Pumpkin Rolls Recipe

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How To Make- Pumpkin Rolls

by Amy Trauntvein

Pumpkin Rolls

Tis the Season for anything pumpkin!  Pumpkin pie, cookies, ice cream, cake, but my favorite pumpkin dessert is pumpkin rolls! There’s just something about the yummy pumpkin goodness twirled around the creamy filling that gets my heart to go pitter patter!  Today, I’m going to show you how to make these pretty bites of heaven!  Don’t be scared, they really aren’t that difficult, and once you make your own and see how good they are, you’ll never go back to the grocery store and buy one again!  Let’s start by giving you the recipe…

Pumpkin Rolls

3 eggs                                                        2 tsp ground cinnamon

1 cup sugar                                             1 tsp ground ginger

2/3 cup pumpkin puree                    1/2 tsp ground nutmeg

1 tsp lemon juice                                  1/2 tsp salt

3/4 cup all purpose flour                 1/2 chopped walnuts or pecans (purely optional)

1 tsp baking powder

Creamy Filling

6 oz cream cheese (softened)          1 cup powdered sugar

4 Tbsp butter (softened)                    1/2 tsp vanilla


First, we are going to beat the eggs on high speed for 5 minutes.  Gradually beat in sugar.Pumpkin Rolls

Stir in pumpkin puree and lemon juice until well combined.Pumpkin RollsCombine all dry ingredients in a bowl,Gradually add dry ingredients to wet while on slow speed.  Mix until just incorporated.  It should look like this…Pumpkin Rolls

Now for a quick Reality Check!  I have been baking for about 22 years and have been using my pans for just as long.  They are clean, just well used and loved.  I’m not about to go buy brand new pans just so everyone can think, “Oh look how lovely her pans are.” So… yes, for all my recipe posts, you will see just how well used all my stuff is, and guess what?  They work just great!  You will only see brand new stuff only if I’ve busted something which may happen.  Look for more Reality Check!(s) in many of my future posts, just so we can “keep it real, people.”Pumpkin Rolls

Now back to the recipe….  Line a cookie sheet (15X10 sheet WITH sides) with wax or parchment paper.  Spray the sides only, with cooking spray, you will thank me later.  Pour batter into pan and spread evenly.  Once spread, I like to wiggle the pan back on the counter and pick it up an inch or two an drop it to help even the batter out a bit more.  At this point, if you like nuts, sprinkle your chopped walnuts or pecans evenly on top of the batter.  I don’t do this step, otherwise my kids won’t eat it and then my husband I will have to eat it all.  Hmmm…. maybe next time I’ll throw nuts on!Pumpkin Rolls
Bake on center rack in oven at 375 degrees for 15 minutes.  Do NOT over cook please, and thank you.  While cake is in the oven, lay out a (clean) linen or cotton kitchen towel.  Do not use a terry cloth towel unless you want bits of towel stuck in your cake. :)  Next, sprinkle a good amount of powdered sugar ALL over the thing.  I use a hand sifter to make it more even.Pumpkin Rolls
When the cake is done (if it bounces back when touched) pull it out, and run a kinfe between the pan and cake along the long sides.Pumpkin Rolls

Next you need to gently pull the cake from the ends of the wax paper.Pumpkin Rolls

