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Beach Time at Cocoa Beach in Florida!

We decided to go to a beach on Sunday, since we know the parks will be much more crowded on the weekends.  We looked at both coasts in Florida and decided to go to Cocoa Beach. It was only 1 hour and 15 minutes away, and an easy drive.

My friend, Karla from the west coast of Florida came over yesterday to see us and spent the night. I hadn’t seen her in several years, so it was great for her to visit. She was well equipped with beach chairs for us.

cocoa beach

The beach was really nice.  There were chairs, umbrellas, surf boards that you could rent.  We went into a gift shop before we got to the beach to ask where to find a public beach (and to get some more sunscreen).  She told us that right behind them, there was a nice one. It was $10 to park, but there were showers, gift shops and places to eat on the pier.

I wish I had some pictures of Elise out in the ocean.  I didn’t take my camera down to the beach because just the smallest amount of sand in them can really mess them up.

cocoa beach pier

We had an awesome time in the ocean.  Elise didn’t want to get out, and she didn’t for much of the day.  The water felt cool, but once you got in, it was very comfortable.  The waves were huge! I don’t know if this is how they always are, or if all the rain and storms had them larger than normal… but they just didn’t stop.  I’m used to going to Myrtle Beach and the waves aren’t nearly as big. You can go out past the breakers and just float and relax. Not today! It would be too deep to go way out past the breakers… they were all breakers! lol   The wind was up and it kept you very comfortable sitting on the beach.  There wasn’t yucky seaweed, just nice sandy bottom when you were in the water.

If you are a shell hunter, than this probably isn’t the place for you. There were very few shells, but my feet were very thankful for that.

cocoa beach

While we were eating up on the pier we watched the two wind surfers.  That looks fun, but difficult.  The white wind surfer (way out in this pic) got in close and he did a jump and fell.  He then spent the next 10 minutes trying to get back to his surfboard that he lost in the fall.  He would have to turn the sail (kite, I dont’ know what they call them) to take him one way, then turn it again to take him another. He kept missing the board.  He finally got it and came right into shore.  I think he was exhausted. he just sat on the shore for a few minutes on his knees. Not sure if he was kissing the ground or not.

We were at the beach from about noon until 4pm (yes I had on massive sunscreen) and decided to go get a bite to eat. We went to the Cocoa Beach Pier.

There were a couple bars, and then we saw some tables to sit out and eat while watching the beach. Perfect.  We all got fish sandwiches that were huge!  They were also really tasty… with fries that were great. Lots of water later and I know I felt much better.

cocoa beach pier

Karla will say, “Oh why did you post that, my hair looks terrible”.  But I think she looks great, and it was super windy, so that is why her hair is blowing.  Plus the fact that was just spent 4 hours in the ocean and sandy beach.

Had to get another shot of Elise out on the pier…

Elise had to try her hand at surfing. They had this fun photo opp set up right in front of the pier. lol….  she has on her cute beach dress that I just found for her at a gift shop.

We then had to go to the famous Ron Jon surf shop, right? lol  We didn’t buy anything, but it was fun looking around.  It is just a really big gift shop and most of the products have the Ron Jon brand on them.  Kids love it though.  When our high school band went to Disney this last spring, they made the Cocoa Beach run and took all the kids into the surf shop… and they did shop. lol

I can highly recommend Cocoa Beach and the public beach at the pier for a beach adventure when you are visiting.  It is about the closest beach (I think) and it was a really nice one.

It might be something Elise and I decide to do again while we are here.  We’ll have one extra day to just “play” at this point.  So not sure what we’ll do.

I was not compensated in any way for our time at Cocoa Beach or Ron Jon.

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  1. So glad you liked our coast! Don’t be a stranger:)

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