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Easy Craft, Organizing and DIY Ideas

Enjoy seeing the organizing and DIY ideas that some of you linked up to last week. Thanks!

organizing & DIY

Love that Vanessa from The Rookie Seamstress used duct tape to decorate some old boxes to make them useful storage. With all the fun and decorative duct tape that is out there now, the ideas are endless.

organizing and DIY

Great idea by Ginny from Organizing Homelife on how to label your left overs. Time flies with when you have left overs in the re-fridge. It is amazing how fast things can turn green! lol

organizing and DIY


Utilizing clear shoe door organizers can be used for a multitude of purposes. Margo from Joyful Homemaking shows a variety of ideas.

organizing and DIY


Jo-Ann from Growing in Grace made a plant hanger and address plate to decorate her her home.

organizing and DIY


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Fort Rapids

Located in Columbus Ohio – Fort Rapids Indoor Waterpark is fun anytime of year

The kids and I went to Fort Rapids in door water park at the end of 2010. I wanted to share this post from my Explore Ohio with Sandy blog with you, so I’m reposting it.

Fort RapidsWe were invited to go to Fort Rapids Indoor Waterpark Resort and decided to plan it around the triplets 10th birthday.  They turn 10 on December 30th, 2010 and we knew with the winter setting in, this would be a great time to go.

We arrived on December 29th and were able to get our park passes when we arrived about 2pm. (you can pick them up by 1pm day of check in)  We couldn’t check in our rooms until 4pm, so we decided to go have lunch since we were starving by then anyway.

Fort Rapids

We came back at 4pm and stood in the line to check in.  The lobby was beautiful, and right off the bat I noticed the western theme in everything.  Now… where else do you get cookies when you check in?  (I know of one other place I’ve been, but they gave you a single cookie, not a tray to choose from)

Fort Rapids Once we checked in we had to check the place out.  Saw this coffee bar, although I never did get a chance to go inside.

Fort RapidsWe had to figure out what this machine was.  It was outside the restaurant. You had to put in $2 to play. Then you tried to use the claw to pick up a lobster. If you got it up and out of the water you got to have it cooked up and served for free.  We saw some people trying later while we were eating dinner. It got noisy… they were all excited and both times thought they had the lobster, but both times it kicked off and got free.  It kind of had those loose kind of claws like the stuff animal machines do, so it didn’t have a very good grip on them, there was nothing to hurt them.

Check out the reaction when we walked into our suite called the Bright Angel Point Grand Canyon. It sleeps 12!

It was so much fun for the kids. There was so much to do and with them being 10 years old it was nice that they could be off by themselves while we just sat and relaxed. Dave read and I took pictures! lol (no.. Dave and I didn’t get in the water. Be sure to wear cool clothes because it is humid and warm in there. Great for the kids running around in swimsuits, not so great if you aren’t getting in or you have a new hairdo! lol )
There were life guards everywhere! They were regulating the slides and I don’t think you could look from your left to your right without seeing one.
Fort RapidsThis guy was funny. He saw me standing there waiting for the kids to come down the slide to try and get their pictures (which didn’t turn out.. by the way) and he said.. hey.. get me in action. He started a slow motion run.  lol Cracked me up.  (there was no one in the water by the way, he was the guard at the bottom of the slide)

Fort RapidsLike I said.. the western theme was throughout not only the hotel, but also the waterpark. This was up in the air as decoration for part of the waterpark.

Fort RapidsThere was an adult area huge whirlpool tub. No kids allowed.  So the adults can get away from it all too.

Ft RapidsA really large and nicely done kiddie area. This was one of the cute dumping water features in that area.

Fort RapidsNow here is one of the water dumping features for the big kids!! lol

fort rapidsThe kids loved it.. Even the littler slides were fun.

Fort RapidsA and Kim’s from @craftymamaof4  – son were having fun together.

Fort RapidsThere was basketball for you to play in the water too.

Fort RapidsThis is another one of Kim’s sons.

Fort Rapids
The kids loved the lazy river. It was a popular place and would get pretty crowded, but the kids didn’t mind.
fort rapids
There were all kinds of people here. From babies to elderly. You also realize how big tattoos are now too! LOL Until you see people in their swimsuits, you don’t realize how popular they are. omg!
I’m adding this picture… just because I think it is cool.
fort rapidsWe left the indoor waterpark after several hours and went back to our cool suite to shower and change. Then off to dinner.