While the cake is still hot, you will invert the entire pan onto the sugared towel.  Sounds hard, but it’s really not.  Just use a towel to hold the pan so you don’t burn yourself making sure you are also holding the ends of the wax paper so it doesn’t fall out of the pan too soon.Pumpkin Rolls
Pull off the pan.  There should be no sticking.  Gently and slowly pull the wax paper off the cake using a butter knife to hold down the cake if needed.  It shouldn’t stick too bad.Pumpkin Rolls
Viola!  Your cake is ready to be rolled. This part needs to be done while still warm/hot or your cake will break. fold the edge of the towel closest to you over the cake and start rolling.  and roll the towel right up along with cake.  The towel will help to keep it rolled up while cooling.Pumpkin Rolls
Done!Pumpkin Rolls
Let the cake completely cool.  Usually takes about an hour or so.  While the cake roll is cooling, go ahead and make the filling.  Throw the softened cream cheese and butter into a mixer and beat together until nice and smooth.  While still beating, add the powdered sugar and vanilla and beat unitl smooth again.  I did a double batch of filling (I made two cakes, if I’m making the mess to make one, I may as well make two!) so you won’t have as much, but it should look like this….Pumpkin Rolls
Once the cake is cooled, unroll it from the towel (it should stay together and not break if cooled rolled up) and plop all your filling onto the cake.  Start spreading evenly clear out to the edges.  Don’t worry, you’ve got enough, just keep spreading.Pumpkin Rolls
Pumpkin Rolls
Now it’s time to roll it back up the same way you did before, but without the towel!Pumpkin Rolls
Pumpkin Rolls
Pull out two sheets of plastic wrap and wrap the your lovely pumpkin roll in it. Next pull out a nice big sheet of aluminum foil and wrap it up in that.Pumpkin Rolls
Pumpkin Rolls
Now put your lovely package that you are so proud of on a cutting board or cookie sheet and stick it in the freezer! Freeze for at least 6-8 hours preferably overnight. Once they are good and frozen, you can take out the board/sheet. This just keeps them in their nice shape. The secrect to perfectly sliced pumpkin rolls is to cut them while frozen.  Pumpkin Rolls
Whenever you are ready to enjoy a slice of paradise, take it out, unwrap (no need to wait for it to thaw) and cut.  You’ve got perfect slices that are not flattened from the knife and the filling stays intact!  Also, you are free to slice just as many as you need, then rewrap the rest on toss it back into the freezer for another time.  Pumpkin rolls stay good in a deep freeze for months as long as they are wrapped tight.  So if you’re having a party, make these way ahead of time and save yourself some stress.  On party day, just pull them out and slice away whenever you’re ready to serve. 
Here you are, beautiful Pumpkin rolls and taste so much better than store bought!  My family actually prefers to eat then while still frozen, the filing tastes almost like ice cream and it’s not as messy!  I’ve also converted many of my friends to eat them frozen too, they love them that way.   Every year near the holidays, I make 2 pumpkin rolls and keep them in the freezer for maybe an impromptu get together, a party we get invited to that we need to take a dessert, or just for surprising the kids on a regular old Wednesday night after dinner or homework.   A unexpected treat for each child, and maybe just maybe they might clean their room!  Yeah right, well it’s a good dream anyway.Pumpkin Rolls
Enjoy making your very own Pumpkin Rolls.  Thanks mom for teaching me the art of this recipe and a love for baking.  If you enjoyed this post, let us know!

Love to all! ~Amy






I have been married for 22 years to my awesome hubby, Todd and we have 4 equally awesome kids who keep my young!    Our favorite thing to do together is travel. I enjoy gardening and puttering around my yard. I am very active in my church and am currently serving the children, and I love volunteering at my kids’ schools doing whatever I can to help the teachers and staff.

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Hurricane and Storm Preparedness

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Are You Ready?

Be prepared for an upcoming Hurricane, such as Hurricane Sandy, or any storm that could cause powere outages it is really important to do.

This past summer we had a terrible storm that caused all kinds of damage, and the widest spread power outages that Dave and I had ever experienced in Ohio. We were one of the few lucky ones, that did not loose our power. But, one thing we took for granted was being able to purchase gasoline. Because the power outages were so widespread, there were very few gas stations that has generators that were able to stay open and pump gas. The other side of that was that they didn’t have their charge card readers going… so everything was cash only. Dave and I hardly ever carry any cash, and were lucky that we had come off a vacation and did have some cash available.

hurricane sandy

I think most of us think of the obvious things we are going to need in a power outage.

