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The Triplets First Day Of Middle School

The kids went to middle school for their first day on Monday.  They were both excited, nervous and trying to act “cool” about it.  They picked out which uniform they wanted to wear the night before (I didn’t even have to tell them) and I had no problem waking them up at 5:55am!

middle school

They have a lot of big changes going into 6th grade.

Uniforms: This is a public school, but they introduced uniforms about five years ago, starting with the high school.  It moved down to the middle school two years ago (I think), but the elementary school students can still wear street clothes. They are not any too excited about the uniforms, and I was less excited about the cost of outfitting three kids for 5 days of school… even going to Old Navy and getting $5 polos and $8 shorts/pants. We are thankful that Zach is bigger than Alex, he can already fit into some of the uniforms that Tim and Drew wore in high school.

Earlier Time: They have to be there much earlier than elementary school! Actually about an hour and half earlier. In order for us to have a non – crazy kind of morning. We aren’t going to have “running around with their head’s chopped off” kinds of mornings. They get their own breakfast, make their own lunches, do their 20 minutes of reading, make their beds and clean their rooms… before they go. If they have any time left (they like to make their lunches the night before) then they get some computer time. Our mornings normally aren’t hectic.

Walk To School:  The middle school is closer, so they are able to walk to and from school.  They will only be doing this part time. We only have them every other week, and their mom doesn’t live within walking distance from the school. Of course when it’s raining or too cold… I’ll be driving them. There are a couple other kids from the neighborhood that will probably be walking with them also, so I’m not worried for them.  Plus the fact that they are all only one belt away from being black belts in karate!

Changing Classes:  In 5th grade, they had a couple class changes to get them ready for middle school, but it won’t be like it will be in 6th grade. They had orientation last week and received their schedules and we all navigated the hot narrow halls of this super old building (that needs major renovations. It’s the worse of all our schools needing actual rebuilding…but no money to do it… that’s another whole post. lol) and trying to find out which rooms for which classes were theirs.

I’m bummed because I cut off Elise’s shoes. They are kind of a lime green color. They aren allowed to have any color shoes and socks.  middle school


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3 Responses to “Middle School”
  1. Rosey says:

    They look great! I had to laugh about the socks… We had a guest for a few days (son of a good friend) and she gave him a little spending money (we live in different states so it was like a vaca for him). He wanted to buy Nike socks…that was big on his agenda, lol. I guess they’re the ‘it’ thing right now? :)

    Hope your kiddos had a great first day!

  2. Sandy says:

    omg…. the high black socks are in… and yes… it is even cool to wear them with sandals! LOL I tell him he looks like an old man when he does that. It’s so hard to change our perceptions isn’t it?

  3. Rosey says:

    My second-oldest used to wear block socks with shorts when it WASN’T cool, lol. It’s funny how the trends catch on with the kids state-wide (and they did before Internet was ubiquitous too). One of those marvels I don’t mind, but will never understand. :)

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