We would have liked to stop off in the cool game room, but we never did find the time.

fort rapidsAs I stated in the video, we weren’t overly impressed with the food.  There was a good selection on the buffet and the prices were good. Dave and 2 of the 3 kids got the buffet. They graded their meals  a C-, C and B+.  The main problem was that some of the food was kind of dry.. I think from sitting out. They do keep them covered nicely.

fort rapids I ordered from the menu and got a burger and was excited to see the broccoli salad with it. I had a few bites and then stopped.. there was too much dressing on it. Too much mayo taste.  The burger was kind of dry also.  I left part of the crust and the edges of the burger.  A also ordered from the menu. He got a hot dog and loved it! He gave it an A+…. said it was the biggest and best hot dog he had ever eaten. But it took quite awhile for our meals to come. The others had finished eating… 2nd helpings before our food came out.  I would have to say that this was the only slightly negative thing that we experienced.

Everyone there was extremely helpful.  Other than the people checking me in, I’m sure no one else knew I was doing a review.  They provided this cake for the triplets birthday. It was in the room when we got there. fort rapidsI don’t think this was only because I was reviewing. My guess is that this would be a service that anyone would receive.  We didn’t have any forks or knife, plates etc.. in the room – so we stopped by the bar area and asked if they had some forks and plates we could use.  She  did and then when she couldn’t find a knife for us to cut the cake, she went into the restaurant to get us one.

crafty Mama of 4Kim from Crafty Mama of 4 was there with her family the same time we were. That was fun. Our kids and husbands had never met, and the kids got to play some together at the waterpark. They came over and shared the cake with us for the kids birthdays.

fort rapids There were 2 king beds (one up and one down)  and the other downstairs room had 2 queens. (we thought they seemed smaller than our queen at home, so I would have guessed doubles, but info says they are queen) and then a small little room with a set of bunk beds. The couch also pulls out to a sleeper sofa.

The room across from ours was having a family reunion here. Some were from the DC area, others from IL and they met in Ohio and stayed together, visited and the kids got to play. Great idea!!

fort rapids The suite was unbelievable! There was 2 stories, 4 bedrooms (2 down and 2 up) 3 bathrooms, the living room with fireplace and a kitchenette area. There was no running water in the kitchenette. So that was just a little strange. We had to take our drinks to the bathroom to dump them out. But no biggie. There was a little dryer there that you could dry your suits! We didn’t use it to see if it worked though.

You don’t have to get a suite though, there are all kinds of different options for rooms, from your basic hotel room to the family villas.

The suite we stayed in was the Bright Angel Point Grand Canyon and cost $499 for the night, but with taxes it came to $599.  It comes with 12 indoor waterpark passes.  The passes are good from 1pm of your check in day.. and extend to the end of the day on your check out day (check out is 11am, but there are lockers that you can change in after you swim if you have checked out).

You can get day passes to the waterpark also. They run $26.99. (prices may vary)

Be sure to visit.. and tell them Sandy from Explore Ohio with Sandy sent you!

Thank you Fort Rapids… we had a wonderful time!

Fort Rapids Indoor Waterpark Resort

4560 Hilton Corporate Drive
Columbus, OH 43232

877-33-SPLASH (877-337-7527)

Disclosure: Our 1 night stay in the Bright Angle Point Grand Canyon suite and 10 waterpark passes were provided at no charge. We paid for our own meals. The pictures, video and opinions are my own.


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Home Organization

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Home Organization – Where and How do I start?

Often organization of your home is too overwhelming for many people and they tend to not do anything.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

home organization

Start Small

You have to take a tiny piece and just start there.

You can’t think..”I have to clear this whole room”, you can start by saying, “I want to clear off this chair so I can sit down.” Then you need to start the sorting process.

