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My Review of the Chevy Cruze Eco while in Florida!

Elise and I were excited to review the Chevy Cruze Eco during our week in Kissimmee, Florida last week.

Chevy Cruze

Of course one of the things we both were wondering was what color it would be.  It was a really nice blue tone.  It was a sharp looking car.  I tend to not look at all the info on cars that I look at because I want to tell you my thoughts on the Chevy Cruze Eco… off the top of my head. So please excuse me if I don’t describe something properly.

I’m not sure what size they consider this car.  To me it is inbetween a compact car and a mid size car.  Larger than what I consider a compact car, but probably not quite large enough to be called a mid size car.


Chevy Cruze

chevy cruze

The trunk was a decent size.  We were able to fit my mega suitcase, Elise’s medium suitcase and my rolling computer bag.  When we went to Cocoa beach we rented a beach umbrella, beach chair and a boogie board.   We were not able to fit the umbrella, the pole was too long, but it was close.  We were able to fit it in the back seat at an angle. Everything else fit fine.

Now I will admit that as I look at this picture I took, it appears that there is a split seat (that I didn’t realize before). I bet we could have pushed down on at least the smaller section and fit the umbrella much easier.  I didn’t think to take a picture when I had the trunk full, but you can tell we had already gone to the beach… see the sand? lol


We drove the Chevy Cruze Eco ALL over! We went to Cocoa Beach from Kissimmee twice (an hour & 15 minute drive one way).  We drove to Disney, Universal, Seaworld, Gatorland, out to dinner etc.

The car ran great and I was very thankful for the GPS.  Without looking at the manual (did I say that?) we managed to get it working pretty well. I’ve dealt with other GPS’s that are so confusing that you have to get out that 2 inch thick manual to use it.  It took a little bit of pressing the wrong buttons, and because the GPS is set in just a little bit, you don’t want to have long finger nails to use it.

In the picture it shows 1-4 East and I really think that was the only road that it announced the actual name of the road.  That was my biggest frustration with it, it didn’t announce which road we were going to turn on. It would just say, “Turn right in 500 yards”, “next right”. There were times that I wasn’t sure if a small road before was the “right” turn or not and we took a few incorrect turns.

But it was much more of a help than that frustration, and to be honest, if I had read the manual, I might have found an adjustment for that.

Chevy Cruze GPS

Elise loved the key! It folded in and would pop out like a little knife when you clicked the button.

chevy cruze

I was REALLY thankful for the 32 mile per gallon that we got driving it.  Who doesn’t love that when gas prices are over $3 per gallon!!  It was nice to see the display letting you know what kind of gas milage you are getting at any point.

chevy cruze

There were two cup holders in the center console, there was also enough room for a closed bottle of water or pop (but it would lean, so you couldn’t have it open).  There were no cup holders in the back seat, according to Elise.

chevy cruze

I liked the over all look of the inside of the Chevy Cruze Eco.  It gave you the feel of a much larger, more expensive car.

chevy cruze

chevy cruze

chevy cruze

I’m 5’10” tall and I had plenty of room in this car.  It drove every nice. I didn’t have any issues at all with all the driving we did all week long.  I was thinking, “Darn, Dave just bought a little truck and isn’t happy with the gas milage with that, too bad I hadn’t reviewed this prior, I would recommend this for him.”.

I don’t know if in the winter with high snow or if there was high water, if it would be a problem or not, but it seemed like there wasn’t a lot of ground clearance.  It just seemed like it sat low.

chevy cruze

If you are looking for a nice size car that gets great gas milage… I would definitely recommend you look into the Chevy Cruze Eco.

Thank you to Chevy Florida for allowing me to drive this car for our week while in Florida.  You can find them on Facebook here. The pictures and opinions are all my own.



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