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Best Party at Blogher 2011 This Year!

cheapsally That is simple!!  The #CheapSallyParty! It was slated to be the best party – that can be a bit scary! Expectations are high! But guess what?  There was no question. Hands down, this was the best party – and not by our accounts…. but by almost everyone who attended!  Collective Bias sent me to Blogher (loved it! I’ve never been to San Diego in CA before.. now I know why people love it so much!) this year as their photographer for several events. I was primarily behind the camera lens this trip, but had plenty of pictures with me in them too.

The atmosphere was amazing! We had the entire Stingree Nightclub to ourselves.  Three floors of awesomeness!

There were food stations, plenty of drink stations and no problems finding a place to sit, talk and relax.

cheapsally party

The rooftop was the highlight of the party! We couldn’t have had better weather if we had ordered and paid for it!

The Brands had exposure in the cabanas that gave them plenty of attention, but they weren’t in your face. This was Collective Bia’s cabana – our community of bloggers is called Social Fabric.

social fabric

Aren’t our Collective Bias pillows awesome! Love them!

collective bias pillow

It was a nice place for bloggers to come and know they would find Social Fabric members.  Here is Kim @craftymamaof4 and Michele @scrappinmichele

collective bias

Udi’s Gluten Free Food gave us a loaf of their bread in our swag bags. They also gave us some granola. Later that night I sat in my room and worked… I was starved. I opened up the loaf of bread, fully expecting some terrible tasting stuff (I don’t eat gluten free… can you tell?) I was completely shocked to discover it was moist, tasty and I really liked it. I didn’t have anything to put on it, like butter or jelly… and didn’t miss it. I ate some more the next morning along with the granola (dry) and enjoyed that too.  Totally recommend this.


I loved this space.  KMart is coming out with a new line of Gordon Ramsay kitchen accessories this fall.


Doesn’t this look cool? I’d love to try out some of those pans… they look nice.

Gordon Ramsay

I also loved that they gave away all the items they were displaying there to a local food pantry that helps the homeless. Really … so much cooler than giving it away to the bloggers (we get so much at these conferences)

The Bloggers were able to go and visit and talk sitting on comfy couches, pick up awesome swag at the cabanas as well as in their swag bags on their way out.

Cheap Sally announced an awesome giveaway! I mean … really awesome!! The Cheap Sally Bring Home The Bacon Contest!!


They are having a contest and the winner will get a contract for a year – to write one blog post a week on the Cheap Sally blog for $100,000 for the year! Can you say OMG!!

This is Brian Markley (a Top Chef and owns two restaurants in San Diego) beginning the announcement for Cheap Sally Bring Home the Bacon Contest.

Brian Marlarkey

We had several of our bloggers interview Brian at the beginning of the party.  Melissa had him laughing!

Brian Marlarkey and Melissa

Ok.. I wanted a picture too.

Melissa and Daniel (ConsumerQueen and ConsumerKing) are so sweet. I always love seeing Melissa and enjoy when Daniel gets to come to the conferences too.

Consumer Queen and Consumer King

One of the things I LOVE about any blogging conference is when we can meet people in real life that we are used to just talking to online.

One of my favorite people to meet in real life was Lily @MiliaryFamof8. I discovered that Lily is extremely shy and wasn’t real happy that I was taking her picture. But she is SO giving, has such a loving and giving spirit and looked absolutely hot! Her hubby bought her outfit for her to wear and she was very uncomfortable. She had not been to other blogging conferences and has a comfort behind the computer.. not in front of it (not unusual at all for many bloggers).  But she got to meet many people from Social Fabric… how could you not love her?

kim and lily Check out her shoes! Aren’t they great!!


Here are Amy’s shoes… love them too.

Amy Callahan from Collective Bias looked great. This is her and Lauren before the party.

Again at the end of the party with Kate Berg

Sears Style had a booth and the ambassadors that went shopping (that post will be coming soon). They were manning the booth and handing out some awesome swag too! Don’t they look great?

searsAnd more.. I’m excited about the age defining cream (I can use all the help I can get you know!)


Liz from Smarties is the bomb! Can you imagine being a 5th generation candy maker and looking like this? I think I’d be a two ton tessy if it were me!

smartiesShe made a swag for her booth using the candy necklaces! lol

We also discovered that you can put Smarties into a Martini and it was dubbed the Smartini! Can I tell you that when your drink is gone… eating the martini soaked Smarties… was the highlight!

There was also Smartie appetizers all over!  (yum)

The evening  was beautiful…

Loved taking pictures of everyone! Mel from MamaBzz met Ted Rubin

Mel and Ted

Ken Barnett and his wife were there. Ken is the CEO of MARS Advertising.

