Nutrisystem Week 1

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I’m Ready To Lose This Weight!

I started the Nutrisystem plan on Monday of this week.  I’m happy to say that this first 5 days has been easy.

I’m going to show you a few of the breakfast foods you can choose from.

nutrisystem cinnamon roll

The reason I need to be on this plan an on an exercise plan is this one!  I have only seen this number one other time. It was in 2008 when I realized I had to do something serious!

Starting weight: 200.5 pounds (yuck!… ok..Sis.. you didn’t see that!)
Day 5 weight: 197.0
Loss= 3.5 pounds!

weightHere is the dreaded “Before” picture.  Can’t stand it, but you know what? I always tell my clients and others here on the internet to take “before” pictures before they organize a space.  It makes you realize what you don’t want that space to look like again.  It also makes you feel much more accomplished when you look back and see how terrible that space looked before you organized it.  So….. pretty obvious – take the before picture for the same reasons.

I had Dave take this picture with my camera phone up in our room.

Then he got a couple more with my camera downstairs.    You can see the side view.  Sorry… the back view no one can see, until my “after” shot when I have lost my weight.  It is a bit too tortuous to make you, my readers go through!  My hips are obviously my major issue, but with as much extra weight as I have on right now, I also have a stomach now. One thing I always prided myself on was a flat stomach (even after 4 kids!) The only positive thing about this extra 50 pounds on me… is that I actually have some boobs! lol

The plan is simple. I had month of food delivered. Half of the order were pantry items and the other half was frozen food.
Everything is color coded for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
We are given a book to write down our daily meals and how much water we drink, time exercising and weight.
There is a lot of space for other items that do not come with the plan (at least that I have). Vegetables are extra (and you can have lots!). Daily allotments in either skim milk, low fat yogurt and other items. I have had fat free cottage cheese and string cheese also this week.
I have not gotten all of the vegetables that I should have. That is my weakness. I don’t like them, or very few of them. I have to make myself eat vegetables – even when I’m hungry.
I did just buy some Genesis Today juice yesterday so that I can use that as some of my vegetable servings.

You saw the cinnamon roll above.  It is one of the breakfast items you can have. I had heard how wonderful they were.  It is very small, look at the half of banana next to it. But the taste was good.  I do need to look at the directions a little better on the next one. I thought it was just microwaving it for the given time.  But it was actually very tough to eat. The dough was dense, even though tasty and I had a difficult time eating it without a knife to cut it. It wasn’t my favorite.  Here was my breakfast the other morning.  Skim milk (8oz) coffee , 1/2 banana and the cinnamon roll.

 I also have had a chocolate chip scone.  I enjoyed it. It reminded me of one of those large choc. chip cookies. It was nice with my coffee.

Several of the pantry foods have this little packet underneath the food. It kind of bothered me. Reminded me of those packets you find at the bottom of a new purse or such.  But I’ve since seen that it is a non-toxic oxygen absorber.

So far this first 5 days I have not had anything that I haven’t liked the taste of.  I would say the only thing I might hesitate to get again might be the cinnamon roll.  But I’ll leave that judgement until after I try the next one!

I have felt good this week.  There have been times that my stomach has been growling and very hungry. But that was my own fault.  Actually it felt good! But, I could have had some more of the extra vegetables that I wasn’t always having and a couple days I did not have the afternoon snack because I was too busy working to get up and get it.

I hate to admit that I did not exercise this week.  After being told by my Doctor that I had to stop my plan to run a mile (because my heart rate was so high… she told me I had to walk 1 mile keeping my HR under 160 before I could start running) that it took my drive away.  I know I need to get it going again though!


*I have been selected to participate in the Nutrisystem Nation blogger program. For four months, Nutrisystem will provide me with their meals at no charge for my review. I am not being compensated for my participation.

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