Evo Conference 2011

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I Love Utah!!


I went for the second year to Park City Utah for the Evo Conference. I love it there!! I am SO going to bring Dave next year, and we are talking about bringing the kids.

We stayed at the Canyons Resort and it was the bomb!


The Collective Bias group got a suite again, and I think there were like 8 of us in there. Three bedrooms, living room, kitchen and huge dinner table. So fun!

The conference itself was great! I love the workshops that Jyl Pattee has worked in so that we get hands on attention.

elevator friends

The sponsor suites were really nice… and we had plenty of time to get to them all.
Jenny from Kodak  – yes those are Cake Pops!

jenny from kodak
There were some that were so pretty and calm.


Bert and Ernie were in the Sesame Street Suite

Bert and Ernie


We also got to Just Dance!

I went up to a photography workshop on the lift by myself… and just couldn’t stop taking pictures.




I wish you could tell how steep this was going down! If it was going fast I would have freaked! I was in the chair by myself and realized it was just too beautiful to be scary.

chair lift utah

We were able to go zip lining

zip lining
on the “roller coaster” that goes down the mountain – this was on our way up. Look at the deer to the left. I didn’t even see that until I looked at my pictures later.

We also went on the Alpine Slide, carrying our slides to the starting point.

Getting all ready to go (Kim Janocko – Crafty Mama of 4)

crafty mama of 4
And flying down. This pic was taken as I was going up the chair lift, so I have no idea who is going down. But it looks like the dad is having fun!

Bush’s Bake Beans put on this night for us including a wonderful dinner and all these fun activities.

Our last night was also up the mountain. There was a storm going up…. wind and a chairlift going over the mountains is a scary thing! lol Monica was scared enough going on the chairlift – let alone as windy as it was. We were trying to distract her.

But seeing the aftermath is worth it..a double rainbow

double rainbow

Doesn’t it look like the rainbow is going into the “pot of gold” cloud?


Here is the most of us from Collective Bias!

collective bias at evo

I wanted to be able to tell Dave I saw a Moose…this was the best I could do.

sandy and a moose

Loved Evo!  Loved Utah.. can’t wait to go back!

Here are the list of sponsors of Evo.

I was sponsored by Collective Bias for this conference.  Thank you Collective Bias and cb.Socially!

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4 Responses to “Evo Conference 2011”
  1. margaret says:

    Wow, those are beautiful pictures! I really want to get to a conference next year (been saying that every year lol) I would love to go to this one!

  2. How fun! I really wanted to go this year but it was either that or blogher! Your pictures convinced me, I definitely want to go next year!

  3. Sandy says:

    Oh good! It was SO beautiful.

  4. Sandy says:

    lol. I am hoping to bring my family next year ( I said that this year too. lol)

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