Nutrisystem – Week 3

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Traveling and Maintaining

I think we all know how hard it is to eat well when your away from home.  I am in the middle of several trips.  The first five days were in Virginia visiting my sister and brother in law.  I drove my Dad and brother to visit.

Last week was a good week for me… this week – not as well. I gained 1.5 pounds from last week.  (plus I need a pedicure real bad.. lol) What scares me is the next two weeks is full of travel too…

I took a few lunches, breakfasts and a dinner with me for the trip. It was nice to have meals that I could travel with. I didn’t have to worry about a cooler.

The frustrating thing is that I was SO good! To realize what I would have normally have eaten!  First night we went to a Greek restaurant. My favorite thing ever at a Greek restaurant is spanakopita. Although it has spinach in it, it isn’t low cal!  I got a greek salad with chicken. (no cheese or croutons). I did have one bite of my Dad’s spanakopita though.

Dinner the next night was at a French restaurant.  I got lemon chicken breast. There was a side of fresh veggies with a fried potato cake on top. I took a little bite of the potato cake and gave the rest away (it was good!). I only ate half of my chicken breast, measure the amount by the palm of my hand. My sister and her friend got awesome looking desserts. I didn’t order one, but did have a bite of my sisters and a little bite of her friends.

Our last night was a homemade meal that my sister made. She is a vegetarian and eats healthier than I ever do! She made a whole slew of things! There were two kinds of mushrooms,



onions, peppers,


butternut squash – no butter, no cream or anything. It tasted a LOT like sweet potato casserole.

butternut squash



steak, and small potatoes.

She didn’t use any butter or anything fattening to cook. She said she calls it “clean” food. A very healthy meal.  It was awesome.

My cousin’s wife brought some Russian desserts… now those are not “clean” or unfatting! lol But  I took a very small 1×2″ piece of each piece. The chocolate I had one bite and didn’t eat the 2nd bite. The other (not sure what it was) I did the same thing. One bite only.  Now the Napoleon… that was a different story. omg was it awesome! I had my little 2 bites, and then I did get a small 2×2 square, but it was only the bottom 1/3 of the piece. It is multi layered dessert.  That was the worse thing I ate the whole time I was there!

Yet when I got home on I weighed myself the next morning. I had gained 2 pounds!! Yuck!  I felt SO disciplined and was so proud of how good I was. So I have worked the rest of the week trying to get back off the 2 pounds.

The big problem is that I leave on Saturday for Denver for 5 days, get home for less than 24 hours and leave again on another trip (business) for another 5 days. I’m hoping I won’t end up back at day one after all this!

Exercise? Ok… I haven’t exercised this week either, and don’t know if I will again before I get back on the 13th.

It is hard to continue to “behave” when your away. There are so many temptations and you feel like, “this is vacation” so you want to give in. I just have to be strong!

Here are a few things that I had from Nutrisystem this week.  This is one of the lunches.

nutrisystem Take off the lid. See the little very light little intended marks? That is the water line. It would be nice if this were marked a little better. It is kind of hard to see and I had a hard time believing this was the line I was looking for when I opened the first one.  Just add water, stir it up and microwave for 45 seconds.

  You stir it up good and let it sit for a couple minutes.  It is hot and I really like how they taste. A nice warm lunch. It is actually pretty filling too.

I had this for lunch today.  It was cheese and broccoli potatoes. You didn’t microwave it. You add boiling water and stir.  It was ok. I wasn’t super impressed. Kind of mushy (I know potatoes are mushy) but the favor wasn’t bad.  But I don’t think I’ll be picking it again.

This is one item I WILL be picking again. It is the peppermint cookie. Dessert time at night! Yum!

I will be packing some of my cookies for my trips.

*I have been selected to participate in the Nutrisystem Nation blogger program. For four months, Nutrisystem will provide me with their meals at no charge for my review. I am not being compensated for my participation.

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  1. Great post and I too, need to declutter my home, office. That takes a lot of home space and It has been arrange also.

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