Make Fast Decisions For Each Items

You have to make a lot of decisions, and you need to make them fast. If you spend 10 minutes trying to decide if you want to keep the smelly old backpack that your daughter used in kindergarten (she is now in college)..because you remember buying that backpack and you remember her first day of school and how she was scared, and you remember walking her there and how nice her teacher was and…..and….and….. You get the point. You need to pick it up and try not to apply the memories to that piece. You STILL have the memories, no one is going to take them from you. But keeping a backpack that is falling apart and smells because at one point in its long life it was left out in the rain and then got thrown in the garage…isn’t going to help you remember that day any better. You can take a picture of the backpack if that would help you to let it go. But you need to take seconds to decide. That helps you to take the memories out of the picture(at least a little bit).

Target Zone

But you just take one thing at a time and make a decision. Does this belong in another room? (If it does, put it in a box or bin that goes elsewhere. Don’t physically walk it to another room because you will get distracted. STAY IN YOUR TARGET ZONE!!! (That is the chair you are working to clear)
Do I need to keep this? – Do I love it? I can’t live without it.
Can someone else use this more than I can? Will it enrich someone else’s life?
Is it something that should be stored? (Christmas, Halloween decorations)
Is it something that can be thrown away? Broken items, missing pieces, worn out.

Don’t overwhelm yourself. Start small. Clear just that chair. Then if you have the time and energy (many times seeing some improvement can help to “jump start” your organizing engine.)
Don’t try to bite off more than you can chew….remember what your mom told you, “Take small bites so you don’t choke.”


This post has been republished from my original posting date of Oct 7, 2008
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Organizing and DIY Link Party – Week 16

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Finding Cool Ideas From Others for Organizing and DIY

I know I have found some great organizing and DIY ideas from Pinterest and other blogs.  I love that we can share our ideas with others and that we can find ideas from others via social media.  I found the inspiration for my headboard  on a blog and paint color for my bedroom on pinterest.

organize and DIY

Here are some neat ideas that I think you will want to try.  I know I’m for sure going to make this ice cream cake and will also use the picture hanger for my step son’s graduation celebration.

Color Code Your Keys

This is such an easy way to color code your keys and to do it in a fun and personal way. Laurel from A Bubbly Life  found the idea from pinterest with a sparkly glitter key. I love her colors… but I have to say I think the glitter one would be fun too!

Organizing and DIY



Clothesline Photo Display

This is so simple and so cute.  I want to try it for my step son’s graduation party.  Jillian from ‘Hi, It’s Jilly’ came up with this cute display.

Organizing and DIY


Easy Ice Cream Cake

I am SO going to try this!  I like the store bought Ice Cream Cakes.. pretty well, but they seem almost too hard or the icing isn’t right. I don’t usually buy them. But I love ice cream sandwiches, whipped cream and of course the goodies on here.   Carrie from Saving 4 Six  used peanut butter ice cream sandwiches and oreo cookies.  Her other post (linked on her post) with the recipe she uses Butterfinger candy pieces in place of the oreo cookies (that is one I’d more likely try… oh or Snickers or Reece Cups)

Organizing and DIY


Bead Board Dishwasher Make over!

Carrie from Saving 4 Six also linked up this Bead Board make over of her dishwasher. I thought this was such a good idea. If that looked worked in your kitchen it would be such an easy way to add some character and help a dishwasher look new!

Organizing and DIY

Link up to my Linky Party! I’d love to see the ideas you create yourself or find from other inspiration online!

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3) Blog post related to Organizing or Cleaning or DIY or crafts or decorating are WONDERFUL!
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6) By linking up to my post, I might use your pic (with link and credit to you) next week in my post!


Looking for other link parties? I have a whole list of them. Thumbnail via day above and keep scrolling down to find a more extensive text lists by day on my link party list. If you aren’t sure how to link up… see my link party tutorial here. It is simple. If You Are On A Reader and Want to View All the Great Link Up’s on this post please Click here 
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Geneva on the Lake

The Lodge & Conference Center at Geneva On the Lake, Ohio

Geneva on the Lake

Dave and I were invited to visit The Lodge & Conference Center at Geneva On-The-Lake and I was more than thrilled! Living less than three hours away from Lake Erie, you would think that I would go up there more frequently.  But alas, other than our visit last year, this is only the second time I’ve stayed on the lake.

It is the perfect place for you to stay if you enjoy wine country – it’s in the heart of Ohio’s wine country, directly on Lake Erie just east of Sandusky. There are over 20 wineries near by to enjoy.  The Lodge has a wine shuttle that will take you several of them. But you do have to be sure and reserve your spot on the shuttle early because it sells out.

