5 SEO tips

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SEO tips

Does the term SEO make you crazy? You hear one thing at one conference or from one source and something completely different from someone else. I have been to many conferences and I’ve heard a LOT of contradictions.

It always seem totally over whelming to me to think about going through my zillion of blog post and changing things.  I am far from an expert, so there may be things you disagree with on this post.  Feel free to let me know, I’m always learning.

I did want to share a few tips I’ve learned from an SEO plugin (I guess) on my wordpress site.  I have been trying to understand the whole “No Follow” bit and I’m not totally there, but realize I have to go back through all my posts and make my links no follow links.  (ewwww.. )

But as I’ve been going through (only about 65 posts so far) and making these adjustments, I’ve noticed that my Alexa score has been decreasing again.  It has been gradually going up the last couple months and the only thing I’ve changed in the last few days are these SEO tips I’m going to share.

When I go into my dashboard of my WP site and click on “All Posts”, I get a list of all my blogs.  They now either have a Gray, red, yellow or green dot after them.   This post has a red dot.  One of the things I had been messing up was that awhile back I was told to use all of my “Tags” as Keywords. I’ve been copying and pasting my entire list of tags to the keyword spot forever.  I now know that it wants just one keyword.



1) Keyword

  • Use in the title of your post
  • Use in the first paragraph of your blog post
  • Use it several times throughout the post
  • Use it in at least some of your descriptions/alt tags on your images.
  • If you adjust your title of your posts, then make sure you also adjust your url (permalink)
You can see the WordPress SEO by Yoast that is now on my blog.  Under the Focus keyword it will be red (if you haven’t done it right) or green if you have adjusted correctly.




2) Meta Description

I’ve never added a meta description before because I know that it will pick up your first sentence and use it.  But the SEO seems to like it, so I’ve been adding one now.  (I don’t know if it really is necessary or not)

seo tips


3) No Follow Links

Make out going links “no follow” links.  I wish I could tell you all the “ins and outs” of this, but I can’t.  Here is a post that Jerra from Collective Bias did on No Follow links that may help.

Add    rel=”nofollow”  right before the word “Target” in the outgoing link.   Here is an example:   The above link that I just added for “No Follow Links is this (although I didn’t finish the link out, because I didn’t want to make it a no follow since this is your example. lol

<a title=”No Follow Links” href=”http://blog.collectivebias.com/2012/05/14/i-follow-you-follow-no-follow/” target=”_blank”>…..

I am going to put the  rel=”nofollow”  right after the  ” and before the word target … so it will look like this:

<a title=”No Follow Links” href=”http://blog.collectivebias.com/2012/05/14/i-follow-you-follow-no-follow/”rel=”nofollow”  target=”_blank”>…..


4) Length of your Blog Post

Your post need to be over the 300 word count.  This post is already 561 on the word count, so I’m fine.

word count

5) Outbound Links

Try to have at least one outbound link. I have one in this post and you can see that listed in the line items this guide gives you.   Here is what I’m being told about this blog post.


Once you have finished your post, you should have a green dot by it… like this post.

blog post


I know there is a ton more things that you can do for SEO, but I wanted to give you just a few to help with your blog post.

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2 Responses to “5 SEO tips”
  1. When I attended the first Savvy Blogging Summit, they had a session on SEO and it was the session that everyone raved about. My roommate gives talks on SEO and even learned a thing or two. Me? I felt like everyone was speaking a foreign language. I’d never heard of SEO! How funny is that? I finally feel like I’m getting a grip on it with the help of the Yoast plug-in.

    Do you realize that if you go to the ‘advanced’ tab, you can simply click the box that says ‘no follow’ and don’t have to type in code? I also have a question for you. Are you adding the no follow tag to ALL of your posts, or only sponsored/paid/review posts?

  2. Sandy says:

    Oh… I’ll have to look at the advanced settings. But I have heard from some people that do have to check posts for no followers, that the plug ins don’t always work. I’ve just been adding to all of them… to be safe. I think it is probably just on the reviews or if people do paid post that it has to be done though. I’ve been to so many SEO sessions at different conference. I pick up a little here and a little there. But I have found this Yoast plug in to be really useful.

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