Downtown Kissimmee Florida

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Shopping District of Downtown Kissimmee, Florida

We got into the Orlando airport at 8:30am in the morning and had until after 2pm before our condo was ready, so Elise and I went exploring. I know I wanted to see Downtown Kissimmee, but we first went to iHop for bunch after doing a pre-registration at our condo. We didn’t want to go too far in case our condo was ready early, so we drove into Kissimmee, Florida and discovered a really cute downtown shopping district there.

Downtown Kissimmee

We got out and walked up and down store fronts to check them out.  I love small towns like this that feel comfortable and “draw you in”.  For a Saturday morning it also seemed like things were hopping, so I’m sure that on a nice evening, there is a lot of activity.

Of course you have to have a nice coffee shop in town.

Downtown kissimmee

There were a couple antique stores.

Downtown kissimmee


Downtown kissimmee

For some reasons I love old barber shops, the look of them with the barber pole outside.  This was a busy place, once we walked by it, we saw at least 3 people waiting their turn for a haircut.

Downtown kissimmee


We walked over into what we thought was a park.  It wasn’t really a park (with grass and trees etc), but a memorial with benches to sit down.

Downtown kissimmee

We didn’t stop to read the history of Bette Sprinkle anywhere (I’m sure there was something there) but we did see Bette sitting on a bench. Elise went over and chatted with her a bit.

Downtown kissimmee

I don’t think any town is complete without an ice cream shop either.

Downtown kissimmee

We then went a little further down the road to check out Lake Tohopekaliga. They call it Lake Toho for short.  I saw that there were several airboat ride companies that ran out of Lake Toho.

We didn’t find where the airboat companies were, but we did see one out on the water. But you can’t even see it in this picture. lol

lake toho

We heard new bird noises that we didn’t know existed from this, I think maybe, blue heron.

I know there was so much more to explore in this lake than we did. We went out on a dock for a only a few minutes. Then we got the call that our condo was ready, so we were off.  Getting up at 3am this morning for our 6am flight, we were really tired.

But we had to get this shot of these birds as we were walking back to our car.

You can also follow along with our Florida trip if you go to the i.seeKissimmee blog where I’m a featured guest blogger this week.

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5 Responses to “Downtown Kissimmee Florida”
  1. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you stay? We are planning a trip to Orlando for the Disney Marathon and I’d love a good condo recommendation.

  2. Sandy says:

    I’m actually going to be doing posts on both places. We stayed the first 3 days at Mystic Dunes Resort in Kissimmee. 2 bedroom condo, very nice and large. Several nice pools.
    We are currently at Fantasy World Resort in Kissimmee. It isn’t as large of a 2 bedroom condo… isn’t as fancy, but still nice. What is has is a very fun kid friendly pool with large slide, lazy river etc.

  3. Sandy says:

    I just wrote up my first post about Mystic Dunes Resort. Mine won’t post until next Monday, but you can see the version I wrote for the blog probably later today if you go to

  4. Thanks, but that’s probably a bit too far from Disney than we would like to be. On the 13th, I have to be at Disney before the 5:30am start of the Disney Marathon. I want as much beauty sleep as possible. :)

    I’m glad that you had fun.

  5. Sandy says:

    Thanks…. wow… what fun!

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