Ford Explorer Review

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The 2012 Ford Explorer

ford explorerDave and I got to take this Ford Explorer beauty on our trip to Corydon, Indiana.   We started off on a Friday late afternoon to drive the 5.5 hour drive to IN.  I wanted to drive (Dave did too.. but I won! lol) and Dave decided to set up the built in GPS.

The first thing we learned was that there is evidently a safety feature set on the GPS. You can not drive and set the GPS at the same time. We had to pull over to set it.  Dave wasn’t too happy about that, thinking that if there is a passenger in the passenger seat it should over ride  it.  But he did think it was easier to set up than the GPS we had on the Lincoln MKT we reviewed.

The ride was great, loved how it drove.  One of the things that I loved on this car was the cruise control.

It has the radar cruise – when you have your speed set, but you are coming up on a car that is going slower than you are.. the cruise automatically slows you down.  So you are not having to constantly manually speed up or slow down. It does it for you.  Love that!!

The interior was a two tone leather and looked sharp.  I think Dave took the kids for a drive in it before I got back from a trip and they all thought it was roomy, and liked it.

There were enough cup holders, and they were large enough for my larger bottle of water.

We had dual air conditioning and satellite radio. It is so nice to have radio that doesn’t come and go when you go out of towns.  Dave really liked listening to the comedy channel.

This is one feature that I REALLY miss in my present car.  I would love to see this be a requirement on all cars some days.  It gives you such a piece of mind to back up and know for sure nothing is behind you.

 We made it to Corydon, Indiana and had a very enjoyable weekend.  Driving a comfortable car made it that much nicer!!

Thank you to the MI Ford Fleet for the use of this Ford Explorer for the week.

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4 Responses to “Ford Explorer Review”
  1. James Hunter says:

    The 2012 Ford Explorer is the best car of year 2011. My uncle own a black color Ford Explorer this year and went out for a drive wit him. Believe me this model of Ford will rock the world. All features are completely automatic with some new features like RADAR CRUISER, Safety GPS setup, Crystal clear BACK CAMERA. Also available with spacious seats, elegant leather interior and many more.

  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks James! It is nice isn’t it?

  3. Marci4 says:

    I’m looking at the 2013 Ford Explorer. Where did you store your purse when driving? The console doesn’t slide back so no place to put it when there is a person in the passenger seat. My SUV has a space on top of the slide drawer of the front console.


  4. Sandy says:

    Since I was with my husband most of the time, I pulled out my phone and put it on the console where I could reach it, then placed the rest (big purse) right behind the console on the floor of the backseat. When I drove it on my own, I just put it in the passenger seat.

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