at all these conferences.  Do I have a shoe or foot fetish… uh no! That is just gross.

It started over a year ago when I was looking and commenting to my friend about all the cool high heels ladies were wearing and saying that I was jealous. That I wished I could wear them.   I was teasing that I should take pictures of them and have a shoe envy post. She thought it was great… and so my shoe envy posts after conferences were born.


Here it goes…. which ones are your favorite ones? Where you there? Do you see your shoes?

Ok… I don’t normally name who my shoe envy shoes belong to. (Often because I don’t always know them.. I just ask if I can take a picture of their shoes if they are cool)
But I have to tell you. These are Rachel Ferrucci’s shoes.  I saw hers and said I need to get a picture. She said, “Sandy, I had someone else ask me to take a picture of my shoes here and I told them no.. that Sandy has to get them for her shoe envy post!”  Isn’t that a riot! Love it!

shoe envy

This wild rug really adds to them you think? (not)

shoe envy


shoe envy


shoe envy

But look…. duplicate shoes! Those feet belong to two different people… if you were wondering! LOL

shoe envy

Here they are!! Isn’t that kind of like having on the same dress at a function? So fun.

shoe envy

Some are just so unusual I have to get a picture.

shoe envy

But look at these.. love them

shoe envy

I was in the elevator when I saw these shoes! I wish she had left them on because they were ….wooo…really high!  She pulled them off and said.. you have to see the full shoe! I got them in Vegas! Can you tell?  lol

shoe envy


Now to top off my shoe envy.. I have to show you Ted’s Happy Socks.  Am I envious of his socks … nope. But when you see someone sitting at a table… with his blue vest on…and you can’t miss that he has striped socks on to match… you have to tell him you want a picture!  Yes, I was out with a group and Ted Rubin.. I didn’t high jack a stranger and ask him to take a picture of his socks.

ted rubins socks

But now I’ve started something new with Ted.  He shows me what socks he has on… for more Happy Sock shots.

ted rubin happy socks

You know… isn’t it the little things in life?  Someone appreciating something you are wearing or doing? I have not yet had a person say no when I have asked them if I can take a picture of their cool high heels.  It’s a compliment. Obviously I’ve noticed what they picked out to wear… and I like it.  No… I envy it…. so wish I could wear them! (The high heels… not Ted’s socks…)






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6 Responses to “Shoe Envy”
  1. Ellen-TCMom says:

    I am obsessed with shoes I love them! Thanks for sharing all the fun shoes!

  2. Hi Sandy!

    This is the first time I’ve had the pleasure of reading your blog. Landed on it via a Tweet from @TedRubin. Although I’d personally rather be 5′ 10″ and never have to wear a pair of high heels again, I loved the pictures. But Ted’s socks truly stole the show. Have a great weekend. I’ll be back to visit your site more often. ~Julie

  3. Sandy says:

    Thanks so much Julie! Isn’t Ted a riot!? Can’t wait to get pics of his socks at Blogher… because he will hold them up and say.. Sandy… get a picture of these! lol

  4. Sandy says:

    Thanks Ellen. I love them… I just can’t wear them like you can!

  5. Lady Jennie says:

    How fun! I would seriously need to do some shoe shopping before going to a conference.

  6. Sandy says:

    They are certainly fun to look at, but don’t feel everyone wears fancy ones like these.

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