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How Do Kids Learn If You Don’t Teach Them?

Dave is so good at teaching his children things.  They have never been able to be in Boy or Girl Scouts because of the divorce situation and having them go when they aren’t with us. So, Dave teaches them things himself.

When we were on our vacation this year, we came back and spent a day at our farm for a night. We had planned to go fishing, but the river was too high, so we had to adjust.

Dave decided to teach the kids how to tie knots.

tying knots Dave made it fun for them once he taught them the fundamentals.

“You are caught out in the water…I’m throwing you a rope and you need to tie it around you so I can pull you in.”

tying knots


tying knots

He taught them the names of the knots and when you would use each one.


Then worked with them until they got it.


Then they practiced….


and practiced…


and practiced some more


Something as simple as tying knots was a memory that I bet these guys will have with them for the rest of their lives.  Their Dad spent a couple hours with them that day and they loved it.  He came up with all kinds of fun scenarios for them to use their knots.  Asking which ones they would use for what…  enabling them to tie their own fishing knots….  etc.

But for them it was just time with their Dad.  Time learning things he was teaching them and knowing that he loved them enough to take that time to teach them.

He would be an awesome home schooling Dad. Not that it is an option for us.  It is something I know I couldn’t do…. but I envy his patience with his kids and his drive to teach them everything he can.

He is actually in the back yard as I write this… teaching them how to shoot the bow he got them.  Yes… I went out and got pictures…. future post for sure. lol

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