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Week 1 – My Couch to 1 Mile Running Plan

Me run?  I never have… I’ve wanted to for a long time.  My biggest problem?  Me!!

I have this total attitude that I can’t do it.  Why? Because almost  every time I have tried to do an exercise program, I have inflamed something and have had to stop.  Last year I was being so good in going to a kickboxing class.  I ended up injuring my shoulder and have been working through a frozen shoulder for the last year.

I have gained back all the weight I had lost in 2008.  I feel like crap… I look like crap. I need to so something!

I decided to try this – but with a bit of a change. My goal is 1 mile not a 5K. I am not in a race to get there. I want to go slow and steady and actually make it there. So I will be altering this plan, but using it as my guideline.

Here is week one on the Couch to 5K program.

couch to 5k week 1

My week one: 

Brisk walk for 5 minutes. 
Then alternate 30 seconds of jogging & 90 seconds of walking for total of 20 minutes.   

Once I can hit my 1 mile, then I’m hoping to go for 2 miles.

You aren’t supposed to do this everyday.  You are supposed to only work on this three times a week.  This was me this morning after my workout.  My face is red… I am sweating up a storm… but I feel great.

I have a treadmill in my bedroom and I use that.  I am far too embarrassed at this point to walk/run outside.

I used this Target Heart Rate Calculator from American Cancer Society to find my target heart rate. I just plugged in my age.

Mine should be 85-127

This target heart rate calculator from seems more accurate. It is a full formula you go through to get your lower -higher exercise rate.

Mine comes out to 126-158

I didn’t check my heart rate the first week of exercise (but I should have)

Here is the week two that I’m supposed to be doing.

My Week 2 Plan

Brisk 5 minute walk to warm up
Alternate 60 seconds of jogging with 90 seconds of walking for total of 1 mile.

My heart rate was in the 180’s.

So I am going to stick with this same schedule next week. Like I said, I’m in no rush. Slow and steady wins the race right?

Here are some of my thoughts after my workouts this week.

Day 1 of Week 2.

I was all set today to do the 60 seconds of running then 90 seconds of walking for 20 minutes.  It amazes me how out of shape I am. Well.. not really… I know how bad I am. But I didn’t do the full 20 minutes. I stopped at the 1 mile mark.  I did the 5 min. warm up, then 60 seconds run, 90 seconds walk throughout though.  It wasn’t so easy.

I don’t know if treadmills are all set the same. But this is what I’ve been doing.  I know those of you who really run/jog will laugh, but it is what it is.

I set my treadmill on 3.2 to start my walk. Before the end of the warm up I walk between 3.4 – 3.6.  For my jogging (slow jog for most of you) I was setting it at 5.0.  I decided last week it was almost too slow, some of the steps my feet seem to scuff on the tread. Falling isn’t an option for me. lol
So I tried 6.0 and that was too fast.  I have been doing 5.5 and that seems pretty good.   But my last 6o seconds today I went back to the 5.0.

My breathing is my big thing. I get out of breath.  My heart rate was about 160 after I was finished & doing my stretching exercises.  I need to find that formula to figure out what my top rate should be. I know when I was young (20’s) my high heart rate was supposed to be 160 and it was always higher when I worked out. I don’t know if it should be the same or lower now that I’m 51 years old.  ( I have since found the calculator… link above)

The other reason I stopped at 1 mile was because I was starting to feel dizzy.

Day 2 of Week 2 

Today wasn’t as bad as 2 days ago. I didn’t feel dizzy. I did decide to slow back down to the 5.0 on the treadmill speed. But I took my heart rate as I was running and it was in the  180’s. That isn’t good.

Day 3 will be tomorrow.

I plan on keeping with this same routine next week. Until I get to the point that my breathing is under better control and my heart rate comes down a little bit. Then I will keep progressing.


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4 Responses to “Couch to 1 Mile”
  1. beth says:

    Hey Sandy,

    I read your organizing blog every day. Was very inspired by your blog today. I do zumba once a week but need something else to get me in shape and decided I am going to work right along with you. P.S. You don’t look like crap, you’re lovely.

    All The Best,

  2. Sandy says:

    How sweet are you!? Ok… I feel like crap then. lol
    But that is too cool that you are going to do it too. You might be more geared towards the actual couch to K though. I’ve seen the zumba, but I’m so uncoordinated when it comes to dancing. But it looks like fun!

  3. eric says:

    Awesome job. Stick with it. There are so many great inspirational stories out there. I look forward to seeing yours go all the way!

  4. Sandy says:

    Thank you Eric! Just found out yesterday my Doctor is slowing me down due to my heart rate… boo!… but I’ll have that up on Friday (Lord willing that my site problems are resolved by then.)

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