Saint Patrick’s Day Milkshake

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Saint Patrick’s Day Milkshake – Surprise Your Kids

Saint Patrick’s Day can be a lot of fun.  You can do something as simple as give your kids a green milkshake and they will be thrilled.  We don’t decorate for St. Patrick’s day, or go to any big parties or bars to drink green beer. But I have fun doing special things for the kids if we have them on that day. (My step kids, we have week on/week off).  One year I made them Green eggs and ham for breakfast, another year I made green pancakes (ewwww..)  I don’t know why I necessarily pick breakfast to create green creations – maybe because it seems to scary to create them later in the day? lol

But this year I decided to go with my new green smoothie for them. Fun thing about it, is that it can be a really healthy shake and they don’t realize it.  It tastes like banana and peanut butter, so the kids don’t  even realize there is spinach in it (if you don’t want them to know).  It is a great way for them to have a healthy snack after school or for breakfast in the morning… any day of the week.

I have been drinking one most mornings. Actually this makes enough that I usually have half for breakfast and the other half is my lunch.  It holds you for so long too.  I don’t get the cravings at 10am. So this would be a really good thing on school mornings for the kids, rather than those sugary cereals.

Saint Patrick's day milkshake

Recipe for Green smoothie Shake

1/2 cup vanilla low fat yogurt
1 cup skim milk
1 banana (you can freeze before hand if you’d like)
1 Tablespoon peanut butter
3-4 Cups leaf spinach
4-5 ice cubes

One thing that I’ve done, if I end up with bananas that are starting to go bad, I’ll cut them up individually into plastic bags and freeze them. Then you can take them out and throw them in the mixer. You don’t waste the bananas and you get a colder, thicker shake.  I found this recipe on pinterest and she always used frozen bananas in hers. You can find her link in my full post (link below).

Makes about 48 oz of shake.

You can see my full post here for Green Spinach Recipe


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