Organizing for Christmas

November 30, 2011 by  

Starting Early is the Key

decorating christmas tree

There is a lot to do the month of December, so much that most of us can get really over whelmed.  Here is a list of things that I need to do.

Step One – Make Your List

1) Take Family Christmas picture
2) Order Christmas cards
3) Write Christmas letter
4) Send out cards
5) Shop for gifts
6) Decorate the house
7) Decorate the tree & inside
8) Wrap gifts
9) Schedule Christmas parties & events
10) Plan for family over night
11) Plan Christmas eve dinner & Christmas morning breakfast
12) Plan for five December kid’s birthdays
13) Travel to Bentonville for work

Step Two: Schedule each event

Use your calendar or paper and write down your timeline of when you plan to complete your project.

Step Three: Follow your list

Key – Start early.

We took our family Christmas picture at Thanksgiving when as many of my family members as were able, were home.

I just ordered our Christmas picture and they will come next week.

Shopping – I used to have my shopping completed really early, but not the last few years.   I just started my shopping this weekend. I didn’t go out for Black Friday shopping (another tradition that I didn’t do this year) but I did go out this weekend.  I still have a lot to do, but will try to have most of it completed by next weekend.

Wrapping – I normally don’t wrap as soon as I get the gifts. There are times I end up wanting to return something because I find it at a much better price or find something I like better. But I do wrap once I have my shopping completed.

We don’t have a Christmas party here, but we usually are invited to a few, so we have to be sure to get them on the calendar. Since we have all five of our kids birthday’s that still live at home, in December – there is more planning in respects to that.

The real key to having things go smoothly is planning
Don’t  wait until the last minute and don’t be scared to ask your family for help.



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