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Dave and the kids go Fishing

These pictures were from a couple years ago when Dave took the kids fishing. I just loved them and wanted to share.

Dave getting the triplets rigged up.

Dave helping Elise get ready to fish

Alex fishing

Drew fishing on his own a little further away from us. (smart! LOL)

I just liked this picture of Elise

The bait. The kids found bag worms and centipedes along with regular worms (that no one could find in the can) while at the farm.

Dave and Zach whistling the Andy Giffith Song on their way back.

No fish…but lots of fun.  Something as simple as fishing can bring a family together.  Of course with hooks in trees and stuck on things in the water, I am not saying there is any lack of frustration teaching kids to fish. lol  Dave is really awesome like that.  He really should have been a teacher, he wants his kids to learn everything he knows – and he is patient enough to teach them (not like me!).  They spent one afternoon just learning to tie knots at the farm, the weather didn’t permit fishing that day – so they just worked on knots.

This day that we went fishing I don’t think anyone even caught any fish, I mean really…. I would have had that trophy “it was THIS big” picture in there if they had! lol  But as you can see from this last picture, Zach still had a great time.  I absolutely loved that they were walking and whistling the tune from The Andy Griffith show.  It was totally spontaneous and so fun… Zach had a hard time whistling because he kept smiling. These are the little kinds of things that kids will remember about their Dad.  It doesn’t take fancy cars and lots of money to buy your kids things. Just spending time with them – that is what they crave the most.

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