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Fantasy World Resort Great – Swimming Pool For Kids

One of the things I looked for when I searched for a place for Elise and I to stay was a really awesome pool.  Since she was going without her triplet brothers, I was hoping to have a pool that she would be entertained in and hopefully meet some other little girls to play with.  I was really excited when I found the Fantasy World Resort online. fantasy world resort This pool is really wonderful.  It is large, there are nice chairs to lounge in around the pool for those of us who sit on the sidelines or sunbathe. fantasy world   There are cabanas that you can rent for $40/day from 9am-5pm. We didn’t do that but I was amazed, they have flat screen TV’s and ceiling fans in them!  If we would have had an entire day to stay at the pool, I would have reserved one.. that is for sure!

fantasy world Now check out the slide at this pool!  There is also a small kiddie section, that lights up at night with fun colored lights.  There are a total of 3 pools and 3 hot tubs in the entire complex. But this is the main one with all the fun stuff! fantasy world resort

fantasy world

fantasy world I particularly like the lazy river

It is huge!

The pool gets an “A” from me! Really awesome. There is a nice outside bar also. I didn’t check it out to see what kind of drinks they have, but I saw some people carrying some fruity looking drinks, so I assume it’s a full pool bar.

fantasy world

The two bedroom condo is ok.  It is a two story condo, which is really nice and I’ve heard very little “neighbor” noise.  The decor is a little older, but clean and neat.  This isn’t a gated complex. Upstairs are two small bedrooms.  Elise had 2 single beds in her room. She loves the Disney pictures on the walls over her beds. fantasy world My room has a nice looking king size bed. I was shocked when I sat down on it and realized it is two twin mattresses. There is a big ridge in the middle of the bed. Not a problem for me since I’m sleeping in it alone, but I wouldn’t have been very happy if I was here with my husband.  There is no master bathroom, but there is one bathroom upstairs with tub and the downstairs bathroom has a small shower. The kitchen has a dishwasher, microwave and full refrigerator. It’s nice that there is a roll of paper towels and all the basics we need to function for the week, or until we can pick up our own supplies at the store. There is a dining room table with two extra chairs. My evaluation is that if you have kids, then this would be a great place to come. The pool is wonderful! I give it a full thumbs up!!  The condo is very ample, but hopefully your master bedroom will have a regular king size mattress rather than what is on this bed.

I also did a post on the Fantasy World Resort on the i.seeKissimmee Blog. On that blog, a woman commented that she had a condo here that they own. She said that they stay there from December to April every year and rent it out the rest of the time.  The thing that I really liked was she said that they have updated many of the condos. She said this was one of the ones that had not yet been updated. She said the others were much nicer than this. I would suggest that if you plan a stay here, you request an updated unit.

Our room was provided at a discounted rate for our stay.  The opinions and pictures are all my own.

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3 Responses to “Fantasy World”
  1. Mary Treace says:

    I also owned at that resort not too long ago!! Just traded it in recently, after the renovations were done, to purchase a timeshare in St. Maarten!! The renovations were just done in the last year. Have to say, “You’re Welcome” because our money helped pay for the renovations!! LOL!! When we owned it, it didn’t have cabanas, a lazy river or slides to go down to get into the pool. Where the pool is now is where the tennis courts USED to be!! (Can send you some pictures if you’d like.) I do love the washer/dryer on the second floor…get done with showers, put wet/dirty towels in dryer and put them in washer when we got back…mind you, there were 5-6 of us staying in the place at the time. Also loved it because when the kids were smaller, Disney and the other parks were only 1/2 hour or so away!!

  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks Mary. It’s a shame that your kids didn’t get to enjoy the awesome water park they have now.. and “Thank you” for helping to make that happen! lol

  3. Jeff says:

    Me and my family enjoy taking vacations here too!.
    Does anyone have a villa for sale? Not looking for timeshares.
    Would appreciate if anyone could help me find one for sale.


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