*Food – Non perishable items
*Water – One gallon of water, per person for 3 days
*First Aid Kit
*Chainsaw and gas (if you live in an area with a lot of trees)

hurricane sandy

But here are some things that I didn’t really think about having on hand before:

*Extra gasoline
*Having a plan if you have to evacuate your home
*List of phone numbers of family, friends, Doctors, hospitals
*Whistle to signal for help

I know there are many other things you should have ready. I’ve never had to think about hurricanes before, since I live in Ohio. But this is a hurricane that the high winds are going to affect Ohio (at least they predict that), so we also need to be prepared.

Here is a complete list from the National Weather Hurricane Service, with links to specific lists so that you can be completely ready in case of storm emergency.

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Introducing My New Writer, Amy!

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Meet Amy- My New Writer!

I’m so excited to have another writer for my blog. Amy is a neighbor and good friend and I know she will have some awesome things to share with all of you! She’ll be bringing some new and exciting content to my blog!



Hi all!  My name is Amy Trauntvein and I am excited to share a bit of myself with you.

Meet Amy

Some things about myself.  I enjoy gardening and puttering around my yard. Nothing tastes better than a homegrown tomato!  I like to exercise, mostly walking (outside and on my treadmill) and Pilates but my favorite is Yoga.  I’ve been active with yoga for 7 years and really should get certified one day, hopefully.  I love to read and finding books at yard sales and goodwill is my favorite.  You can’t beat  fifty cents for a book!  I’ve got a “to read” stack in my bedroom which keeps growing.  I’m buying them faster than I can read them.  I have a weakness for books.  I have fun baking and sharing the treats with others, can’t keep it all in the house or I will devour them myself!  Not friendly for the figure.  I am very active in my church and am currently serving the children in our congregation aged 18 months-12 years old.  I sure love those kids!  I love volunteering at my kids’ schools doing whatever I can to help the teachers and staff.  I love being in the classroom and getting to know all the kids.  But my highest passion is couponing and bargain shopping.  When I was a newlywed, we were poor, below poverty level poor so I had to learn how to make a buck stretch and stretch.  I’ve been saving on my shopping for over 20 years now so it is just a way of life for me. I am not an extreme couponer like you see on TV, but it IS fun to save a few bucks!  I just might take you on a few shopping trips with me in the future. Meet AmyI have been married for 22 years to my awesome hubby, Todd and we have 4 equally awesome kids who keep my young!  Our favorite thing to do together is travel.  Here we are at Mount Rushmore, South Dakota last summer.  We’ve taken the kids to 44 of the 50 states, including Hawaii, and last year we spent a week traveling around England for my oldest son’s high school graduation. We are always up for a new and adventure!  Every summer we drive 3600 miles roundtrip, to spend part of our summer with most of our extended family who lives out west.  Well, that’s me in a nutshell!  ~Amy

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Collective Bias Company Retreat #cbias

Great Collective Bias Retreat In Branson

This was my first trip to Branson, Missouri – what a fun location for our Collective Bias company retreat. I flew into Bentonville, AR and spent a couple days in our offices, before we all drove to Branson together. Thanks Jon Lemire for being the chauffeur to a truck full of woman, what a trooper!

Collective Bias

We had a few fun surprises waiting for us.  Our first evening there, we were treated to the Dixie Stampede Production.

Dixie Stampede

We weren’t allowed to get pictures inside.. which was a real bummer, because there would have been some awesome ones.

dixie stampede

Monica Johnson @MonicaJohnson and Melissa Garcia from ConsumerQueen.com were waiting to go in.

collective bias

Wouldn’t this be a fun dress to wear? lol… I’d love it.

dixie stampede

I had a great evening with everyone, and you can’t imagine how much food they served us! I was extremely full!  There is no silverware! You had to eat it all with your fingers, including soup (the bowl has a handle to drink from)! I have to admit, that made it a lot of fun.

The next day was a day of meetings.  We were all together and I thought it was time well spent.  We heard from each department on what they did and what their visions were for the coming year.

