Social Fabric Meet Up at #Blogher12

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The Social Fabric Community in Collective Bias Met at Starbucks

We love our Social Fabric community and so many of you we’ve never met in real life!  We feel like we know you because we interact online and in our Social Fabric forum, but there is nothing like a face to face hello and a real live hug!

Social Fabric

From L to R: Back Row: Mariah Moon, Michelle Kay, Courtney Velasquez, Kim Janocko, Mel Lockcuff, Hanan Webster, Lela Davidson, Yolanda Machado  Front Row: Melissa Garcia, Staci Salazar, Carolyn West, Caryn Bailey

We planned our meet up ahead of time in the Social Fabric forum. Anyone who was in NYC was welcome to come and meet up!  Kim Janocko found the largest Starbucks for us to meet.  It was in Time Square, about 10 blocks from the conference hotel. But we wanted to be sure to have enough room for everyone!
Social Fabric

From L to R: Daniel Garcia, Melissa Garcia, Mel Lockcuff, Carolyn West, Kim Janocko

I know there were many more Social Fabric members that weren’t able to make it. There was SO much going on at Blogher and being in a zillion places at once isn’t always possible.  Even though we all think we can do it… reality hits!

social fabric

Courtney, Mariah and Staci

It would have been great to have had a place to sit down and relax while we drank our coffees. But I do think the standing caused us to mingle a little more and meet everyone.  It was fun to see others walk in and match up their avatars to the real live person.  I’m sorry we didn’t get a group picture at the end, when everyone was there.


Jacqueline Cromwell and Melissa Pezza

We even had a beautiful baby join our meet up! Hanan had her darling little girl with her.


Hanan Webster & her baby girl

We met from 9am – 10am. The time really sped by (time also spent standing in line to get some yummy coffee) and I’m sure there were several others who would have loved to have had more time together.

social fabricMelissa G., Jacqueline (in mid blink) and Melissa P.

Even though we live in on “on line” social world and our relationships are usually online, there is nothing that compares with meeting the real person. Being able to see personalities, hear voices and see expressions.


L to R: Carolyn, Hanan, Lela (tucked back there) and Caryn

We had to retreat outside after a little while as we were taking up the standing room area.

social fabric

Lela, Courtney, Melissa and Hanan

I met Margarita at Blogher 2011 for the first time. She joined our community after we met. She is also a professional organizer and She drove here from Canada.

social fabric

Margarita Ibbott, Sandy Jenney

If it wasn’t so hot outside, I think we could have all visited for a longer time. Oh, except for the fact that we all had places to be and other people to meet!


Melissa G and Leanne Heilman

We saw several of these ladies throughout our several days going to different Blogher parties and Brand events. A little more visiting and pictures and we were then on our way to find our way around New York City and the Blogher conference.

social fabric

L to R: Melissa Garcia, Leanne Heilman, Lela Davidson, Courtney Velasquez, Melissa Pezza and Hanan Webster.

Thank you to all our Social Fabric bloggers that made their way to the Starbucks to meet up with us! We know it was a bit of a walk/ride to get there and we really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedules to come out.  There is nothing like meeting each of you in person!

A portion of my Blogher trip was sponsored by my employer Collective Bias. 

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