Birthday – The Triplet’s 11th

December 30, 2011 by  

December is Birthday Month!

Do you know anyone who has a birthday near Christmas? We have five of our eight kids who have birthday’s in December.


Our two oldest living at home turned 18 & 19 this month, along with the triplets having their 11th birthday today.  They were 3 1/2 years old when I first met Dave. It’s been a joy getting to watch them grow up.

We don’t have them today on their birthday (one of the negatives of divorce, but if not for divorce Dave and the kids wouldn’t even be in my life… so I can’t say it is all bad! )  So we celebrated with them on Wednesday.

We took them to a Japanese restaurant.  We tried one for the first time (for the kids) for Dave’s birthday in October, but it was disappointing. We wanted them to see the kind of display you normally get at a nice Japanese restaurant.  We went to Genji’s in Reynoldsburg Ohio because we knew it wouldn’t disappoint. We were right!  Excellant food, excellant service, excellant show.

I didn’t take my good camera with me, but I got a few pictures from my camera phone while I was there.


They used their chopsticks with “training wheels” as they were told.

chopsticksThey are all good eaters (not like my boys) and enjoyed the food.  Alex got steak and looked over at us and said… “This is AWESOME!”


Zach was loving the food – they got the kids plates (since they were still 10 when we went on Wednesday they were still legal! lol)  He just got his new glasses this last weekend… looks great doesn’t he?

zachThe kids had a great time.  Of course they had the birthday celebration at the restaurant. They came out banging a drum and singing. They brought them a pineapple all decorated. Fun!

We then headed to the Aeropostal store so they could use their gift cards. They are finally big enough to fit into their clothes and they are thrilled!

Once we got home, we gave them their joint birthday gift.


A new laptop. Having triplets it can be interesting when they all three come home with the same projects due at the same time. They all want to use the computer at one time.  So this laptop will help to eliminate that stress. There will be a computer in the house that they can all be on one at the same time if necessary.

computerHappy Birthday kids… love ya!


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5 Responses to “Birthday – The Triplet’s 11th”
  1. Teresa Cypher says:

    What a beautiful family! Happy birthday to all–and all the best to you in 2012! :-)

  2. Oh, it’s so good to see that other triplets (and older ones) can share birthday presents. I always such “mother’s guilt” about not letting them be individuals and all that stuff when they share presents or teachers or activities or on and on . . . :)

    Wow, 5 birthdays and Christmas all at once! That’s a lot of shopping and planning to do.

  3. Sandy says:

    I think this is probably the first birthday I know of that they did share a birthday gift. But we couldn’t afford 3 laptops! lol When it comes to birthdays we have always gotten them their own cake and we sing Happy Birthday three times…. each has their own song, and their own cake.

  4. Heather says:

    Wow I stress over my dec bdays can’t imagine five bdays! My two daughters one is the 23rd and the other who also turned eleven is the 28th and then my husband on the 21st! One crazy week with Christmas right in the middle! I try so hard to make their bdays special and not get lost with all the christmas things going on! It’s very hard! Thank goodness I am in October . Happy birthday to everyone.

  5. Sandy says:

    yes… it can be difficult. Yours are a little more bunched together than ours… well, other than the triplets. lol Thanks Heather

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