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August 4, 2011 by  

Purchase Yours & Help Others Too

school supplies

Have you done your school supply shopping yet?  Hard to believe we are talking about going back to school already isn’t it?  But it is coming up very fast! Within weeks for most of us.

The kids get so excited to go and get school supplies. But they can get very expensive.  As expensive as they are for us, have you thought of the families that can’t afford them at all?  Have you ever considered buying extras to give to families that need help?

school supplies

But don’t necessarily think of kids over seas or in the inner city. There are more than likely many families in your own school district that need help.  They might be the families that really need help, but don’t qualify for all the government programs.  Call your school principal and ask them if they can anonymously donate for you.

We were lucky enough last year to be involved in a program through Elmer’s, called Bag it Forward.   We were able to purchase supplies to outfit two full book bags of supplies.  We called the principal of our school and she knew of a couple of families that could use them.

school supplies

My suggestion would be to actually go to a different school than your kids go to. The last thing you would want would be for your kids to realize that was “the school bag they donated” and tell the kids or tell other kids.  I had a discussion with the kids over this and explained how donating without others knowing is a really cool thing and that they wouldn’t want to embarrass any other children.

school suppliesEven if you can’t do an entire book bag… what about just getting some extras of certain things?  I just found spiral notebooks at Walmart for $.20 each. I mean wow!

school suppliesSo consider why you are buying your supplies this year – if you are able to spare some extra, consider helping others while you get your kids school supplies this year.


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