Couch to 1 Mile – Week 3

September 30, 2011 by  

Week 3 of Working Towards Running 1 Mile!

Two weeks are down and I’m still standing!  No injured knees, no falling on my treadmill, just a lot of sweat and feeling good!

My goal is to run 1 mile and I’m taking the slow and steady route to do it.  I’m not in a rush, I’m not going to run in a race, but I have a goal: I want to run 1 mile!

I’m using the Couch to 5K plan as a guideline – but I’m modifying it greatly. This is just want is working for me. I’m not saying this is right for anyone else. You are more than likely more advanced than I am, in better cardio shape. But if you aren’t, please discuss with your Doctor – do not feel like my plan is sanctioned by anyone or recommenced by anyone with credentials to do so. I am just sharing with you what I am doing.

I do 3 workouts a week as they recommend in the Couch to 5K plan.

My Week 1

5 minute fast walk to warm up
30 Seconds run
90 Seconds Walk
For 20 Minutes

My Week 2

5 minutes fast walk to warm up
60 Seconds Run
90 Seconds Walk
For 1 mile (less than 20 min)

My Week 3

Repeating week 2
5 min fast walk
60 Seconds Run
90 Seconds Walk
For 1 Mile

Why am I not moving up for week 3? My hear rate is still too fast.  After my last run of my 3rd workout in week 2, my pulse was 200. Way too high! It worked it’s way up slowly.

Week 3 –  Workout 1

After my 5 minute walk – 120
After 1st 60 sec run – 140
After 2nd 60 sec run – 160
After 3rd 60 sec run – 180
After 4th 60 sec run – 200

At least I’m pretty consistent! lol  It was back down fast once I started walking again. I slowed to a slow walk after I hit that pulse of 200. After a minute it was back down to 140.

Once I finish my walk/run I do some exercises to cool down and stretch.

I have one of those big balls, and I do some squats with the ball behind the small of my back against the wall. I squat down so I’m in a sitting position and then roll the ball back up so I’m standing again.  I do 10 of those.

I so a variety of other floor exercises I’ve been taught.  But most of them are geared towards stretching.

I usually just do about 15 minutes of stretches/exercises after my walk/run.

Then if I’m able I come downstairs to get some water and cool down before my shower. That isn’t always possible because of my schedule. If I have to take my shower right away I take a cool shower to help my body cool down.

 Workout 2 this week

It was a little easier today.

My heart rate was always between 160-170 after my runs. Even though that is still high, it is better than 2 days ago. That seems odd to me that there could be a difference that fast. But I’ll take it!

Workout  3 this week 

Today was ok. My breathing was better, I actually felt like I could have run past the 60 seconds.
My hear rate was 170-180’s today.

I am planning to move up next week.  I’m not sure yet if I’m going to go for 75 second runs or up to 90 second runs. I will try for the 90 seconds with 90 seconds inbetween – guess you’ll have to wait until next week to find what I decided! lol



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