Transferring Clothes For The Season

September 27, 2011 by  

Are You Ready For The Cold Weather?

The Changing of the Guards Clothes – Bring Out The Winter, Put Away the Summer!

This is not something I look forward to each season!  But it is something we need to do this week.  The kids have a couple days off school, so I thought it would be the perfect time to get it done.

The triplets are now old enough they can do most of it on their own, I just have to give instructions and follow up. (If I don’t, I will have one huge pile of clothes and they won’t know what they are keeping or getting rid of)

When we bring out the clothes from last year, there are some things that Alex can wear of Zach’s from last season. Even though they are triplets, Zach is about 5 inches taller than Alex and weights about 25 pounds more, so it does make it nice for handing down clothes.  The boys also have clothes that I have saved from Tim & Drew who are now 17 & 18.

8 Easy Steps to Transferring Clothes For The Season

1) Get your supplies ready. White (donate) and black (trash) trash bags, sharpie
marker, labels (sticky address labels work great, bins (clear are best).

2) Get out the winter clothes from storage.

3) Start in the kids rooms and pull out one drawer at a time. Determine with each
* Will it fit someone in the family in the future? (If not donate)
* Is it in any condition to save? (If not then throw away, don’t donate clothes
that are torn, stained or are better for rags)
* Will the next child wear it? Was it worn at all this season? (Do they like it?)

4) Make piles.
* Save for next year
* Donate (white bag) – Doesn’t fit, they don’t like & won’t wear.
* Trash (black bag) – torn, stained, not in good enough shape to donate.

5) Go through the new season clothes and do the same thing as you put them away in
the kids drawers. Make sure they will fit your child this year and it is
something they will wear.

6) I prefer you use clear bins. Get ones that fit your space to store and latch closed. They will go from season to season.

7) Take the bins you have for next year and be sure to label them.
Put boy/girl, season and size on each label. For instance, Boy – Summer  – Size 10

8) Donate can be taken to friends who can use them, sold at a garage sale or resale
shop or taken to a facility such as Good Will.

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6 Responses to “Transferring Clothes For The Season”
  1. Love your ideas…….and a really big labeler is great too!

  2. Sandy says:

    Thank you Evelyn

  3. micki says:

    great ideas! Do you have any suggestions for places that have short cool seasons? We really only have about a month where its going to get cold enough for the winter clothes. Then we have just spring/fall and SUMMER. I just can’t seem to do all that work then have to swap out the clothes for just a month.

  4. Sandy says:

    I guess I would ask what you do now? I would do my best to have a place in your closet for a bin of winter clothes. For only 1 month you wouldn’t need as much. That plus some hanging clothes that you store in the back of your closet until that time might be easiest.
    Either that or an under the bed storage container.
    Something that stays in the rooms that is easily accessible – so you can do an easy switch of just enough clothes to fit winter ones in the dressers for smaller amount of summer ones.

  5. Anna Kuenzli says:

    Thank you for the reminder – it is time!

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