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Great Collective Bias Retreat In Branson

This was my first trip to Branson, Missouri – what a fun location for our Collective Bias company retreat. I flew into Bentonville, AR and spent a couple days in our offices, before we all drove to Branson together. Thanks Jon Lemire for being the chauffeur to a truck full of woman, what a trooper!

Collective Bias

We had a few fun surprises waiting for us.  Our first evening there, we were treated to the Dixie Stampede Production.

Dixie Stampede

We weren’t allowed to get pictures inside.. which was a real bummer, because there would have been some awesome ones.

dixie stampede

Monica Johnson @MonicaJohnson and Melissa Garcia from were waiting to go in.

collective bias

Wouldn’t this be a fun dress to wear? lol… I’d love it.

dixie stampede

I had a great evening with everyone, and you can’t imagine how much food they served us! I was extremely full!  There is no silverware! You had to eat it all with your fingers, including soup (the bowl has a handle to drink from)! I have to admit, that made it a lot of fun.

The next day was a day of meetings.  We were all together and I thought it was time well spent.  We heard from each department on what they did and what their visions were for the coming year.

John Andrews from Collective Bias, started us off on the right foot.. an emotional and heart felt one.

john andrews

I got to meet some of the team that I’d not yet be able to meet. Kristen Brown who is running our newly established Minnesota office was someone I hadn’t had a chance to meet yet. Can’t wait to spend more time with her.

kristen brown

We had some great laughs from the Production team.

collective bias

They did some skits from a “Day in the Life of an Account Executive”

collective bias

collective bias


collective bias

While John is capturing it on his ipad

john andrews

collective bias

We took some photos of how Collective Bias has grown from the the beginning with Amy Callahan, Brad Lawless, John Andrews and Jay Thornton (on the screen) in 2009

collective bias 2009

To the growth in 2010

collective bias 2010

To 2011 (Yay.. the year I came on)

collective bias 2011

To the current group in 2012.

collective bias 2012

The pictures were a spur of the moment idea, and clearly my camera was not set up for the lighting in this room. I’ve told them… I’m no professional photographer. lol

There were “Awards” given. Amy Callahan presenting Mailena Urso her award.

collective bias

The Dev team also won an award. lol.. You just never know with Collective Bias!

dev team

We got to rock our new Collective Bias t-shirts around Branson.

collective bias


A group of us went to dinner together and had a great meal, by the water.


We were able to go to see a Live version of the Price Is Right show that evening if we’d like. There was a big group of us that did go.. and had a great time. None of us were called to “COME ON DOWN”.  Bum! We were all so psyched and ready to go!

The next morning we were all busy connecting with our Social Fabric members.


Our SoFab community is the heart and soul of Collective Bias, and we wanted to thank them and give them some support.

collective bias


courtney rix


mama bzz


randi and brad



collective bias

Yes.. I was there too.

sandy jenney

Here are a few other fun shots from the retreat.  Kim Janocko Crafty Mama of 4

kim janocko

Mel Lockcuff from Mama Buzz


And of course… I couldn’t forget the awkward stretching pics!

collective bias



Great Retreat Collective Bias!







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2 Responses to “Collective Bias Company Retreat #cbias”
  1. April says:

    Looks like a great time, look forward to a chance to meet you and the rest of Collective Bias! I have never been to Missouri, would love to visit.

  2. mailena says:

    Great recap, Sandy! It was an awesome retreat!

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