Wicked on Broadway

September 5, 2012 by  

My First Broadway Play was Wicked

I have been to plays before, but never a Broadway play in NYC, let alone it being Wicked! How cool is that?


I was in NYC for the Blogher 12 conference and had no intention of going to see a Broadway play. We got to NYC around 2:30, after an eight hour Megabus ride and dragging our suitcases through the subway to get to our hotel around 3:30, I was exhausted, hot and tired!  But I was with a couple die-hard NYC lovers! Kim and Mel were dying to go right out and see all the sights. I was ready for a nap.  This was only my 2nd time in NYC and although I was really excited to see everyone and go to Blogher, I wasn’t overly excited it was in NYC. I’m not a big city kind of girl.

We took a little time and rested up in our room. I agreed to go with Kim and Mel to do a ticket lottery to try and get tickets for Wicked. I agreed that if I won them, I’d give them to Kim and Mel (you would get 2 tickets) because they both wanted to see this play so bad… and it wasn’t important to me.  If two of us won, then I’d be happy to go.  We didn’t win any. Kim and Mel were both pretty bummed.

Skip forward to the next day ( I think… or maybe 2 days). We are all sitting in our rooms (adjoining) and Courtney and Kim walk in and Courtney announces that she has a surprise for us. She pulls out 4 tickets to go see Wicked! OMG… now I am rested and it sounds like so much fun!


Courtney and Kim had seats right in front of Mel and I.  I think Kim and Mel were SO excited.. they were ready to burst! Kim had seen it three times prior, but Mel, Courtney and I had never seen it.

It was really cool as we waited for it to start. Of course I couldn’t take any pictures during it… but I did get this one of the set up before it started and you can see some on the Wicked site.  I was amazed at how the entire theater was designed for this one play. When I’ve seen plays before in Columbus, Ohio… they are only there for a few shows, so of course you don’t have anything permanent in the theater like they did for Wicked.


The play was amazing!!  I LOVED it and can now understand why Kim was excited to see it again. I’d love to see it again.  It put this whole new perspective on The Wizard of Oz. Of course that was a favorite of mine growing up in the 60’s.  It used to be on TV once a year and was a big deal when it came on.  This left you with such a feel good feeling…. the kind I love to walk out of a theater or show with.

Thank you SO much Courtney for the wonderful surprise and chance to see my first (but not last!) Broadway play!   I am really glad that I this experience and really thankful that Courtney was kind enough to treat me to something so cool.  The four of us had an awesome adventure together.

If you get a chance to go see it… then be sure you do!

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5 Responses to “Wicked on Broadway”
  1. My first Broadway play was also this year! We were in NYC in May and my husband surprised me with tickets to the Lion King. When Wicked was playing here in Atlanta I wanted to see it so bad but didn’t get a chance. It’s on my bucket list the next time I’m in NY. Glad you enjoyed it!!!

  2. Sandy says:

    Oh fun! I bet that one was awesome too! We were both Broadway newbies this year! yay! lol

  3. Having ridden the subway on one of the hottest days of the summer, your description of lugging your suitcases onto the subway and through NYC left me cringing! Though I truly enjoy NYC, I am not a fan of anything that resembles a subway!
    I have to admit that I’m a bit envious that you were able to watch Wicked on Broadway! Wow! I’m sure that was memorable.

    A version of Wicked will be at the Ohio Theater next year. I’m trying to talk myself into purchasing tickets but they are a bit pricey. :(

  4. Rosey says:

    It sounds wonderful. We’ve seen Madagascar on Broadway, but it was low-scale. We were offered tickets while in NYC to see a broadway play but even reduced, it was soooo much money for the tickets. I can’t remember how much now, but it was more than $200 a piece.

    I’m glad you got to go, you made it sound great!

  5. Mel Lockcuff says:

    Oh my goodness, we had so much fun that night! Yes, thank you, Courtney! I’m dying to see it again too, actually.:) Such an awesome production.

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