Creating a Mud Room

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Creating  Mud Room In Your Garage

I don’t have a mud room in my house, nor do I have a place for a mud room in this house.  So…. I have to make a mud room in my garage.

We were only able to do this after we got the shed and were able to clear out extra supplies (bikes, lawn mower, tools, sporting equipment and such) out of the garage and into the shed.  Check out my series of posts on how to organize your shed.

Our garage was suffering from “winter messy blues”.  You know…. during the winter how you bring everything into the garage, and nothing gets put away.  Because it is winter, it is too cold to pull everything out of the garage onto the driveway to clean it out…. so it all just accumulates and gets messier and messier?  Yes… the garage messy blues!

Garage “Before” Pictures

before garage I didn’t think to take pictures at the very beginning.  This was in the mist of moving things into the shed.

garageThere were metal shelves on the empty wall.

What we did was to clear everything out.  Took down the shelves.  Moved the freezer over to the left further.

Then we painted.  The paint was actually a gallon I had left over from painting the dining room.  I didn’t want periwinkle walls in the garage. I wanted gray walls.  I wanted to use gray walls and red accent (Ohio State colors).  But I had an unopened gallon of periwinkle. So what’s a girl to do?

You go to Home Depot and tell them to make your periwinkle paint –  gray! They will look at you like you are crazy, tell you that they don’t know that they can do that.  You will then tell them…. just add black please.  They will do it… several times – each time explaining to you something about the base of your paint being a medium base and that to use dark colors you nee a heavy base – so they are not going to guarantee that it will dry very well.

You will look at that final color that he smears on the lid and it dries (with the blow dryer) and think… wow… that really does look gray! Silently jumping up and down wanting to say .. I told you so – but also realizing that when it dries… or doesn’t.. the Home Depot man might be jumping up and down and saying… “I told you so!”

I only wanted to paint the long wall and short front wall that had been dried walled.  The rest of the garage had studded walls… and weren’t going to be part of my mud room anyway.

painting garage

Oh.. and yes, I know…. my gray paint does have a hint of purplish-blue in it still.  (It sure looked just gray on the lid!) But it is a garage, and it isn’t worth spending another $35 for a gallon of pure gray paint. This will do.

Here is the finished painting job

The next step – outfitting my mud room.

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on this project.  I knew I wanted:

1) Cubbies for shoes
2) Bench to sit on to put on and take off shoes/boots
3) Hanging area for coats and snow pants
4) Hooks for book bags
5) Shelves for paper towels & toilet paper storage
6) Places for the kids sports bags
7) Trash can
8) Dog food storage near by
9) Floor that had carpet or something to keep from having dirty feet after shoes came off
10) Have it look nice

What I did:

1) Went to Ikea and bought two cubby units, two metal coat hangers/shelf units and 2 wall mounted hooks, wooden sturdy hangers
2) Brought up a small shoe cubby unit I had in the basement
3) Brought up a red couch unit that we had in the basement
4) Used made from cut wood Dave already had (one was a shelf from somewhere else we didn’t need any longer)
5) Bought padded garage squares for the floor (I already had some, just got some more)

Are you ready?  Here it is…. not the Mona Lisa of mud rooms…. not the prettiest you will see, not the classiest you will see, but it will work for us.. and I like it.

Garage Mud Room “After” Pictures

garage mud room

My son and his friend basically dumpster dived for the red diners bench. There is a 2nd one in our basement. They saw them at the curb a few years ago and he brought them home just as pleased as he could be. We have used them in the kids basement TV room.  But I thought this would be perfect here. Plastic so if they are dirty or wet it isn’t a problem. I didn’t have to buy one like I thought I would… and it looks fun.

The black coat hangers came from Ikea.  The cubby units did too.  The shoe unit in on the floor I already had. But I thought the top of it would work great for the 3rd karate bag. If you look to the far right of the picture you will see a plastic shelf. That is where the other 2 karate bags of the triplets will go.  The trashcan I wanted is to the left.  You know…. when you come in from the cars and have fast food bags or whatever needs to be thrown away…. just makes it nice and easy.

The cubby units work great for the boots and shoes.  I bought the white shelf dividers so that you wouldn’t lose good space in the cubbies.  The triplets keep their shoes and boots on the left cubby, the two older boys use the right cubby.

The dog food container is to the left of the bench.  So it is still easy to get to when you come out into the garage, but yet out of the way.

