Couch to 1 Mile – Week 4

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Stop the Running my Doctor Said!

(This is my post from last Friday that I wasn’t able to post due to my site being down) 

Can’t believe I’m already in the 4th week! I have been consistent in getting my three workouts in each week.  I still have a LONG way to go, but I actually look forward to my workout mornings now. That’s hard to believe isn’t it?

I say I’m going to do my “run” which is a LONG stretch of the term, but it is the positive view point.  It makes me feel more motivated.

My heart rate has been my major concern with the work outs.  It is going way too high. But I’m not keeping it high for a long period of time and I’m not feeling dizzy or symptomatic in any way (other than your normal sweating and hard breathing).  What I have noticed is that I’m not breathing as hard with my little runs as the first two weeks. I’m not easy breezing it either though.  I do get winded, but it is better.

This week I am moving up to 90 second run followed by a 90 second walk.  I did my first workout today as I write this (Sunday) and the first 90 seconds wasn’t bad at all!  I felt pretty relaxed and good. My heart rate was 170 after that one.

The 2nd 90 seconds was a little harder, but I didn’t feel like I was dying either.  But… my heart rate was over 200! So I walked for 2 minutes after that so that it could get back down to a reasonable number.

The 3rd 90 seconds was ok, heart rate was right about 200 after that.

I could have done one more 90 seconds (and not had much more time before I hit 1 mile) but I decided to just walk it out, not because I felt I couldn’t to it (which was a great feeling) but because I don’t like that my HR is going so high.  Just shows how terribly out of shape I am.

But even when I was younger (in 20’s) and was taking some aerobic classes, my HR was always going way over my target rate and I’d have to slow down what I was doing.  So it isn’t a new thing I guess… being out of shape.. I’m just older! lol

Step In… Doctor Visit

That is what my Doctor told me on Tuesday. I’m SO bummed!!  I told her what my heart rate was doing and she said to STOP RUNNING! She said I should not let my HR go over 160.  She said that my heart is doing all the work, not my muscles. She said I’m to not start running UNTIL I can get my HR to stay under 160 walking a mile.  Since I don’t want to end up being a “poster child” for a heart attack… I’ll listen. But it feels SO unmotivating!  I was really enjoying it.

My Week 1

5 minute fast walk to warm up
30 Seconds run
90 Seconds Walk
For 20 Minutes

My Week 2

5 minutes fast walk to warm up
60 Seconds Run
90 Seconds Walk
For 1 mile (less than 20 min)

My Week 3

Repeating week 2
5 min fast walk
60 Seconds Run
90 Seconds Walk
For 1 Mile

My Week 4

5 minutes fast walk to warm up
90 second run 
90 second walk
For 1 mile

Walk 5 min fast walk to warm up
Walk  even faster, keeping HR below 160.
For 1 mile

I am going to incorporate my walking exercise plan with the post I do each week for Nutrisystem. I’m going to be beginning the plan on Monday and you can follow along with me each Friday.

I’m using the Couch to 5K plan as a guideline – but I’m modifying it greatly. This is just want is working for me. I’m not saying this is right for anyone else. You are more than likely more advanced than I am, in better cardio shape. But if you aren’t, please discuss with your Doctor – do not feel like my plan is sanctioned by anyone or recommenced by anyone with credentials to do so. I am just sharing with you what I am doing.  – As you can see…. my Doctor told me something different…. so be sure to see yours before you start a running program.

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2 Responses to “Couch to 1 Mile – Week 4”
  1. Julie says:

    Hey, Sandy. Sorry to hear you’ve got to slow down, but sounds like it is for the best. I, too, have trouble doing Couch to 5k because either my heart rate goes over my target range (153) or my shins feel like they’re gonna explode. I have to modify it too. I’m struggling with it, but I do enjoy the feeling of running, no matter how slow I am.

    Have you been to Daily Mile on the web? It’s such a great site. I’m getting all sorts of help and support and encouragement from other runners there. I *highly* recommend it!!! I just finished reading all sorts of encouraging comments on my own post there on being frustrated with running.

    Good luck to you!

  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks Julie!

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