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Do You Have A Skin Regime you Love?


If not I can highly recommend Therapon.  I didn’t set out looking for this, even though I knew I needed something!

I’ve been so discouraged lately at the lines and wrinkles and age showing on my face. I tease that I get my own facelift by not wearing my glasses when I look in a mirror. (and that really does help! lol) When I do have my glasses on and see my reflection, my heart sinks.  My once fresh skin is now aging dramatically, the wrinkles are jumping ahead of one another to race to see who can multiply my face quicker – the area around my eyes, or the area around my mouth and chin.

There have been many a video that I did not use because they showed way too many details of my face deterioration.

I’ve gone the Mary Kay, Ogai and other over the counter routines.  Most of them call for different routines each day. You might do the scrubs once or twice a week, a night time regime that is different than the daytime one, etc.  To tell you the truth, I usually end up getting lazy and go back to my routine of  just using good old soap and water and which ever moisturizer I have on hand.

I went to Gleek Retreat in MI a few months back and met  Christina Stumbaugh, who was giving facials.  I didn’t want to get one done because I just had my skin graft done on my nose and still wearing a band-aide. But I did go in and talk to her, and we got a sample in our swag bag.

It was a four part system, and what was nice about it was that it was the same…. morning & night.. everyday of the week.  Easy Peezy!

I have been using these products for a couple months now.  I had a video I recorded for you, but I’m having big time technical problems with not only my flip software, but also my imovie clips since I had to clear off my computer last week.

Results I Noticed

1) Dramatic change in the softness of my skin  – my skin has always been dryer since I’ve aged and much dryer since I went through menopause two years ago.  I LOVE the feel of my face again!  It feels smooth again.

2)  My pores are smaller – the pores on my nose have always been larger. They have gotten much smaller since I’ve started this.

3) My fine lines have decreased.  I can’t say they are gone or I look 20 years younger, but I have noticed an improvement in the last couple months.

4) The scar from my skin graft is much less. I really think this regime has decreased the scaring on my nose. I’m thrilled with that.

5) I was diagnosed with rosacea shortly before I started on this. Since I’ve been using it, I’ve had no outbreaks of the rosacea. I can’t say they are related because I don’t actually know. But I really wonder if this is why I’ve not had more problems with it.

6) I don’t have problems with flakey dry skin at the junction of my eye brows and bridge of my nose. The lines there are still pretty deep (too much frowning!) but better – but I used to get all this flakey stuff at the edge of my eye brows and that crease.. I don’t have a problem with that anymore.

The products

I am using a four step process

1) Cleansing Wash – Mild, suds really nicely. The smell is mild and clean… not flowerly.

2) Fruit Acid Exfoliant – I expected this to be thick with those little rough pieces in it.. that you use once a week. Instead this is a clear, think liquid. You use their pads (but I thought were too rough and opted for my softer ones, before I read that the purpose of the roughness was to help the exfoliant action… duh!) and put it on twice a day.  It feels nice and you wonder how it is acting as an exfoliant.

3) OPC Reparative Gel – This is an amber clear but slightly thicker liquid than the exfoliant.  I use a little on my finger and put it all over my face.  The color always reminds me of betadine (the nurse in me). The smell isn’t bad, but there is a bit of a distintive odor to it. It does not give or leave any color on your skin. It soaks into your skin very nicely.

4) Enriched Facial Moisturizer – This is a thick rich white cream. It feels wonderful when it goes on. It does seem more like a night cream in thickness, but once it is on, it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky at all.  My makeup goes on very nicely over it.

I do this in the morning and evening.  I have also tried their Sun Screen product and love it too.  I have to be very careful of the sun exposure as I’ve already had a basal cell cancer and skin graft done on my nose and I’m at high risk for melanoma skin cancer.

I’m extremely pleased with the products and really hoping I can have some more to keep reviewing!   I have a dermatology appointment next month and plan to show my dermatologist what I’ve been using and ask her about it.  (These products were developed by  Dr. Beckman who is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon). I am also driving to VA to see my sister and brother in law at the end of September.  He is an Oral Maxillary  Surgeon and preforms reconstructive facial surgery on accident victims. He also does some cosmetic surgery and researches products that can help his clients achieve better skin health. I’m going to also talk to RW about these products.

Thanks Therapon, I’m a very pleased client.. oh.. and I LOVE the little containers for travel! Perfect size!!


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3 Responses to “Therapon Skin Health Review”
  1. Lady Jennie says:

    Cool. I usually use Nu Skin, which I love, but I’m too lazy to do the Galvanic Spa (mini battery operated spa treatment. But I notice the best results on my dry starting-to-wrinkle skin when I complement it with the vitamins and (especially) Omega 3.

  2. Courtney Tucker says:

    I can tell by the video your face is looking better!

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