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The Kids Put On A Surprise Party For Their Dad

My husband is turning 51 this week.  We have his kids every other week and last week was our week to have them. I knew they would want to celebrate, so I decided to give him a little family surprise party.  But the kids did most of the work.  (This picture was when he walked in the door)

Dave is one who doesn’t want money spent on him. When I asked what he wanted for his birthday he kept telling me nothing. Funny thing is that he really means it.  But, I just don’t go for that. He is a hunter and I was trying to think of something I could get him for that, but couldn’t think of anything he really needed.  So I decided getting him some clothes that he can always use would work best.

The kids were off school on Thursday of last week, so we planned the party for that night. No sports practices or games to worry about (and that is unusual)  We headed to Kohl’s and I led them over to sweaters that he likes. They picked out a sweater and shirt that they liked.  Then Zach found another shirt he really liked and Alex wanted to get him a flannel shirt. We picked up a couple pair of jeans and were set.

Once we went home the kids went to work.   Elise wrapped the gifts while Alex and Zach baked his birthday cake.  They made chocolate cake and chocolate frosting. Their added touch was mixing in Heath Bar candy pieces into the frosting. They knew his favorite candy bar was a Skor bar, and Heath bar is about the same thing.

birthday cake

Zach worked on his “mega card” while Elise and Alex made a Happy BDay banner.

They also carved their pumpkins with some assistance, not too much from their older brother. They had the safety pumpkin carvers so I didn’t have to worry. That was what Dave thought we were doing that evening (but I knew he wouldn’t mind if that chore was finished when he got home.)


They decorated the chalk board by the front door and helped clean up the house.  It is me on the left and Dave on the right.

chalk board wall

They arranged everything on the table for him.

They were SO proud and excited I can’t even tell you.  Other than taking them shopping at Kohls, they did it all. I was working in the family room.

After he came in from work and they did their surprise, he opened gifts…  Zach’s mega card is on top.

He was so excited for his Dad to see it. It was actually a “quiz” card.  He went and got Dave a pencil to fill in the answers. lol

Dave realized how hard he worked on it.  Zach tends to think he isn’t as smart as his other triplet brother and sister and tends to let them do the thinking. I told him he had to come up with his own idea because they were no smarter than he was… he just had to engage his brain. This was his idea entirely, and he was just beaming!

Dave read his other cards – from Elise

His card from Alex

This was the other card the Elise made him.  It was a flower. She handed us each a white piece of paper to write our Birthday message on for him, then folded them, added the color pieces inbetween and made it into her “card – flower”.

He opened his clothes and then we surprised him telling him we were taking him to dinner. But we wouldn’t tell him where.  (He figured it out about 5 miles from the restaurant)

Dave’s kids had never been to a Japanese Restaurant and Dave and I had talked previous about trying to get them to one.  So I knew he’d love it.   Dave and I were disappointed when we left. I hadn’t been to this particular restaurant for a long time, but it was the closest one to us. This was the first time that our chef was not Asian. Ok, that is no big thing, but this guy hardly talked to us, did no knife throwing and generally didn’t put on much of a show at all. He did one fire thing at the beginning and did a little onion volcano and that was it.  The kids knew no difference, so they still loved it. But it will be the last time I go to that restaurant.

We came home and had his cake (which was very good. I did have a little piece)

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6 Responses to “Organizing Mission Monday Link Party – Week 44”
  1. Amanda says:

    Oh that is such a lovely way to celebrate their dads birthday! They went to so much ‘trouble’, what lovely kids you all have!

  2. april says:

    I love that the kids did it all themselves! I’m sure Dad was blessed by their efforts, and it looks like everyone had a great time!
    Happy Monday!

  3. Sandy says:

    Thanks April. Yes… he loved that! He is such an awesome Dad… he is always teaching the kids and loves to see them accomplish things on their own.

  4. Sandy says:

    Thanks! It was the perfect “no school” activity!

  5. Niki says:

    Aside from the poorly performing chef, sounds like it was a wonderful evening! It’s great that the kids all made their cards by hand. It seems like that is a lost art these days.

    Was it the restaurant that starts with a “B”? I wouldn’t let one boring chef deter you from going back if it was.. We’ve been there a handful of times and it is hit or miss to be honest (we’ve been to one where we live a couple of times, to one in LA and to one in Vegas). Sometimes you get a great chef who puts on a wonderful show, sometimes it’s the type you got… We go for the food, the chefs are just a perk. :) If the food was good, that is what keeps us going back.

  6. Sandy says:

    No… it started with an F and was on Cleveland Ave. Yes food is great, but the show was what we were interested in for the kids. But they had a good time, Thanks!!

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