John Andrews from Collective Bias, started us off on the right foot.. an emotional and heart felt one.

john andrews

I got to meet some of the team that I’d not yet be able to meet. Kristen Brown who is running our newly established Minnesota office was someone I hadn’t had a chance to meet yet. Can’t wait to spend more time with her.

kristen brown

We had some great laughs from the Production team.

collective bias

They did some skits from a “Day in the Life of an Account Executive”

collective bias

collective bias


collective bias

While John is capturing it on his ipad

john andrews

collective bias

We took some photos of how Collective Bias has grown from the the beginning with Amy Callahan, Brad Lawless, John Andrews and Jay Thornton (on the screen) in 2009

collective bias 2009

To the growth in 2010

collective bias 2010

To 2011 (Yay.. the year I came on)

collective bias 2011

To the current group in 2012.

collective bias 2012

The pictures were a spur of the moment idea, and clearly my camera was not set up for the lighting in this room. I’ve told them… I’m no professional photographer. lol

There were “Awards” given. Amy Callahan presenting Mailena Urso her award.

collective bias

The Dev team also won an award. lol.. You just never know with Collective Bias!

dev team

We got to rock our new Collective Bias t-shirts around Branson.

collective bias


A group of us went to dinner together and had a great meal, by the water.


We were able to go to see a Live version of the Price Is Right show that evening if we’d like. There was a big group of us that did go.. and had a great time. None of us were called to “COME ON DOWN”.  Bum! We were all so psyched and ready to go!

The next morning we were all busy connecting with our Social Fabric members.


Our SoFab community is the heart and soul of Collective Bias, and we wanted to thank them and give them some support.

collective bias


courtney rix


mama bzz


randi and brad



collective bias

Yes.. I was there too.

sandy jenney

Here are a few other fun shots from the retreat.  Kim Janocko Crafty Mama of 4

kim janocko

Mel Lockcuff from Mama Buzz


And of course… I couldn’t forget the awkward stretching pics!

collective bias



Great Retreat Collective Bias!







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Our Pigeon Roost Farm Visit 2012

Pigeon Roost Farm Is The Bomb!

We discovered Pigeon Roost Pumpkin Farm in Hebron, Ohio last year and loved it. I shared the post from last year, just a couple weeks ago.  I wanted to give you all another blast from this year.

pigeon roost

One of the things I love about Pigeon Roost is that the prices are really reasonable. There is not cost to part, no cost to get into and shop the upper area, get great pictures and enjoy the atmosphere. If you want to go into the lower part of the farm and do all the activities, it’s only $5 per person. Considering another local pumpkin farm charges $8 per person for just the corn maze, I think this is quite a deal.

I’m going to share the pictures with you…. they pretty much tell the story!

pumpkin tree


pigeon roost




sandy and elise


slide race








chicken shack




pigeon roost

This is the kids favorite activity. They call it the hamster wheels.

hamster wheel

Dave decided he would try it out too…. Elise won. LOL

pigeon roost


hamster wheel

This was the rubber ducky race.

duck race


rubber ducky








tee pee


corn maze


pigeon roost






pigeon roost




Pigeon Roost Farm is in Hebron, Ohio.  This is not a sponsored post, I just want my readers to know about this awesome place here in Ohio.






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Be Sure To Pre Order Your Spiderman Movie Now! #SpidermanWMT #cbias

The Spiderman Movie Is Coming Out Soon!

I had heard that I could pre-order the Spiderman movie and also get a free Vudu copy of it… all before it came out to everyone else! The kids would love it! So I went on a search today at our local Walmart.

I set out early this morning to pick it up and surprise the kids. They would get a kick out of watching the trailers and knowing that they’d get to see the Vudu version on the 30th of October, followed by the DVD around November 9th.  It was a beautiful autumn morning this morning!

autumn day

I had my travel mug of hot coffee in hand and I was heading to Walmart to pick up some milk and the pre-order Spiderman movie.


I had seen the display when I was in AR last month, so I knew what I was looking for.. or so I thought.  I got to the first Walmart and after looking all over, I asked an employee who informed me they no longer had it in their store.