Geneva on the lake

Here is a video that shows you are weekend visit.

Looks great doesn’t it?

It was Easter weekend and cool, but sunny and pretty.  Dave is hoping that we’ll get a chance this summer to come back up. He wants to take the kids on a fishing charter on the lake.

We drove up to the area Friday evening so we could visit with his niece, Jamie and her husband Brian along with Dave’s childhood friend Kevin and his wife Kym. They suggested the winery Ferrante, which is close to the Lodge at Geneva on the Lake.  We had a really nice meal, along with some fun wine tasting at the restaurant.  We wondered why the restaurant wasn’t very busy when it was so nice, but realized later it was because it was pre-season and things were pretty quiet.

Geneva on the Lake

We drove over to The Lodge at Geneva on the Lake on Saturday.  The town of Geneva was really quant, but we didn’t stop anywhere, we just drove through.   We found the Lodge, but it was still too early to check in. We then went on past the Lodge and found the strip of Geneva on the Lake. It reminded me of Virginia Beach or Myrtle Beach. I could just picture people walking up and down the sidewalks with all the open air places to eat and visit. I bet it is so fun! Other than being warm enough to take a boat on the lake, being able to enjoy this area I missed.

Geneva on the Lake

We found the Firehouse Winery open and had lunch there.  There was a small room on the second floor with just a few tables that over looked the lake.  We first thought that the winery was in the blue building, but discovered it was in the red barn looking building to the right in the picture above.

Picture this Ferris wheel with all the seats attached going around….  what a cool view that would be of the lake.

Geneva on the Lake

We walked along the lake, back behind the winery.  What a beautiful day!

Geneva on the lake

There is plenty to do and see in the area, even off season

Geneva on the lake

We went back to the Lodge and checked into our room.  Walking into the lobby you immediately had a feel of … “wow, this is a nice place”.

Geneva on the lake

There are several places that have groups of comfortable seats.

Geneva on the lake

Geneva on the lake

Then we had to check out our room.  The room was very nice.  We had a king room with a balcony and great view of the lake. Loved that!  There are other rooms that have options such as whirlpools, family rooms with bunk beds and a couple recently upgraded two-room suites.

Geneva on the lake

Check out the view we had from our balcony! See the gazebo? Guess what happens there?  Yes… weddings! Wouldn’t that be a beautiful setting? You wouldn’t have to worry about the hot sand of a beach wedding! lol

geneva on the lake

The Lodge at Geneva also has an indoor pool and hot tub (although we didn’t indulge on this trip) along with an outdoor pool that looks out on the lake.

geneva on the lake

We ate our dinner on Saturday night at the Horizons Restaurant in the lodge.  You walk into the restaurant to a really cool fireplace and buffet. It is really inviting.

geneva on the lake Then you look behind the fireplace and see an entire wall of windows looking out at the lake and the gazebo.  When it gets dark the gazebo is all lit with white lights… nice!

Geneva on the lake

I thought it was cool to see this couple sitting out by the water on the bench. The whole feel of the lodge feels romantic to me.

geneva on the lake

We had the breakfast buffet the next morning (Easter Morning). We did not stay for the Easter bunch that was taking place in just about an hour or so.  Our breakfast was nice, not spectacular but good. . My omelet was fine, but Dave said his french toast wasn’t very good. But the coffee and atmosphere were awesome.  I’m thinking the focus might have been on the brunch since it was such a special event and not the regular breakfast.

We checked out the marina on Saturday.  It seemed strange seeing a marine without any boats. Come May it will be full of boats.

Geneva on the lake

What a nice place to visit! It is actually just a walk from the Lodge at Geneva on the Lake.

Geneva on the lake

There are so many things to do. Obviously boating and fishing, but there is also canoeing, hiking, nature walks, golfing, a tour of historic covered bridges, lighthouses, museums, Underground Railroad sites, restaurants and entertainment. wow!

I would not hesitate to recommend The Lodge at Geneva on the Lake to anyone and I am recommending it to all of you!!


The Lodge & Conference Center at
Geneva on-the-Lake
4888 North Broadway
Geneva-On-The-Lake, Oh 44041



Our Saturday night stay, dinner and breakfast at The Lodge & Conference Center at Geneva on-the-Lake. This did not influence my opinions. The pictures and video are all my own and are not to be used without my permission. (You are welcome to pin the pictures on pinterest though)

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Control Freak

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Are you a Control Freak if You are Organized?

