SeaWorld in Orlando, FL

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Gotta love Shamu! We did in Orlando, FL Seaworld.


Elise and I headed to SeaWorld later in the day today. We walked in the gates around 4pm and thought… wow, this is the way to do it – go a little later and you don’t have the crowds.  There was a Shamu show starting in about 2o minutes, so we went right to the stands to get seats.

I know I was a bit boring, but I told Elise we weren’t going to sit in the “splash zone”. I did tell her she could walk down and get wet when they were going to splash, but she didn’t want to.  I knew that walking around totally soaked (down to your panties) was not real fun, even as hot as it was.


seaworld shamu

It was a really good show.  I think there for a total of five whales in the show. They did lots of splashing the crowd and jumps and flips.





After the show it looked like it was going to storm, so we decided to go into the Wild Arctic to get out of the rain.   There were two options, to go on the helicopter simulator or walk through.  I asked the attendant if the simulator tended to make people sick to their stomach ( I get motion sickness). He said, without a pause, yes!   So we went for the walking option. I again told Elise she could go on the other if she’d like (heck, she went on Tower of Terror by herself), but she wanted to walk also.  We saw some arctic animals, polar bear, walrus and a couple others.  It reminded me of our zoo at home. They said the helicopter simulator people saw the same things we did, I’d be interested to know how it worked.

wild artic

When we came out into the gift shop, it was absolutely pouring, really windy and storming.  We made ourselves at home on the floor of the gift shop, along with many other people.  We hung out for about 45 minutes, and as we sat there deciding on what we’d go see when it stopped raining, we made the discovery that SeaWorld closes at 7pm!  I was shocked.  I guess that wouldn’t surprise me during the off season, but in June?


We bought some ponchos and started out in the rain since we only had about 45 minutes now before Seaworld closed.  We went to the dolphin encounter.  It was neat, there were a bunch of dolphins and you were allowed to lean over and touch them from the blow hole back. They didn’t want you to touch their faces at all.

She never did get to touch one, but it was fun watching them and trying.  They have the option to feed the dolphins, but that was closed by the time we got there.


The other thing Elise really wanted to do before we left was to see the dolphin nursery.  The dolphins were a little bigger than we expected them to be, but they were still small… and cute.


Be sure to check Seaworld hours before you go.

I was given two tickets to visit Seaworld with Elise.  They did not influence my post. The pictures and my opinion are my own.

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2 Responses to “SeaWorld in Orlando, FL”
  1. Wow, I just became a big fan of this site. It looks like you had a great time @ Sea World. With really good Sea World photos to share.

  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks! We did have a good time. I could kick myself for not realizing they closed at 7pm, but even so, we got to see some really amazing things while we were there.

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