The gray padded garage floor squares work great.  They will keep the cubbies and bench from getting all wet from snow coming off of cars. They will keep feet somewhat dry, clean & warm when taking on and off shoes & boots.

Keep in mind when you are buying anything from Ikea that has to be mounted on the wall.  They evidently have different measurements for their studs when building houses.  My husband gets very frustrated when he has to hang something from there.  The holes do not line up with 16″ (I think) studs that are standard in our homes.  He had to figure out how to hang the coat/book bag hooks that I wanted hung.

He ended up first mounting a piece of wood and used it as a base to then hang the coat racks from.  I originally had planned to put one coat rack in one place and the other in another place….. but after the big deal this was.. I didn’t get upset at all when he put them side by side.  It will actually work out great.

So one more look at before….


And then “After”

garage mud room

Oh .. and yes – we still put a car on this side.  We were parking my Honda Pilot on this side of the garage and our “run around” car the Neon on the other side.  But we switched them up.  The Neon now goes on this side, so there is still plenty of room for the car and to get around it on all sides.  The Pilot goes on the other side of the garage.

We also put a key pad on the outside of the garage so the kids can get into the garage themselves.




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19 Responses to “Creating a Mud Room”
  1. Toni says:

    Great job Sandy!!! I bet it feels great. :)

  2. Melinda says:

    Looks fantastic! Cubbies are great. I have the garbage can by the door too for the car trash. I think my garage looks like your old one. I’m inspired to tackle the garage once the temp drops a bit. We just got an IKEA and I went for the first time this weekend. Love it!

  3. Sandy says:

    oh… I wish I had one closer! Would love to see how you organize it!

  4. Sandy says:

    yes.. of course! lol Now the hard part is keeping it under organized control! Haven’t talked to you! Hope the house sale is going well.

  5. Chloe says:

    Hi Sandy

    That looks great. I wish my garage was attached to the house. Oh well the entryway closet will have to do. Those shelf dividers are great to make more use out of the big cubbies. I’ve also got a large tray covered with a thin layer of stones that I use for wet boots or shoes until they’re dry.


  6. Sandy says:

    Oh… love the stone idea for boots to dry. I have a tray that I got for the boots, but hadn’t thought of putting stones in it so that they don’t sit in a puddle of water. Thanks!

  7. Sandy says:

    Thanks! I’m lovin it!

  8. OneMommy says:

    Your pictures give me hope. I’ve been wanting to make a mud room, and thought about our small utility room off the garage, but using the garage space would give me more room to deal with…. I already have the bench I want to use, I just need to find a way to organize all my husband’s shoes I keep tripping over!

  9. Sandy says:

    I love using the cubbies. They are large enough for boots or mens shoes/double layered.

  10. Annette W says:

    Hi there, Loving this! I had actually thought to do the same at my house, but my garage has so many bugs in it. I cringe at the idea of putting on a shoe and having a but in it…or a bug in a backpack.

    Was your garage naturally fairly bug-free?

    I look forward to linking up to you soon! I just organized my coat closet and have been saving it for the new blog…(which is waiting on a header for full launch).

  11. Sandy says:

    I can see where that might be an issue. We don’t have too many problems with bugs (I say that knocking very loudly on wood!), so hadn’t been a problem with us.

  12. megan says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I’ve been tempted to do something similar for quite some time… my question for you is this: was it a problem during the winter time to put on freezing cold coats and shoes? And coming home during the colder months, was it difficult to get the children to remove their coats and shoes out in the cold garage and put them where they belong before going in the house?

  13. Sandy says:

    They never complained about it if they did, so I don’t think it was an issue. Now I might complain.. But hubby & I keep our coats in the closet. We can actually hang the on a hanger and have them stay instead of throwing them on the floor. lol thanks!

  14. LOVE the red diner bench!!
    We’re currently adding on an attached garage that will include mudroom space for our family of seven.. I was looking for inspiration which is how I stumbled upon you here. :)

  15. Sandy says:

    Thanks Amanada! Have fun organizing it. One thing that I wish I had in our garage is a utility sink. To be able to wash out paint brushes and dirty shoes, dogs etc. :)

  16. Edna says:

    Hi Sandy! Looks great. Where did you get those shelf dividers…they fit the expedit so perfectly…

  17. Sandy says:

    I think I got them at Target. Just measure the inside space first.

  18. Jackie Alley says:

    I had to do the same thing (the board you used behind your hooks) in my bathroom to support my towel bar. I put the board up and painted it the same color as all my trim and then attached the towel bar. Thought of it myself and it looks great!

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