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Short On Space In Your Kitchen? Add Shelves!

I’m having this issue myself.  I have a small galley style kitchen with a small pantry.  With seven people living in our home, we end up with a very cluttered pantry and cabinets really fast.  I want to add some shelves (I’m thinking Ikea Expedia shelves) to help out.

I love the look of this. I wouldn’t take the doors off my new cabinets, but I think I can achieve this look with the Ikea shelves.  Mine would be on one end of my kitchen.

I found all these photos on pinterest.  But these photos were taken from the sites themselves and all link back to the original source.  You can find these photos and many more on my Kitchen pinterest board.

kitchen shelves

Photo can be found on  Better Homes and   It is also on my kitchen pinterest board.


I think this is also a really cool look.  These are metal shelves that someone has made look really cool! lol But for me personally I don’t know that this solution with the metal tins would serve the purpose I need.  But I certainly like the look.

kitchen shelves

This photo can be found on Apartment  I also have it pinned on my Kitchen pinterest board.

I have a lot to think about with how I want to add more space to my own kitchen.  My pantry drives me crazy. It is kind of tucked back in and the space is small to get back to it.   I wish I could take off the pantry door and add some space that way.. and I might still consider that as an option.  But along with that I have some space on the opposite end of the kitchen from the pantry that I have some wall space to work with.  We have a small eating table there for the kids to have snacks at, and also a small pie safe with plastic dishes in it.  I would have to remove both of those items in order to use one of the Ikea shelving units.

Any ideas?

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3 Responses to “Ideas for Kitchen Shelves”
  1. Rosey says:

    I bet you find an idea in no time that you like, especially using Pinterest. That’s such a crafty site. :)

    I like the backing on the open door shelves, that’s a neat idea!

  2. I like the look of open shelving especially if your plates and bowls are matching as well as functional but I really wonder at how much dust would collect on things that were not used everyday. I am sure that you will find a solution – the thing I like about IKEA catalogues is that they do know how to utilise small spaces well. Nice to find your blog through a button I found on ABFOL blog.

  3. Sandy says:

    Thanks.. yes, I figured I’ll have to deal with some dust – but generally on things I don’t use that often, there is even some dust in the cupboards, so I’ll have to rinse them off regardless.

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