I found the display shelf where it should have been. I guess it was too popular and they sold out of it. Of course this made me want it even more!! Funny how that works isn’t it? lol


Oh, I did stop to look for the new version of the Chris Mann Christmas CD. Chris was on The Voice, and is a friend I’ve met through our blogging conferences. It’s been so fun to watch him on TV and see how well he is doing. It was the only copy of his CD in the store too.

chris mann

So off I went to another Walmart that was across town from this one.


I arrived at this store without any issues. It was still early, so there were no crowds. I went to the back of the store and started looking for the display.


I was seeing many other DVD’s..



I did spot the Spiderman section in the toys… and so I decided to walk over there and get some “Spidey Inspiration”. Where would Spidey look?


I went back and decided to ask for help finding it.  He went right over to the shelf near the counter and grabbed a copy.  Can you spot it on the rack? Look hard… even though the light is reflecting off of it. It’s in the top left corner. There were about 4 copies of it left. Yay… I found it! Mission accomplished! No big displays, signs, or any other labels that stuck out and made it easy to find. But I found it.. all by myself. Ok, so not really, I only found it because I asked for it.  It was $24.96.


Here it is… in my hot little hand! They didn’t have the movie set with the mask, but I was happy to get the pre-order copy.


Now I had to get some “pre-movie candy”, don’t you know!? Just being able to give the kids a movie snack while we looked at the trailers, would increase their excitement, until we got the vudu copy.


Ok.. I’m ready to go.



I did see these darling Brutus the Buckeye loofas from Mascotwear on the way out. I had to pick up one for my Ohio State Buckeye nut son!


Once I got home, I was anxious to see how this pre-order of the DVD worked.

spidermanIt say  right on the package . Buy – Redeem – Watch


So I opened it up and this is what I found.  There was a cardboard “DVD” shaped instruction sheet. It had the redemption code on it.


I got on the computer and went to VUDU.com/theamazingspiderman and it walked me through the steps.  I first entered the redemption code and hit “submit”


I clicked on the left side where it said to sign up for the free version.

sign up

I signed up for an account.

Then it switched over to this Ultraviolet page. It’s a place that allows you to store your digital movie collection. I also did the free version.

After a couple more screens, it came to a payment information page. It ask for your billing address and then your mailing address (so they know where to ship your DVD).

Because there was nothing to pay I picked the option to skip the credit card info. Just go to the gray box on the bottom right. They have this, so that if you order additional movies in the future, they’ll have your info.  You do not need to put any credit card information in to retrieve your vudu copy or your DVD. So no worries there.

I finally got to this page. I went to “Go to Movie”


I was able to watch the trailer clips today.


Just watching a few trailers .. really gets you even more psyched for the real thing!


The triplets were so excited when they got home from school. Elise wasn’t here for this picture.. but the boys were more than happy to let me take a picture! Of course they wanted to watch the whole movie today. They were really excited when I told them we could watch it on vudu on the 30th.. and that would be before their friends got to see it! And of course the pre-movie candy sure didn’t hurt! lol

You can look for the pre-order copy of the Spiderman movie in your Walmart store. (I would suggest calling your store to be sure they have it, before driving there). You can also order it right from the Walmart.com site.

You can also follow along on twitter if you follow the #SpidermanWMT hashtag and also the @SpidermanMovie Twitter handle


I am an employee of  Collective Bias®. This product has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias® and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment #CBias  All opinions stated are true and my own.



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Clutter Can Cause Stress

Clutter In Your Home Can Cause You Stress

Clutter – we have all seen it, and chances are we all have it. Too much “stuff” for the space we have. What do you do with it? What do I keep, what do I give away? Where does it all go? Indecision on what and how and where to put everything is the source for the majority of people who have a problem with clutter.


How would you feel walking into this dining room? Relaxed, calm…ready to take on the world? I don’t think so. If you are anything like myself or most of the people I know (and no, they are not all professional organizers by the way) you would feel instant tension, stress and frustration. This family has not been able to eat at their dinner table for a very long time. The household was full of tension due to this living condition throughout the entire house.