The impression many people have is that if you like to organize, you are a control freak.  Hmm, maybe it’s true? What do you think?


control freak

I was just talking to a friend and we were talking about many things, but the topic of being a control freak and woman came up. We both agreed that we liked feeling in control. I think most people opposed to being out of control right? But control can go too far, be over the top and also cause trouble as I think we all know.

I thought it was interesting that she brought up someone she knew saying that this other woman…we will call her Sue has a completely controlled life. Sue has 2 children ages 11 and 13 who are not involved in any sports or activities. They do not attend church. They go to school and come home. Sue goes to work and comes home. Her husband arrives home from work at 3:30 everyday and Sue has dinner promptly on the table at 4:30 everyday. Dinner dishes are washed at 5:15 everyday. Her entire life is about routine and order. That isn’t all bad, but there needs to be some flexibility in there to be healthy. Every minute is planned out perfectly. The family works well with the schedule. Ok…good. If life were always perfect there would never be a problem.

When Life throws you a Zinger
But life isn’t always perfect and things don’t always go the way we want them to. So you throw a curve ball into that situation and it ends up breaking a window!!! Sue can’t handle anything that doesn’t fit into her neatly packaged home. Sue had a situation that came up that was very upsetting to her and one of her children. Yes and we are all going to go through those! But because Sue’s world is so regimented she couldn’t handle it, doesn’t know how to handle it and is striking out at all the wrong people! Her perfectly controlled world is now out of her control and she is now out of control mentally because of it.

Feeling Safe
I have to say that I like order and control myself. It makes me feel safe if things are going the way I am used to and have planned out. But I am realistic to know that things do come up and they have (divorce was kind of a biggie that I never expected or wanted for that matter), but although there can be tears and concern and worries – it shouldn’t send us into crazy zone either.


Organizing can be a control thing. It puts everything in its place and into its box. When things don’t have a box (place) to go into…then the anxiety comes into play. Order = Peacefulness for some people. (including myself).

But we have to also be flexible if we are to cope with what life throws at us. So if the holiday decorations sit on the basement floor for a few days after Christmas because you don’t have the time to get them all put away, or there is some extra stuff in the garage from the craft show you did 3 weeks ago that you need to find a new spot for…. then we just need to learn to chill. It doesn’t mean we are slobs…it doesn’t mean we don’t have control of our lives…it doesn’t mean we are a failure at organizing…it just means we are human and things come into our lives that we aren’t expecting.

Try our Best

All we can do is try are best. We are not always going to be perfect at anything (only Jesus can claim that one!). If we have a bad day and do not get to all the things we planned for that day, then relax and put it on the list for tomorrow. Don’t beat yourself up. We have enough stress in our lives. Organizing should be something that is helpful and makes us feel good. Not something that stresses us because we can’t do it perfectly.

Be thankful for the good things. Be thankful for your family and your home. Look for the positives when your life seems out of control. Be thankful if your family has their health.

This post was originally posted in 2008. I revamped it a bit and reposed it. The picture of the T-shirt I found and you can purchase that shirt here if you are interested. No, I'm not an affiliate of any kind, but wanted to give them     credit for the picture I used.
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Organizing and DIY Link Party – Week 15

Organizing and DIY Ideas

Life always holds unexpected issues, problems and surprises for us, doesn’t it?  Organizing and DIY isn’t always on our brains. The plans that we make don’t always happen. I had planned to finish painting my bedroom this weekend.  I’ve done the white headboard and one wall, but I still have to do the brown walls.  I’ll still need to refinish the chest at the end of our bed (white) and find a quilt and decorative pillows for our bed – but I was going to be that much closer to having the project finished this weekend.

I’m frustrated that I wasn’t able to get it completed, but things come up or happen.

So how do you handle it?  Yes, I was frustrated, but also realized the painting wasn’t going to happen. I’ll just have to re-plan, what else is there to do, right?

So often things like that are such a small piece of life. They seem huge at the time, but in reality, when you stack them up to everything happening, you wonder why we get upset at all when things don’t go as we would like them too.