Ken barnett

Debba from Girlfriendology with some of the UPS Store crew

Lifetime Moms was one of the sponsors

I don’t know who this is, but they were sitting in the Lifetime Moms area… and I love this peach dress! I felt like she looked so beautiful in it. I had to ask for her picture.

That was one of the things the bloggers loved. They felt they could relax, visit and have a space to visit with the Brands that was not pressured… not crazy crowded.

Amy Lowe looked so cute. She has been helping me so much writing tweets for cbSocially!

Amy Lowe

I was excited to meet Shelby @GlitterfulFelt  She and Steve did daily videos when we worked on the Lean Cuisine campaign. I felt like I already knew her because I saw her on video. She was so cute with her (fake) tattoo with Steve’s name on it!

These two wonderful ladies are from Canada.  It was fun to have someone be excited about having a picture taken with me!  Melissa @TimeOutMom on the left and Margarita @DownShiftingPOS (another professional organizer!!) on the right.

Kim, Monica and I posing inside the Social Fabric Cabana. Look at our cool Collective Bias QR code badges (Jay is the bomb!)

kim monica and sandy

Courtney, Kim and I out front before the party began.

Everyone left with plenty of swag (including these great flip flops from ViX Swimwear…these are no cheap little ol’ flip flops ladies!!)

They got a bag as they left which also had more goodies in it (other than what they picked up at the cabanas.) Like Peets Coffee! Yum…. good coffee!  I also found out they sell it at my local grocery store.. so it’s all good!

I had a wonderful time, even though I was running around taking pictures of everyone (that was fun!) and what was nicer was knowing that everyone else had a great time too.

Thank you to all the sponsors and Dawn and Elizabeth from Party BluPrints (thank you for your book in the swag bags!)  along with everyone from Collective Bias who put in so many hours and so much time to make this party happen.


Collective Bias sponsored my trip to Blogher11.

I was not asked to write this post. I did that on my own because it was so stinkin’ awesome!

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19 Responses to “Cheap Sally Party & Collective Bias”
  1. Kathryn says:

    Amazing party re-cap! I met Kim at Bloggy Bootcamp this year in Boston – she is terrific. Can’t wait for Blogher12 in my backyard of NYC – hoping there is another fabulous party from this great group.

  2. Looks like an amazing party full of fun and love!

  3. Sandy says:

    It was! Thanks

  4. Sandy says:

    Thank you Kathryn. I hope so too! Yes… Kim is the bomb

  5. You said it ALL!
    What a fab recap on yes, what was the best party we attended at Blogher.
    Thank you for the invite and all the hard work – we had a wonderful time.
    Love your pics, makes me wish I was back on that rooftop drinking mojito’s, even if it is only 9.27am … don’t judge!

  6. Sandy says:

    Thank you!! I’m glad you had a good time. (not judging! lol )

  7. It really WAS the best party of BlogHer and I think I ended up at about 6 of them. I wish I had made more of a point of meeting all the CB people, but I kept running into bloggers I wanted to meet and we just kept talking and talking. So fun.

  8. Sandy says:

    Thanks Carolyn!!

  9. Jendi says:

    I was sad to see that the Bring Home The Bacon contest will rely on votes.
    But I am glad that you had fun at the party!

  10. Sandy says:

    I feel the same way Jendi. I don’t usually participate in ones that require votes. I was actually nominated for something here in Columbus for best Mom blogger and I’m not participating at all.
    I can understand why the Brands do that… it drives more traffic to them, but as bloggers, I would guess the majority of us don’t like them. Thanks for your comment.

  11. Love all the pictures you took. You are just so talented!! It was so awesome getting to meet you in real life. You are just as sweet as I imagined you would be. xoxo

  12. Sandy says:

    Ahhh… how sweet of you. Loved meeting you and Steve too!!! Felt like I already knew you though. But… had no idea you were so tall. LOVED that! lol Thanks!

  13. I too! It’s so funny how I finally got to meet everyone in person and I already felt like we have known each other for years. :) Steve was so excited he got to meet everyone too!

  14. Oh my gosh, Sandy, this had to be the best party ever! I love my CB friends so much. Wish I could’ve been there. I WILL be at BlogHer this year – no matter where it’s held. Thanks for such an awesome recap.

  15. Sandy says:

    It was fun… you would have loved it. It is supposed to be back in NYC in 2012. I know travel wise it is great for you. I am not a NYC person… loved California.

  16. CanCan says:

    Great pics! I loved getting a fake tattoo, hilarious!

  17. You did a wonderful job with this post Sandy!

  18. Sandy says:

    Thank you Dawn!

  19. Sandy says:

    I know… fun huh?

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