Nutrisystem Week 7

December 2, 2011 by  

I’m a Yo-Yo

Up and down and up and down.  I feel like I go down, then have a day or two that I’m not as good, and back up the weight goes, then I spend the rest of the week trying to get it back off.


The thing is, when I have something that isn’t Nutrisystem, I usually try to still really try to limit it, much more than I would have previously at least.  So in a sense I still feel like I’m not being terrible.  So why does the weight go up and down SO much?

Last week I was 191 the day after Thanksgiving. I think that weekend with left overs was worse than actual Thanksgiving.  I went back up to 195.  I then worked the rest of the week to get back down to my weight today.


I feel a bit discouraged. Christmas is coming up and I know all the good stuff that is going to tempt me.  I need to get exercising, but have I done that in the last couple weeks.. nope. I know, I shouldn’t be complaining then should I. I just need to do it.

I’m considering doing a Zumba Gold class with a friend. I’ve wanted to try Zumba, but knew that I would feel like a fool. I don’t dance and never have been able to, but always wanted to.  But I’ve been too self conscious to try.  But this is a class for baby boomers, and the girl who is taking it says everyone feels uncomfortable, that is part of what makes it nice.

Hopefully next week I can get out of these 190’s!


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6 Responses to “Nutrisystem Week 7”
  1. Tricia says:

    Dear Sandy;

    Hang in there! My sister told me I didn’t gain the weight overnight and I won’t lose it overnight. I am fighting the battle in the trenches with you. Thanks for sharing your story.


  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks Tricia. So true.

  3. I do that kind of up and down too, the only thing that can account for it is water — I can go up and down 5 pounds in a week and it cant be pounds it has to be water. I try and not weigh myself too much because it contributes to my weight craziness!

    And if one day I’m 5 pounds up, I ignore it and drink a lot of water that day! Seriously…


  4. Sandy says:

    Thanks Tracy appreciate that! :))

  5. Krystal says:

    I know the feeling, I wake up every morning and hop on the scale. I was on Nutrisystem for a few months and then my hubby lost his job. We can’t really afford it anymore, but I did buy a book a few weeks ago that gives you a lot of the recipes and meal plans, that way even if you can’t afford them sending the meals, you can at least make them at home and still lose weight! (You can get the review here: )

  6. Sandy says:

    Thanks Krystal! Good for you to stick with it through the hard times.

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