  • I’ll get the bedroom finished before long, it’s all good.

Organize and DIY
I wanted to share with your some cool links of people who linked up last week.


Sarah from Alderberry Hill shares her front entryway makeover.  I love how she has that space and used it in such an awesome way for the shelf with baskets. I think often if people put anything there it might be a small table with a vase or something like that, which would serve no useful purpose. This utilizes the space in a great way for hats and gloves and looks awesome.


Organizing and DIY

Margo has some great, simple ideas on how to organize your silverware, TV remotes (isn’t it crazy how many we have?) and pens & pencils. You can see them on her blog Joyful Homemaking

organizing and DIY


I love good tutorials. Emily shares one on her blog Naptime Creations to show us, step by step how to make a cool menu of your blog posts. She uses her for her recipes. I think it looks really cool.

Organizing and DIY


Link up to my Linky Party! I’d love to see your Easter, organizing or DIY projects!

1) Link to your specific post – not your blog
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3) Blog post related to Organizing or Cleaning or DIY or crafts or decorating are WONDERFUL!
4) No sales pitches or web sites.
5) Feel free to link up more than 1 post.
6) By linking up to my post, I might use your pic (with link and credit to you) next week in my post!


Looking for other link parties? I have a whole list of them. Thumbnail via day above and keep scrolling down to find a more extensive text lists by day on my link party list. If you aren’t sure how to link up… see my link party tutorial here. It is simple. If You Are On A Reader and Want to View
This party will be open until April 22, 2012 at 11:59pm


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Time Management

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Time Management is so important!

Do you have problems with time management? So many people do, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Time Management

Do you always find yourself running late? Missing appointments?

Some people take it for granted, but it can cost you business deals, jobs and friends.  Don’t just assume that “everyone knows I run late”.   We always have times that are exceptions to the rules, I’m there with you.  Getting lost (I’m good at that), cars breaking down, an event running late – I hear ya.  But all it takes is a phone call.  Be considerate of the person you are meeting or is counting on you.

Here are some of my tips for staying on time.

Set alarms

Have one on your phone?  Use it! If not, download an app.  I set mine all the time, even when I am home working. I often get very involved in what I am working on and time can get away from me.

Give Yourself Extra Time

Always give yourself more time than you think it will take.  If it is something close by, it may only need to be an extra 15 minutes you add onto your schedule. If it is something across town, a further distance or during a rush hour, you may need to add on an extra 30 – 60 minutes.   It is much easier to sit and work on a project or answer emails when you are at your destination a little early, than being late and costing your reputation.

Be Considerate of Others

As much as we may feel that we are the only ones who are important, it isn’t the truth.  Being late all the time portrays that  feeling to others.  By keeping others waiting for you consistently, it is rude in my book.  Again, I’m not talking about the occasional event that happens to all of us. I’m talking about those who are consistently and expectedly late.

Teach Your Children To Watch Time Also

Start your children early. If someone is picking them up for school – make sure they are ready and waiting either outside or watching out the window. Don’t make them wait while your child puts on the shoes, hunts for their book bag and grabs their lunch. Why should those people who are doing you a favor by picking up your child – be late (when they were on time to pick up your child) because you/your child aren’t paying attention to the clock.

Likewise – if your child is ready and waiting to go somewhere, how frustrating is it for them to be late because the person picking them up is running late?





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Organizing and DIY Link Party – Week 14

Thank You For Linking Up to my Organizing and DIY party

organize and DIY
It has been awhile since I shared posts from those of you who have posted on my linky. I’m going to start doing that again.  I haven’t been commenting on your posts like I used to. I can make excuses about gmail and having to sign out of one account to get into another account to post…. which is a pain in the arse… but that doesn’t happen when I try to comment on all the post.  It has just been a matter of time, and how little of it I have. But I need to make it a priority.

You guys take the time to come here and post… I need to get myself to your posts and check them out! Thanks .. all of you who do come and link up.

Check out these posts!

Stephanie posted last week on her spring cleaning of her pantry. It looks great. You can find her entire post here: How Sweet It Is

Organizing and DIY


I love that Carrie has been working on a 12 week challenge in her house.  She already has a really organized space, but has revamped things and completed some new projects. It’s really inspiring. Check out the rest of her post My 12 Week Organizing Challenge Recap 
Organizing and DIY

Link up to my Linky Party! I’d love to see your Easter, organizing or DIY projects!

