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Be Creative With Your Closet Solutions

I was organizing a room and needed a closet solution for this closet.  The room was going to be used for an office rather than a bedroom and we had a lack of space for the large amount of office supplies.  The shelves that were already in place were not a good solution and putting in an installed shelving system was not an option.


office closet

I started thinking about what else was in this house and knew there was a bookcase that was not being used.  Measurements were a must in this instance.  I “thought” it looked like it was going to work, but I also knew it was going to be a close fit – so of course I got out the tape measure to be sure. (I always recommend measuring before you move things around in a home)

It was going to work! I was so excited!  I had a couple guys carry this bookcase for me and thank goodness it fit perfectly!

From there I  took out the shelves that were not attached.  I took out the closet bar.   I was like a kid in a candy shop I was so excited for all the space.

I  got many clear bins and sorted out the many office supplies that needed to go in this space.

Each pen was tested to see if the ink was good.  I even made up a bag of pens to go in their car. Donating pens and pencils to under privileged schools or communities is also a good option if you find yourself over flowing in pens and pencils.

Each bin was labeled with what was in that bin and the lids were stored safely underneath the bins.  I knew in this case that if I used the lids to close off accessibility to the supplies, then the system was not going to work for this individual. Making it easy and accessible is often the best solution.

Perfection in each individual bin was not critical either. You can line everything up perfectly, but unless you have an individual that is going to keep it that way, that isn’t a system that appeals to all.

Remember if you are helping another person organize, to keep your closet solutions (or any organizing) customized for the individual, not yourself.


closet solution

They will have no problem finding the office supplies they need next time they go to their “supply closet”.

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One Response to “Closet Solutions”
  1. Janeen says:

    That would be a great way to organize homeschooling supplies too!

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