Clearing out the clutter, the extra “stuff” and “fluff” that you don’t need and use, can clear out our heads. It can give you a calm and peace. Too much stuff in our visual field can put too many thoughts in our head of other things. Say for instance you have to go into the spare room to water the plant. You walk in and see a huge mess of things; instead of walking directly over to water the plant you think, “Oh, there is the shelf sitting on the floor that I have to fix and I almost forgot that I have to move that box of books up to Tommy’s room. But wait I can not forget to get those pictures over to Grandma Millies! Now what did you go into that room for to begin with? Oh yes…to water the plant that is crowded on the desk and is almost dead.”


Our lives are so complex in this world. Mail, e-mail, bills, taxes, work, family, lessons, sports, more bills, poor economy, cooking, cleaning, more bills, etc…
We already have so many things floating around in our heads and we are trying to keep them straight that we need a place that can be “de-cluttered”, feel peaceful and be relaxed. If it isn’t our homes, where will it be?

I know it can seem completely over whelming trying to think about how to get rid of it, how do I begin? There are people who are actually trained to help you. I know that money is a major factor right now, and if you do not have the budget to hire a Professional Organizer (they actually go through things with you and help you make those decision and work out a plan as to how a system can work) you can still find many resources that are free to help you.

The internet is one major free bookstore!! There are articles and web sites and blogs to read mammoth amounts of information on and gleam ideas from. If you go to your local library there are books that you can read to help you on organizing. There are TV shows (although not realistic in the time frame it appears to transform a room or home in)you can still pick up tips from them.

Don’t try to do it all on your own. Make this a family project and work together to discover that living in a home with “less” can actually give you a lot “more” than you imagined.

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Make Sure Your Halloween Is Safe!

Halloween Safety

Be sure to think safety when you are planning your kids Halloween costumes. Even though we want our kids to have the coolest costumes for Halloween, we want to make sure they are safe as they can be. Things like wearing their masks on top of their head while they are trick or treating (they can put them down when they’re on the porch of the house), or wearing face paint rather than masks are simple things that can reduce injuries.

There are a lot more emergency room visits on Halloween from kids getting hurt from falling or being hit by cars than there are from kids being injured by something they ate out of their trick or treat bag.


1) Make sure kids can see easily. Face paint is better than masks. Those often can impede vision.
2) Costumes should be short enough not to trip the kids
3) Warm clothing under their costume (if they won’t wear a coat over it)
4) Have a flashing light or flashlight with them, so they can be easily seen in the dark.
5) Light colored costumes and/or reflector tape helps the kids to be seen.
6) Kids should always go out with a parent if they are under the age of 10 or 11 years old.
7) Teach the kids to use the driveways and walks, and not run through yards.
8) Make sure you are familiar with the neighborhood.
9) Only go to houses that have their outdoor lights on.
10) Bring home all the candy to check over before the kids eat it. Take a few pieces of your own candy for them to eat
along the way (I mean.. who can resist a piece here or there.. right?)
11) Make sure the kids have on shoes or boots that will protect their feet. No slippers or shoes that are too big.
12) Make sure the kids follow safety rules and don’t run out into the street or between cars.


Oh.. and PLEASE have your kids say “Thank You” after they are given a piece of candy. Manners are SO nice to hear from kids.

If you are driving somewhere on Beggars night, please be really careful and go slow!


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Are There Communication Barriers In Social Media?

Communication Barriers Can Be An Issue

This post was originally posted on the Collective Bias Blog on September 26, 2012

The same avenues that increase our communication between people can also be the ones that can create a communication barrier to “true” communication. The message we are trying to convey, may not be the same message that is received.

communication barriers

We are becoming a “social” world. Social in the sense that we are communicating with people we would have never been able to communicate with prior to the internet, texting, Twitter, Facebook, emails, etc.   What an awesome powerful tool we have to use! I personally love being able to communicate with friends from High School, extended family, my boys that live out of state and many other friends. That is one half of the equation for me. The other half is the business side of social communication.  Being able to actually “talk” and communicate with CEO’s of major communies, other bloggers, that I never would have met and being able to live in Ohio and work out of an office in Bentonville, AR, have been absolute dreams for me!

