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Use Your Cherished Items in a Memory Quilt to Enjoy!

I am in total love with my Memory Quilt that was made from all our special items! This will be something I can pass down in my family for generations.

Although this quilt fits my queen size bed, we don’t use it for a quilt on our bed. I’m going to be hanging it back up once our room is painted.  I had this made by Campus Quilts in 2010 and LOVE it!  It incorporates all kinds of special items that mean something to everyone in our family of ten.


Although the picture is a little hard to read (that black type is not actually on the real quilt. lol ) it shows the following:

Top left pink square: The Flower girl t-shirt my step daughter wore at our wedding
Top right white square: The ring bearer pillow (one of two) that my two step sons carried
Bottom left square: The bow on the back of Elise’s flower girl dress
Bottom right square: A section of the back of my wedding dress

I had a square made with a handkerchief that my mom had for her wedding and her wedding gloves that I had sitting in a silk bag in the back of a drawer for years.

The left square is my oldest son (now age 28) baby blanket
The right dress is the first dress I ever got to buy for a little girl. My step daughter when she was 3 years old.

Although this is not a good picture at all… sorry about that but I have included the following:

Three of my oldest son’s baby blankets
One of my older sons bunnies
The white ties & handkerchiefs were from my step son’s wedding atire
My garter from my wedding
My husband’s favorite old t-shirts
T-shirts from my older boys high school
Football jerseys and cheerleading outfits from the triplets

This quilt is so precious to me!!   Instead of having all these pieces of clothing packed away in boxes, they are now in a quilt that will be on my wall to see everyday and enjoy all the memories!

I originally did another post on this when I got this quilt. The Campus Quilt company did sponsor this quilt for me back in 2010.  They also made my pillow from my wedding dress. This post is not sponsored in any way, I just wanted to share another way to use your cherished things in a creative way.  I can highly recommend them… it was a simple process… .they send you what you need to decide where you want each piece, you label them and send everything back to them. They then send you your keepsake.

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2 Responses to “Memory Quilt”
  1. Were you allowed to determine where you wanted each square, or did they do it for you?

  2. Sandy says:

    I decided where everything would go. They send you a pattern of the size and then you get to lay everything out and decide how you want it. Then you tag it all and send it all back to them. You get to pick what color backing you want, also there is a choice of stitching patterns you can pick from.

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