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Making and Decorating a Cake Is a Fun Project

Why go out and buy a “store bought” decorated cake when the kids can create one for the occasion?


They were so proud of this cake they decorated for their Dad for his birthday a couple years ago.  You never know what kind of creation you may get.

We don’t have the kids decorate all the cakes. But it is a fun project for them to do occasionally.

When they were eight years old for their birthday, we told them they could either make their own cakes this year, or we would buy them – (like we usually do).  The triplets have always gotten their own birthday cake for their birthday. Yes… three cakes.  We also always sign Happy Birthday to each one of them individually. (Yes.. we sign it 3 times)  They all decided without even saying it twice that they wanted to make their own cakes.

We let each one of them pick out any cake mix and frosting they wanted at the store.   We got foil cake tins so that there was no problem with not having enough cake pans, and so there would be no problem with someone having a pan that was a different size than the other.


They each got turns making their own cake.


Then they went to the decorating

kids decorate cakes

I think we must have gotten some extra vanilla frosting for the middle of the cakes.  They all have vanilla inbetween layers. I can’t remember the exact reason for that now. lol

Think he is proud?

Here are their finished products

Elise’s strawberry creation

Alex’s chocolate frosting & cake

Zach’s vanilla with devil’s food cake

They had so much fun creating their cakes.  It of course is a great money saver, but they had a blast doing it… and still talk about that birthday and how cool it was. They also got surprised when we took them to Walmart to look at some things Daddy needed.  We walked by the bikes and Dave told them “Surprise… Happy Birthday.. Pick out a bike!!”  I think Dave and I were as excited as they were.

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    What a great post, I love it!

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