1) Link to your specific post – not your blog
2) Please Link back to my blog with my button or link (url code under button tab )
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Canopy Tours

Zip Line From Tree to Tree- Hocking Hills Canopy Tours!

This was a highlight from our Canopy Tours trip last year that we would LOVE to do again this year!  If you have had this experience, it is well worth it! Believe me, if I can do it…. anyone can!


hocking hills canopy tours

We drove just over an hour to get to the Hocking Hills Canopy Tours.  We of course just called it Zip Lining! The kids were excited, but a little scared.  We arrived early, but went ahead and checked in.  There is a little club house where you check in that has a gift shop and a place to get some lunch.  There is a golf course right there also .

hocking hills canopy tours

There is a video playing, so you can see what you are getting yourself into, or just decide if you want to do the canopy tour or the super zip.

hocking hills canopy tours

The Super Zip is one long, very fast zip.  You also are positioned on your stomach (the kids say like Super Man) which increases the speed and thrill.

super zip

The tour (what we did) is a 3,300 course that has 10 zips and 5 bridges on it. You are up to 70 ft high at some points (although it seemed higher than that) It takes about two hours.  They say to plan on about 2 hours and 45 minutes as you have to suit up and have some training first.

Dave and the kids played some corn hole while I took pictures and sat at the picnic benches in the shade while we waited for our turn.

corn hole

We had to fill out release forms and information for both us and the kids.  Kids have to be at least ten years old before they can zip.  The triplets are ten, so it worked out great.

When your group is gathered your guides will take you over to this building to get suited up and ready.

hocking hills canopy tours

They have everything laid out for you and walk you through everything.  They also will lock up your car keys, wallets, glasses or cameras for you in the locked lockers before you go (you don’t want to worry about losing your car keys out there! )


I had a little pouch that they tied onto my straps for me. It had my little camera (I so wanted my DSL for all these cool pictures, but I wasn’t going to risk it), my flip camera and a back up flip camera, along with a set of batteries.  I think they thought I was crazy!  I wish I had gotten a picture of me with this little pink thing hanging from my straps.

There was plenty of instruction the entire time.  Our guides were CJ and Brenda and they did a great job.  CJ was telling jokes to the kids and omg have we heard them again and again and again after we left there. When they think of the canopy tour, they think of CJ and jokes too. (Yeah thanks CJ!) For instance (just so you have an idea)…  CJ, “Say the word Silk five times fast”   Triplets, “Silk, Silk, Silk, Silk, Silk”   CJ, “What does a cow drink?”  Kids, “Milk!”  CJ, “No… a cow drinks water silly!”   Ugh… LOL

hocking hills canopy tour

Once we went through our training to learn how to zip and stop, we loaded up in the jeep and they drove us through the woods to the first zip line.(This is another group coming in, not our group – but it does look like Brenda and CJ standing on the back of the jeep)


Enjoy the video of our zip line adventures!!

We had SO much fun!! When I zipped, I was able to try and hold my camera pouch up for a little bit, but had to let go to use my hand to break near the end, so the camera looks back off to the side again. Wish I could have had a helmet cam! lol

The kids had a fantastic time as I’m sure you can see on the video.  Alex isn’t too sure in this picture. He didn’t like trusting the straps to lead off the edge of the tree platform. It is hard to tell from this picture, but we are way up in the air and they are leaning back off the edge.

triplets zipline

When we got back we were heading to our car and saw this guy in the tree…. and he was kind enough to pose for us.


He looks sweet doesn’t he?  The kids were talking about the movie Elf and how Elf tried to give one a hug.  LOL


I totally recommend you trying this!!!   It is a bit expensive ($85 per person for the canopy tour – 2011 rates) but it is over a two hour adventure, is exhilarating, makes you take some chances and an experience you will never forget.

I actually wasn’t scared, I was excited. I was concerned I wasn’t going to be able to do it. I have been having some real problems with my shoulder and have very limited range of motion. But I was able to reach up in front of me. They had me break with my right hand rather than the traditional left.  There were only a couple times when I was getting up onto the platform after zipping that I had a little pain because I had to pull myself into a standing position. But I am in terrible physical shape right now.  The zipping isn’t hard, the walking isn’t hard. We did have to walk up a short incline going from a bridge to the next zip on a hill, but it wasn’t bad.   I sure did a lot of sweating (result of being out of shape), but I had a blast and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Be sure to make reservations!

