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cbSocially and Collective Bias

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I’ve had several people ask me for some more specifics on what my new job is about, or what I actually do.

Collective Bias has a corporate office in Bentonville, AR and will soon have one in NYC. Here’s a description taken from to describe what they do.

Collective Bias facilitates the creation of real shopper media by connecting groups of social media influencers to the brands and retailers they use in their daily lives. Our Social Fabric™ community drives conversations on a wide variety of social media platforms in order to build consumer engagement and brand loyalty that ultimately lead to sales conversion.”   

The community of over 1,100 bloggers is called Social Fabric .  It is in Social Fabric that we maintain all of our communication with the bloggers.  Shops that are needed are posted, the blogger is able to pick and choose what shops or activities are applicable for them.  We don’t send products to the bloggers for review, which is very typically what you see in most communities. CB sends the bloggers out to shop for the actual products, so the entire purchasing process can be noted by the blogger.  Did they have trouble finding something? Was it on sale? Did they see something they preferred better etc..

So what do I do?  Well, CB has been growing so fast and doing so well that they brought in Ted Rubin as the Chief Social Marketing Officer.  Ted  and John Andrews founded what is now called cb.Socially which is a new division of CB.  cb.Socially is the engagement and outreach component that will use Twitter, Facebook and other venues to develop or amplify the Brands.

I am the Social Marketing Manager for cb.Socially.  I currently am running the 16 twitter accounts we have, cbSocially FB page and helping with CB’s FB page.

It may not sound like much, but I’ve been putting in an average of 12 hour days (6 days a week) to keep up. Working on growing the twitter accounts each day, collecting and modifying the tweets – running a group within Social Fabric with over 200 bloggers and a number of other duties that are required (won’t bore you with them all) is timely.

I’m loving it though!!!  Being able to watch the growth and knowing that what I am doing is helping the Brands, helping our bloggers (because we ask them for tweets on their blogs) and helping CB is awesome.  I’ve been wanting to work for CB for over 2 years and I’m thrilled to now be working my dream job!

Yes….I’m just like you!  I want to “do it all” but I have to realize that with many things in life – something has to give.   My blogs are going to be what is the “give” for me right now, so hang in there with me!

Life takes many paths and curves. Who would have thought I would have a full time social media job three years ago when I began blogging?  Isn’t it cool?

Here is a list of the twitter accounts I’m running. These twitter accounts have from 2,600 to over 14,000 followers on them. I’d love for you to follow them and chat with me!!


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7 Responses to “cbSocially”
  1. Katie Hozan says:

    I am in a social media class right now, so I know that blogging, and keeping up on Facebook and Twitter is very time consuming. However, as you also mentioned it’s very rewarding! It’s awesome to see growth in yourself and your page, and see others get excited about it, too! Good luck with your new job!

  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks so much Katie. Where is your class? That’s awesome So many colleges are behind the times in getting social media classes going!

  3. Katie Hozan says:

    I go to Ohio Northern University…which is in the really small town of Ada, right outside of Lima, Ohio.

  4. Sandy says:

    I know it well!! We took my step son there to check it out for engineering. Although fantastic school, he will be able to get full ride somewhere and they don’t give them out there. :( boo

  5. Katie Hozan says:

    It’s a great school for sure. Does he know where he is going, yet? That’s awesome another place will give him a full ride!

  6. Wow Sandy this is amazing! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you.

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