Along with the new lines of communication that we have adapted to over the last several years, comes the problem that can occur while utilizing this form of communication.. which is – lack of communication with our communication.

What? That doesn’t seem to make sense, does it?  We communicate more, and yet… we are communicating less? While communicating via written word, such as email, twitter or Facebook; it is really easy for your words to be miscommunicated.

I think we have all experienced it.  You are in a great mood, reply to someone’s email while you are laughing and send a little joke. The person who receives the email is having a terrible day. They read your joke, but don’t see it as a joke. They get offended, and the problems ensue.

I think we often forget that our voices aren’t being heard, our smiles aren’t being seen, our body language is hidden.  We have learned some ways to get our messages across.  Capitalizing all the words, generally mean that you are angry. Using “lol” (laugh out loud), smiley faces :) and other happy expressions are ways we try to show we are happy, we are conveying a joke or humor.

We have become lazy when it comes to using the phone, or meeting in person for lunch or a chat.  For those of us who are working online most of the day, it can almost seem like a stumbling block to call someone. We have become so used to sending an email, or a tweets or Facebook message to them to communicate. It is “Safe” communication.  We are “protected” from hearing a tone we may not want to hear, or having to say words that might become difficult or strained.  We have become “used” to our new form of communication and it’s comfortable.  We all like comfortable.

But, we have to remember that the real relationship is built in person, or on the phone. Really being able to communicate.  I don’t think I would have been working for Collective Bias if I hadn’t stepped out and gone to Blogging conferences and met those who started and run it in person. It is the real life connection that is going to ultimately “connect” you.

I saw this Facebook post via Zipporah Sandler and had to share. It is so true.

” To the people who seem to be filling my inbox. If you want to get offered opps, trips, reviews and paid work with brands – put in the WORK and foster relationships with these brands and reps. If you do, you’ll find yourself working with the brands, and more importantly PEOPLE that you love.
BTW, the contact list in my cell phone and skype look like a who’s who of PR and in-house marketing people, and I don’t only call when I WANT something, but also to just to say hi, let’s go to lunch, or what’s doing in your life?” ~Zippy Sandler

What I think is the most important thing here is that she says she calls the PR  & Marketing people.  She calls just to say hi, or to have lunch! It’s obvious why she is getting so many offers from the Brands, is it not?


The Social Fabric Community Weighs in

I asked them the following three questions:

1) What are some common mistakes people make when communicating online?

2) What are some ways that you feel these mis-communications can be prevented?

3) What are some tips for better communication?


Common Mistakes

One thing that most all of those who commented from the Social Fabric community agreed on, was that spelling errors and poor grammar were the biggest mistakes people made when communicating via the written word online.

Utilizing spell check and proof reading are simple ways these errors can be prevented.


Tips for how mis-communications can be prevents & better communication from our Social Fabric Members:

Read aloud what you’ve written, even if it’s just to yourself. ~ Monique Burkes @ArmsofaSister

If I’m trying to make a joke but it doesn’t come across as such, I’ll either put LOL or a smiley face or something to let them know I wasn’t being serious. ~Carolyn West @TemysMom 

They need a sarcasm font.   A “lol” helps diffuse a sarcastic statement. Christine @MammaCupcake

Read what you typed out loud to check for tone and clarity before publishing your comment, post, or FB update. Also use smilies to emphasize your tone. ~ Karen  @_Karen

Forgetting that sarcasm and humor do not always translate online. We often forget how much tone and body language conveys to the listener. Oh, and beware of inside jokes in a public forum. Those can go all shades of wrong. ~Andrea @notimeMom

Written communication is so tough because it is all about the attitude of the person writing it and the attitude of the person reading it. I will often use “haha” or “:)” to lighten the mood. I also might think about what I’m going to write before I write it. ~Janet  @JanetGoingCrazy

I also think writing in anger is a big mistake. It’s better to cool off and respond rationally than in the heat of the moment. Written communication needs to be very clear and concise. ~Melissa @MsMissy62

