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Archery Can Be A Great Sport For A Kid!

Or course that is if your kids are old enough or mature enough to realize they can’t turn and shoot the dog.. or their sister!!

Dave got himself a new bow (which he hasn’t had for about 15 years). He knew it was adjustable one and thought he would be able to adjust it so the kids could use it too. He attempted it once and realized it would be no easy feat to adjust it back and forth for them to use.


So he went out and bought them one they could use that wasn’t terribly expensive.  He measured their draw length first to see if the triplets were even able to use the same bow. They were.  You also have to know what poundage your kids can handle. (Dave knows all this stuff…not me)

Dave worked with the kids to explain how to hold it, and of course safety measures they HAVE to follow.


The dogs were not allowed outside and of course there were no kids on the community playground back behind our house.

Dave is so patient in teaching the kids.

They love it

Cross bows are very popular right now… but Dave isn’t fond of them.  He wants them to learn how to shoot with a “real bow and arrow”.  Actually he would love to get them a recurve bow (no pullies) but they are too expensive. Plus this is like Dave’s is like that he bought.

archeryI’m surprised how well the kids are doing! They rarely miss the target block.

They do plan to go out with their Dad into the woods this fall. Dave will not let them shoot at any deer this year. They aren’t ready for that, but it will be good experience.

This is not an inexpensive sport.  Once you get your bow and arrows, it isn’t too bad. But the arrows are around $6 per arrow (so you don’t want to lose them)

I remember taking archery in high school. I really enjoyed it myself. (There are pink bows you know! lol)

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