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Raising a Pet Teaches Responsibility


I think it is great for kids to have a pet or a couple pets to take care of.  It teaches them that there is a life that is depending on them, for food, water and shelter.

But I also believe the kids have to follow through with the responsibility if they decide to get a pet.

I have to tell you this story, because it is such a hoot.  We took the triplets to a local street fair.  Dave told them they could have a couple dollars each to either ride a ride, get something to eat or play a game. (The kids had a karate demo there, so we were just sticking around for a few minutes after the demo – we didn’t go just for the fair).

They all decided they wanted to try a ring toss game. You know the one… you get the little rings and they are nearly impossible to get on the bottles?


The prizes?  Huge stuffed animals hanging from the center, kids bikes on each corner of the booth and a cage with live bunnies. There was one red bottle in the center of all of the bottles.  I figured that was the one you would have to get in order to get the big prizes.  I asked the guy…. he said that if you got a ring on any bottle you had your choice of a huge stuffed animal or a bunny. If you got the ring on the center, then you won a bike.

The kids wanted to play because they wanted a bunny.  I said, “We can’t have a bunny at our house. Sadie loves to chase bunnies and she actually killed one this summer inside our fence.  If your mom will let you have a bunny at her house, then you can get a bunny if you win.”.  The next step was calling their mom.  She agreed that if they won, they could have a bunny – but only after she asked what the game was. She told me later she never considered any of them would win.


Guess what?  Alex did!!  He got a ring on a bottle and you should have heard him whoop!!  Here is the call to his very surprised mom.  He was SO proud!!


It really is a cute bunny.


We had the bunny at our house over night.  The kids took it in the back yard in the morning to let it hop around. It was having a great time in our fence yard until Elise was coming out of the house and Sadie pushed pasted her (she had been watching this bunny in our yard and barking like crazy at the window). You would have thought we were on a sit-com… kids yelling… adults running.. grabbing dogs… kids chasing the bunny… getting dogs in the house after that had a taste of fur….finding the bunny hiding and checking it over for doggy damage … ( it was fine) .. phew!

As a side note. Alex has also realized how much work goes into cleaning cages…( “Yes Alex, bunnies do poop a lot!” lol ) feeding and nurturing.


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One Response to “Kids Activities – Pets”
  1. Thank you for posting on this. I completely agree that having a pet teaches responsibility. I grew up in a home which did not have pets – my father was very opposed to animals in the house.

    My husband always had pets. For the past 8 years, we have had a dog – from a puppy, my daughters (age 3 & 6) only know life with a dog. I believe they are far more responsible than I was at that age and it has taught them the importance of walking the dog each day.

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