You know, I’d really just be happy these days if people would remember to run spell check, or pay attention to that little red line that crops up under words when you’re typing on FB and in forums. As well as remember some basic 7th grade grammar rules – their, there, they’re; lose, loose; affect, effect; etc. ~ Amanda @HouseHoldSix

I agree with Christine- a sarcasm font would be great. ~Samantha @HaveSippy

If you have information you know is sensitive or may be interpreted the wrong way, pick up the phone or have a face-to-face conversation. ~Sarah East9thStreet

I think tone is also a huge issue. You may think something sounds cute or funny, but it may come across as rude to someone else. It helps to read through what you’ve written with skeptical eyes before publishing. ~Jennifer @TheSimplePen


Communication via the written word is wonderful! It has opened our worlds to meeting and talking to people we otherwise would never have been able to make.  But everything wonderful has pitfalls. We need to be vigilant and try to prevent those pitfalls, and remember that written communication should not be our only means of communication.  It should be in addition to speaking in real life. That is where the real connection continues to be made and nurtured.




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Pigeon Roost Farm for Halloween Fun

Pumpkins and Halloween Fun at Pigeon Roost Farm

We discovered Pigeon Roost Farm in Hebron, Ohio to go for our pumpkins and fun for halloween.  For years we have gone to Lynd’s Fruit Farm, and it is a great place to go if you want to pick apples or pick pumpkins right from the field. But it is very on/off with the other activities they have for the kids. Some years it is good, others there is not much there and a big disappointment.

Instead of trying it this year we decided to look for some place new.

pigeon roostI did an internet search and found Pigeon Roost Farm.  We decided to give it a go.  Mapquest sent us the wrong way, so be careful there.  It is between Kirkersville and Hebron Ohio (about 2 miles east of Kirkersville on route 40).  Much close to Kirkersville.

It was impressive just driving past, you could tell from the road there was a lot happening, and most of it you can’t even see from the road.

pigeon roost

If you live within an hour of it, I would highly suggest you check it out.  It is only $5 per person to go do all the activities including the corn maze, a mini corn maze, the Enchanted Forest, the Gerbil wheels and much more!

pigeon roost


pigeon roost

pigeon roost

pigeon roost

Pigeon Roost Farm
4413 National Road SW
Hebron, OH 43025


Originally posted October 16th, 2011 on my Explore Ohio blog

We were not invited, given free passes, nor given any form of compensation for this post. We found it on our own, loved it and I wanted to share it with my readers.
No use of my video or pictures without my permission. Thanks

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Kitchen Pantry Wire Shelf Idea

October 4, 2012 by  
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Take Off A Door & Put In a Pantry Wire Shelf?

Who does that? Me! We took off the pantry door and used a pantry wire shelf mounted to the wall to increase storage space and room. I previously had been using a door hanging pantry wire shelf and I did like that option, but we have such a small space between our counter and wall to get into our pantry. We also keep a trashcan in that space.  So.. I decided to have Dave take off the door (we kept it open all the time anyway) and we mounted a wire shelf on the wall to add to our pantry space.

pantry wire shelf

These shelves were just a little deeper than my door mounted shelves. So we were able to put the 2 liter bottles of pop and larger cans of soup on them, where we weren’t able to with the door mount.  My little green bucket I attached, that is where we keep all our chip clips.

pantry wire shelf

Here is what we had previously. This over the door pantry wire shelf  was helpful, but didn’t give me as many shelves to work with and they weren’t as deep.  But if you like to close the door to your pantry, this is still a great option to increase your space.

pantry wire shelf

I was considering having Dave build me shelves on the wall, and we saw this when we were in Home Depot and decided it would work. I’m really happy with it.

pantry wire shelf

Of course we still have the door, so that if we decide to move or change our minds, we can always take this back off the wall and put the pantry door back on.

It’s ok to think a little outside the box with your home. We don’t always have to stay within what we think is “socially acceptable”. I’m one who tends to be much more practical and would rather have options that work for my family and are functional, rather than trying to impress the masses with my picture perfect home.

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