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours
10714 Jackson Street, Rockbridge
OH 43149

Web Site: Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

Call: 1-740-385-9477


You can also see this post on my Explore Ohio with Sandy blog 

Our tours were compensated.  My opinions, photos and videos are my own and were not influenced by this.

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So Excited To See This Tiny Fawn

We were at the right place at the right time in order to see this fawn. What an experience for me, someone who has never seen one so tiny that I could have easily picked it up.

Dave and I were taking a drive in Coshocton county looking at great views. It was raining off and on so we couldn’t ride our 4-wheelers at his farm yet. We came down this back country road and see a deer and this tiny fawn walking in the road. The fawn was so tiny I wasn’t even sure that was what I was seeing. I mean it was little! Legs were wobbly and Dave feels sure he saw an umbilical cord.

Of course Mama ran up the hill. He drove really slow so we could see if we saw the fawn. I said, “Stop!”. Right down in the ditch area along the road was this tiny little thing all burrowed in the weeds. If we had been going even a tiny bit faster I would have missed it. You really can’t tell from these pictures how tiny this was. But I’ll bet it didn’t weigh but 10-15 pounds at best. Certainly the smallest fawn I have ever seen.

She just laid there looking at me. Not moving a muscle. Dave said that is their defense mechanism when they are that small. They can’t run away. They have very little scent and hope that predators will walk right by. He said there were several times in the woods that he literally almost stepped on one before it moved.
I just loved it.
We then saw Mama deer waiting right on top of the hill. We took some pictures and slowly went on our way.
How cool was that? It is often that you get to have that kind of experience.

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Organizing Your Blog

Did You Organizing Your Blog Can Help Your Blog Views?

Did you know that organizing your blog can be really helpful to others trying to navigate your blog?

I started out early (very early) this morning with a simple task of adding a Travel tab to my blog. I will be doing more traveling and have done a lot in the past and it made sense to highlight it.

I added the tab to the top (after having to refresh myself on how to do that).

But from there it morphed into going through all the categories and  weeding them out, moving things together and creating new categories.   I actually had to make myself stop because I have other work I have to get accomplished today. But I have plans to separate my travel tab into vacations, conferences, reviews and organizing. I’m also going to bring over some of my reviews that I’ve done on my Explore Ohio with Sandy blog.

When I started going through all the categories, I realized that many older blog posts were not placed into newer categories.    I have many older posts that also do not even have tags. When they were moved over from my blogspot blog, I was told that tags weren’t necessary. I’ve since learned different. I’ve spent time going through some of my older posts and tagging them, but I’ve never made it through all my posts (over 700 now).  Obviously this is a big job.

I do need to keep working at it and I do plan to do more organizing of my blog.

For those of you who don’t realize it, I want you to know that I have drop down boxes from my tabs at the top. Just scroll over the tabs and you will see the drop down boxes with the categories. It makes finding your way to a post much easier.



I still have a lot of work to do on my blog, but wanted you to realize it is always a work in progress – as with most things we do.

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Organizing and DIY Monday Link Party – Week 13

Easter Preparation on Organizing and DIY party

Organizing and making DIY projects can be common practice for many people before a holiday.

organize and DIY
 What are your Easter preparations?  Do you decorate your house?  Hang plastic eggs from the trees outside?

We always make Easter eggs.  I’m going to share some of our Easter pictures from 2005. The triplets were five years old and Tim & Drew were 13 and 14 yrs old. They still enjoyed coloring eggs too.  Can you tell which one I did? lol

Easter eggs

The dates on the pictures aren’t right, not sure what happened with my camera back then.

Organizing and DIY


Organizing and DIY

Easter morning – the kids did an Easter egg hunt outside in the yard and then had to find their hidden Easter baskets.

Easter basket

Alex with his kangaroo…. obviously also has a mouth full of Easter candy!



Organizing and DIY

I love Easter memories!


Link up to my Linky Party! I’d love to see your Easter, organizing or DIY projects!

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