Do it Yourself Easy Desk Storage Set

September 17, 2012 by  

Easy To Make – Do it Yourself Desk Set

do it yourself desk storage set

Some of the plastic containers you get products in are really nice, and I decided to make a diy (do it yourself) desk storage set out of three different ones.

I do not normally keep storage containers like these, unless I have a specific use for them.  I love do it yourself projects, but I see too many people keep SO many things like this… with the intention of “some day” getting to it.  Only keep enough containers for the specific do it yourself project you want to accomplish. It will decrease the clutter… and you will be able to save up new containers when you are ready for your next DIY project. But I thought I could make a nice little set for my daughter’s desk by recycling plastic storage containers and some decorative tape.

I kept two different tea mix containers and took the labels off.

do it yourself desk set

I then took the labels off the two tea containers. Both of these labels came right off… easy peasy.

diy desk set

I then had two naked containers, like this one!

do it yourself

I then took my decorative tape.  This is duck tape that I got at Target or Joanne’s. (I can’t remember which)  You can decide how you want to place your decorative tape on the container. You can cover it completely, or make stripes up and down or a single one around…. like this one.

do it yourself

Here is the other container.

do it yourself

I also kept this larger round nut mix container. The label for this container was glued on.

do it yourself

I could have spent a lot of time and soaked it off… peeled  and gotten it sparkly clean first… but heck – I’m covering it with tape.  So I just taped over the label.

diy desk set

Here is the finished product. You can use the lids on your containers if you want.

do it yourself

Here is the finished product that you can put pencils in.

do it yourself

do it yourself


do it yourself desk set

There are so many things you can use something like this for.  This do DIY desk set is going on my daughter’s desk in her room – but I could also see something like this being really cute in a craft room. you could store beads, or any kind of craft supplies in these.  Ideas are endless.

diy desk set


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4 Responses to “Do it Yourself Easy Desk Storage Set”
  1. I just did the same thing and posted about it about a week ago! I thought my containers turned out great:

  2. Sandy says:

    Awesome.. thanks for sharing Dagmar!

  3. Betty819 says:

    Like you, I use the Crystal Light beverage containers for storing a lot of things. I cut my wintersowing seed markers out of the mini-blinds and store them inside the container. I use them for storing magic markers, highlighters, pens and pencils on my computer desk, but I’m sure there could be a lot more uses for them.
    Maybe others will post some more uses of these nice clear containers. Love you idea of using the colored duct tape on the outside. Maybe find some duct tape to blend in with the home office decor.

  4. Sandy says:

    Thanks Betty!

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