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Super Healthy Smoothie that taste good!

I’m like things to taste good, especially a healthy smoothie and often when I see or hear of “healthy” food, it doesn’t taste good.  Here is something that that I like and is really healthy for me. 

healthy smoothieMy sister gave me the recipe for this shake that she has been having in the mornings. She started drinking it in January of this year and has lost 11 pounds, just because she isn’t hungry during the day.  She is still eating.. but she isn’t snacking.  {perfect!!}

I made it again today, and other than my Lean Cuisine that I ate for lunch, I have been great with water and now a piece of gum. It is 3:54pm (and that 3:00 hour usually kills me) and I’m fine. So really hoping this works for me too.

healthy smoothie

Here is the recipe:

1) 1 cup Omega Orange Juice (you can use any juice here. My sister uses a juice with grapefruit etc..)
2) 1 cup Frozen Fruit (mixed)
3) 1 cup Greek Yogurt
4) 1 cup fresh spinach (I just use a big bunch)
5) 2 Tablespoons Flax Seed
6) 2 Tablespoons Metamucil (I didn’t have for first batch. My sis recommends the berry favored. I could only find orange)
7) ice – optional

healthy smoothieJust measure everything out and put into the blender

Greek Yogurt

greek yogurtFrozen Fruit – My husband went to the store for me, and got blue berries instead of a mixed frozen bag of fruit. No complaints.. the blue berries are good.  But next time I’m going to try the mixed fruit.

These are frozen.. not sugared as they appear
frozen blue berriesNext I added the Omega Orange Juice from Genesis Today. Love this juice! You can get it at Walmart. I drink it every morning, so I wanted to use it.  (update July 28, 2012 – I’ve not been able to find Omega Orange anymore at Walmart. Not sure why and I’ve not checked into it. But this was my fav!

omega orange juice
Add your fresh, washed spinach

fresh spinachMy sister just said to take a big bunch of it. Hard to really measure a cup

healthy smoothieAdd your 2 T of Flax seed and 2 T of metamucil

flax seed

flax seedThen you turn on your blender and blend it all together

healthy smoothieI had to stop once or twice to get stuff off the side and move the spinach down, but it mixed pretty well.

healthy smoothie

healthy smoothie

You can add ice if you want.  I don’t know that it needs it, but I did add a few cubes each time I made it. Of course you can add the ice in at the beginning.. I just forgot.

shakeThen blend some more

healthy smoothie

I originally poured it into a 12 oz glass. That was too small. I needed a bigger cup.

omega orange shakeI have had things with flax seed in them before… so I wasn’t too sure about this. I was a little scared to try it.  I thought…. spinach, flax seed .. oh no.  This shake did not have the metamucil in it.

healthy smoothieBut this really was good.  I was so pleased!  It wasn’t one of those that I had to hold my nose and force down. I enjoyed it.

I made it again today with the Metamucil.  It was thicker.  I noticed that right off the bat.  If I would have taken a picture, you wouldn’t have seen all the bubbles, it was more like a thick milk shake. I got a straw.  It was also very good. I didn’t really notice any change in taste adding in the Metamucil.

Some of it was left at the bottom of my cup.. maybe about 1/4 of a cupful… and I went to wash the cup out a little later and it had really thickened up. I defiantly think that was the Metamucil at work.

I’m going to keep drinking them. I’ll try some different combination’s with the mixed fruit, and maybe I’ll try another one of the Genesis Today juices in it… but for now I am wanting to stick with the Omega Orange.

Update: I posted this originally on my Chat with Sandy blog 2/7/11. I have not been able to find the Omega Orange juice for awhile when I go to Walmart. You can use any juice, and I’ve made it with Acai or Resveratrol from Genesis Today also. I’ve inspired myself by reposting this. I’m going to get these started again. They are good… and good for me.

Disclosure: I have done some work with Genesis Today in the past and love their products. This post was not done as a review, promotion or even the knowledge of GT.

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2 Responses to “Healthy Smoothie”
  1. Kim says:

    OUr family has smoothies a few times a week. I have been wanting to make a green smoothie for awhile now. I have been fearful of it tasting ‘veggie’ though.

  2. Sandy says:

    No, I don’t taste the spinach in it at all. That is the good part of it.

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